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since 1990 and through 60,000 cases has provided exemplary in house case evaluation services and provisions of medical expert witnesses from our panel of over 6,200 specialists nationwide.
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Since 1990 and through 60,000+ cases, , has been providing both plaintiff and defense counsel access to a carefully screened panel of over 6,200 medical professionals practicing in all medical specialties and regions of the country.

Actively managed by dedicated groups of both physicians and attorneys, AMFS offers the greatest value and most efficient service possible in cases involving medical and dental negligence, personal injury, hospital and managed care liability, toxic torts and product liability.


Every day makes available members of its in-house, physician staff to discuss potential cases with attorneys at no charge. The purpose of this service is to aid attorneys in clearly identifying the medical issues present in their case, as well as, identifying the most appropriate specialties to retain as experts.


For a reasonable, flat fee, attorneys can have their medical records screened by a multidisciplinary panel of experienced physicians who will collaborate to analyze the case for standard of care, causation and damages. This information will allow you to make an informed decision to accept, reject, defend or settle a potential medical malpractice case.


Upon retention, one of our in-house physicians will make a doctor-to-doctor presentation of your case to a number of qualified, potential experts in your region, in effect, interviewing prospective experts on your behalf. To ensure honesty and objectivity, our physician presents only the facts to the potential expert and does not reveal whether the case is for the plaintiff or the defendant. Thus, the initial discussion of your case takes place in the context of total objectivity which later can be revealed to a jury. Conflict checks, our prior experience with the physician, the expert's take on your case and your specific needs are all factors in our search for the ideal expert(s).

TIER I or TIER II: You choose; use either, or use both!


Unique to the industry,  uses cost containment protocols to ensure that attorneys are billed fairly for work performed. Using a two-tiered system of up front time estimates , experts cannot exceed your initial retainer deposit without your prior approval. This way you can feel confident that you are in control of your expert's billing. You will not be presented with an unreasonable bill or held hostage by an unreasonable physician.


offers the fastest, standard turnaround time in the business: two weeks. Of course, as needs dictate, affidavits, IMEs, reports, reviews or designations call all be accomplished to meet your deadlines, even on extremely short notice.


Services at have been designed to make the attorney feel like they are working with their own, in-house staff of physicians and co-counsel. For those wishing to take this one step further, AMFS offers special VIP Volume Discounts to attorneys and firms who need access to medical professionals more often than most.
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