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Healthcare Litigation Support, LLC provides expert witness referrals to attorneys on a nationwide basis. We specialize in providing physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare and healthcare-related experts; plus biomechanical engineers, vocational rehabilitation consultants, construction safety experts, forensic accountants and all other types of experts needed for personal injury litigation.  In addition to providing experts for medical malpractice, products liability and other personal injury litigation, we have helped clients who need healthcare experts for a wide variety of cases, including labor and employment litigation, medical billing and collection, qui tam, divorce and child custody, will contests, criminal defense, etc. 

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Peter F. George, BA, Peter George, with a long and successful professional history in executive search and healthcare consulting, helped found Healthcare Litigation Support, LLC in 2005, and became the principal owner in 2008. The business expanded from medical malpractice to incorporate personal injury, products liability and other related areas of litigation, until it was acquired by Thomson Reuters in February of 2012. In late October of 2013 Thomson Reuters made the decision to focus its core business on the large legal segment, and Healthcare Litigation Support was re-established as an independent company serving an expanded client base in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Peter is the Managing Partner of HLS and looks forward to continuing to guide the company into a broader range of litigation areas, while maintaining the value added approach that HLS has always emphasized. Peter has a rather full life outside of work, including serving as the Chairman of the Petersham Board of Selectmen, a member of the Board of Directors of The Greater Athol Area Association of Families with Special Needs (GAAAFSN), President of the North American Rock Garden Society, and as a Corporator of the Petersham Free Public Library.


Martin W. Aisenberg, JD Marty Aisenberg earned his BA in English with honors at Tufts University and his JD with honors at Boston University School of Law, where he was the projects editor of the law review. He was a plaintiff’s attorney in Rhode Island from 1977 to 1992, concentrating in medical malpractice and appellate advocacy. He was a founding partner of two law firms: Mandell, Aisenberg, Goodman & Schwartz (now Mandell, Schwartz & Boisclair) and Jones & Aisenberg (now Jones Associates). In 1993, he began a second career as an administrator and advocate in the nonprofit sector. He entered the field of expert search and referral in 2007, when Peter George invited him to join Healthcare Litigation Support. He continued with Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services after its acquisition of HLS, and is now Senior Case Manager at Healthcare Litigation Support since it resumed its independent existence in November 2013. He is particularly adept at providing experts for medical malpractice litigation because of his long experience as a practicing attorney in that field.


Aaron Yoho, JD has a background in economics, litigation, and expert referral. He graduated with a BS in Economics from West Virginia University and subsequently earned his JD from WVU College of Law. After working as a public defender in West Virginia, he became interested in the expert referral business. Initially he worked as a recruiter/researcher for Round Table Group (RTG), identifying and recruiting experts. Subsequently he became a case manager for RTG, working with attorneys and coordinating the referral of experts to attorneys. He continued in this position after RTG was acquired by Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Service. He now brings his eight years of experience in healthcare and personal injury referrals to bear as a case manager with Healthcare Litigation Support


Arie George, JD graduated with a BA in History from Washington & Lee University and subsequently earned his JD from the University of Kansas School of Law. He has worked in the field of expert search and referral for 4 years. Initially he was a recruiter/researcher for Healthcare Litigation Support, identifying and recruiting experts. After HLS was acquired by Thomson Reuters he became an assistant case manager for Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services, working with attorneys and coordinating the referral of experts to attorneys. He was soon promoted to case manager, and he continues in that position with HLS now that it is once again an independent company


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