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26 years in Emergency Medicine, Board Certified Emergency Physician. Residency training in General Surgery.
Board certified and residency trained in emergency medicine , more than 14,000 hours of clinical practice, licensed in NV & CA, medical malpractice expert, impecable record.
A practicing board-certified emergency physician providing litigation support throughout the United States; 15 years experience as medical director of a high volume emergency room.
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 4Exams:
Degree: DOSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 8Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 4Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 16Exams: 1000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 20Exams:
Degree: DOSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 10Exams: 60
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 27Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 25Exams: 50
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 31Exams: 50
Degree: DOSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 20Exams: 0
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 23Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 18Exams:
Degree: DOSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 5Exams: 10
Degree: DOSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 28Exams: 5000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 10Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 4Exams: 400
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency MedicineYears: 7Exams: 40
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Emergency MedicineYears: 10Exams:
Dr. Haskell is the Director of Emergency Medical and Safety Services Consultants and an active paramedic and firefighter. With 20 years in EMS he holds instructorships in PHTLS, ACLS, PEPP, PALS, BCLS
Practicing, board-certified, emergency physician with >5 yrs experience in expert testimony. Associate Clinical Director of Emergency Department at major teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine,Years: 19Exams: 0
Degree: DOSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine,Years: 17Exams: 75
Degree: MDSpecialties: Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, ToxicologyYears: 20Exams: 2
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine,Years: 30Exams: 500
Degree: MDSpecialties: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Emergency Medicine,Years: 7Exams: 30
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine,Years: 18Exams: 12000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Occupational MedicineYears: 8Exams: 0
Degree: MDSpecialties: Internal Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Emergency MedicineYears: 13Exams: 20
Degree: Jr"Specialties: Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine,Years: 8Exams: 10
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine,Years: 20Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine,Years: 21Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Legal Medicine,Years: 19Exams:
Degree: DOSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine,Years: 11Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine,Years: 11Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Internal MedicineYears: 23Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine,Years: 36Exams: 1000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine,Years: 35Exams: 100
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Insurance Medicine,Years: 25Exams: 2000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Physiatry, Emergency Medicine,Years: 21Exams: 100
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Emergency Medicine,Years: 6Exams: 100
Board Certified Residency trained Emergency Medicine Physician. I have extensive emergency medicine experience (16 years). Have worked at both Level 1 and level 2 trauma centers.
Degree: MDSpecialties: Pain Management, Emergency Medicine,Years: 20Exams: 5000
EW #767 has been an Emergency Physician, Department Medical Director, General Practitioner and Medical Legal Consultant for over 25 years.
Specializing in clinical toxicology, overdose, poisoning, alcohol related issues and toxicological exposure. Also experienced with issues relating to EMS and disaster management.
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice, Emergency MedicineYears: 11Exams: 2000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice, Emergency MedicineYears: 14Exams: 800
Degree: II"Specialties: Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics,Years: 14Exams: 5
Board Certified Emergency Medicine, MD, JD. Full time hospital Attending Physician and professor. Medical record review, case analysis and strategy, testimony, for attorneys and insurance companies.
Board Certified Emergency Medicine, MD, JD. Full time hospital Attending Physician and professor. Medical record review, case analysis and strategy, testimony, for attorneys and insurance companies.
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 18Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 17Exams:
Degree: DOSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 22Exams: 10
Medical expert in emergency medicine and medical toxicology
Degree: MDSpecialties: Orthopedic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery of the SpineYears: 23Exams: 450
Vascular and Interventional Radiology
25 years of expertise, Nationally Board Certified Physician Assistant in family practice, urgent care medicine and emergency medicine. Consulting Available Nationwide
I am a nationally certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 28 years experience in emergency medicine.  I am currently actively employed in the ER clinical setting.  My responsibilities include treatment of ER patients of all ages and acuity of illness or injury.  I order treatments, prescribe medications and perform procedures.  I am an expert in my field and would be a valuable asset to a medical legal team.
Thiry-five years experience in clinical and academic pediatrics and infectious diseases.
25 years of patient care and forensic consultation as a distinguished patient care-focused clinician and as senior clinical faculty at Harvard Medical School.  He is co-Director of the Program in Psychiatry & the Law, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, and Principal Mentor for students at Harvard Medical School.
35 years nursing experience including emergency room, dialysis, family practice, internal medicine. Currently semi-retired.
15 years experience as medical-legal expert in several fields
Specialty: Family Practice, Sport Medicine Board Certified: Family Practice; Fellow, Am. College Sports Medicine; Emergency medicine experience Deposed/Testified Last 4 Yrs: 20 Years in Practice 20
Grad.1990,Hahnemann U.Sch.Med.,Phila.,PA;Board Cert. Cardiol.,Int. Med.;Admit:Cedars Sinai Medical Center,LA,CA;experienced expert review,litigation consultation;active inpatient,outpatient practice
Board Certified Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine malpractice/negligence review and testimony, plaintiff and defense. Hospital attending staff physician, university assistant clinical professor
EW #14310 is an Assistant Professor at McGill University and member of the Quebec Society of Medical Experts. Significant medicolegal experience in defending physicians and representing patients as plaintiffs.
Provides on site primary care worker’s compensation.  Also director of post hire preplacement physical examinations.  Consults with Risk Management regarding employee health safety, materials handling, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and infectious disease exposure.  Consulting and participation in the Advent of Health and Productivity Management.  Performs fitness for duty evaluations all departments. Degree: MD  Specialties: Internal Medicine
National Chairman, Ethics Committee of the American College of Medical Quality, Emergency Medicine and Medical Consulting Services.
Over 14 years of clinical practice.
EW #13617 is a full-time ER doctor with over 52,000 hours of ER experience, and an experienced expert witness, having testified for both sides in civil and criminal cases since 1990.
An expert in maritime medicine with emphasis on sea-survival, drowning and hypothermia.
Board certified in Pediatric Surgery.
Over 20 years experience as safety consultant and trainer in both general business and construction settings. Over 10 years regional faculty to OSHA Training Institute Region 1 Education Center teaching courses to safety professionals. Over 30 years certified Emergency Medical Technician including patient care, emergency vehicle driving, training officer, dispatcher, EMS-Instructor and EMT-Intermediate. Experienced expert witness in both plaintiff and defendant cases, both state and federal courts.
Expiereince in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services including hospital, outpatient, nursing homes, and emergency care.
Master Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Wide variety of responsibilities. If you want a clear honest opinion I am your man.
Degree: MD Specialties: Orthopedic Surgery, Occupational Medicine, Years: 25 Exams: 5000
Expert in the practice of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine,
Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in a Hospital,PT,OT,SLP Doctor of Physical Therapy. Experience in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services including hospital, outpatient, nursing homes, and emergency care.
EW # is a board certified internist by the ABIM who is ready to review your medical malpractice case.
Healthcare Policy & Regulatory Litigation involving physicians, hospitals & insurers; locate related policies, bylaws & regulations.
A much sought-after consultant, national speaker, writer, and expert on fire and EMS systems designs, standards of care, and practices.
Since 1988 we have provided turnkey support services for our nationwide network of 1,400 accredited, board-certified physicians covering more than 250 medical specialties.
We are the premier medical review team from some of the finest institutions in the nation.
Board certified equine surgical specialist offering expert witness services Level of expertise and credentials that far exceeds that of a non-board certified equine veterinarian. Award winning public speaker Accomplished equine surgeon Areas of expertise: equine lameness, neurological and pre-purchase exam; current equine surgical techniques; equine diagnostic imaging; equine sports medicine; equine regenerative therapy; equine colic; equine gait analysis and video analysis of equine performance. Practicing surgeon since 1998, in both academic and private practice settings. Available to provide comprehensive consultations and in-court testimony.    
EW #12695 is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon in active practice who has testified in court and deposition as an expert witness.
EW #745 Ph.D. is the 2001 ASSE Healthcare Specialty Practice Safety Professional of the year.
EW #13770 has been trained and board certified in both general pediatrics and pediatric critical care medicine. He has written a number of texts for physicians and health professionals.
Two decades of professional experience in the medical field. This experience includes, but not limited to Critical Care, Emergency Room, Respiratory Therapy and Discharge Planning.
Provides specific consultation in Medical Toxicology, and Occupational & Environmental Medicine. He evaluates patients by physician referral, or for medical-legal issues by your attorney. For workers' compensation issues, he is available to claims representatives and for AME and IME evaluations.
Physician Assistant PA Expert Witness Jeff Nicholson PA-C, Ph.D. for all cases involving physician assistants. 48 hour PA Expert placement in any medical specialty nationwide through his PA Experts Network.
Board Certified Physicians and Attorneys provide online medical malpractice consultation, referrals, and support services for patients, attorneys and adjusters.
Medical Expert in Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS.
since 1990 and through 60,000 cases has provided exemplary in house case evaluation services and provisions of medical expert witnesses from our panel of over 6,200 specialists nationwide.
Chiropractic Expert Medical Witness. Certified Expert Witness an has been providing chiropractic services for over 30 years. Has 3 degrees in medical field and 4 certifications..
Cardiothoracic Nurse with 27 years experience, legal nurse consultant.
an MD toxicologist published in 16 areas of medicine, exceptional comprehensive lab evaluations
Pulmonary Internist/Chest Physician. 20+ years experience Medical Malpractice and Personal Insury. Retained 500+ times. 50+ trial appearances. Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine UCLA. Areas of expertise: Wrongful Death, Toxic Torts.
- Medical malpractice - Medical chart review and issue clarification - Workers compensation - Pharmaceutical product liability - Health care law - Nursing home negligence
Dr. Brautbar's practice covers aspects of Internal Medicine, Nephrology and Toxicology, such as lung disease, chemical injury, occupational diseases, chemically related cancers and medical causation.
Medical and Dental Malpractice U.S. and Canada: Case Evaluations and Expert Witnesses since 1978
Critical Care Nurse and Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Experienced with both plaintiff and defense cases. No added fees for rush services.
Doctor of Physical Therapy and Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Regional Medical Center. Expert in Policy/Procedure and Standard of Care issues.
Commercial saturation diver (25 yrs.), expert in scuba, u/w welding, salvage, international investigations, 3rd world class-action PR management, Writer, Editor, Spanish spoken, public speaker, expert in hyperbaric chambers and DCS, Rigging and Maritime expert trainer, investigation teams for S. America, N. America, video documentary investigations, agro-chemical toxic exposure 3rd world experience, rivers, jungles, mountains penetrated, large scale humanitarian aid experience, victim rescue, challenges accepted.
Over 30 years of continuous clinical practice as R.N. Diverse practice includes: Intravenous Infusion, Home Care, Clinical Research Protocols,Adjunct Staff University and Medical Surgical Nursing. Standards of Care, Medical Records Review
Over 30 years of continuous clinical practice as R.N. Diverse practice includes: Intravenous Infusion, Home Care, Clinical Research Protocols,Adjunct Staff University and Medical Surgical Nursing. Standards of Care, Medical Records Review
Experienced pharmaceutical scientist able to assist in litigation involving scientific evidence as well as patents and trademarks to include evaluation of science issues relevant to business mergers.
I am a specialist in Periodontics with a focus on Implant dental/surgical procedures. I will consult, review records, prepare reports, and am available to testify in depositions and trial. I have approximately 10 years experience as a legal expert for both Plaintiffs and defendants. My fees are to be discussed on a case by case basis.
Board certified academically published forensic neuropsychiatrist. Expertise in brain injury, stroke, neurotoxicology, acute/chronic pain, dementia, alcohol & substance abuse, gambling addiction.
Legal Nurse Consulting provides unbiased, knowledgeable opinion on case merit, and provides an accurate, substantiated written opinion on the standard of nursing care provided.
MD with 25 years over 5000 exams in Family Practice  
Medical Legal Consultants, Screening for Medical, Dental and Psychiatric Malpractice
Full-time private practice of psychiatry for 30+ years.  Expert witness for Board of Medicine.Board Certified in Psychiatry (Diplomate, Amrican Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Fellow, American Psychiatric Association. Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Examiners.  Forensic experience equally balanced plaintiff/defense.  Standards of care strictly adhered to.
I am a cardiologist, practicing in Los Alamitos, CA for 23 years. I am Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Interventional Cardiology. I have extensive experience as an expert witrness for both plaintiff and defense.
Medical device accidents, patient injury or death involving medical Devices, medical device use errors, medical device product liability,
Thirty years experience treating persons with traumatic brain injury
Combining the highest level credential in respiratory care with 30 years experience will provide you with what I believe to be the most reliable expert witness in this field you can find.
Eleven years experience as a physician assistant, nine years multispecialty surgical first assisting including general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, pediatric gen surgery, neurosurgery, CV surgery.
Board Certified in Surgery and Anesthesiology-medical-legal experience
This office provides comprehensive forensic-level medical/neuropsychiatric and medical/psychiatric case reviews and evaluations. Background: Yale / Johns Hopkins. 35 years clinical experience
Board certified, provides impartial toxicological evaluations of chemical exposures, carcinogens, heavy metals, etc; specializes in chemical causation. Never been denied qualification as an expert.
Board certified in forensic pathology, consults in medical malpractice, wrongful death and criminal defense.
Psychiatrist specializing in Forensic and Psychosomatic Psychiatry available for psychiatric consultations, second opinions, forensic psychiatric evaluations, expert witness testimony, and independent medical examinations (IME)for the New York and Long Island areas.
Risk Management Expert in the Fitness Industry that graduated from Guilford College (Greensboro, NC) with a degree in Sport Management. David has vast experience within the Athletic and Fitness Industries. David was an intercollegiate athlete, coached on the college level, and was a Strength & Conditioning coach for a minor league hockey team. David has worked in the front office of a minor league baseball team and has been a fitness facility owner. From his vast experience David has now become one the industry’s leading experts in Risk Management and the many fields that make up Sport Management. He has performed over 2,500 risk reviews on fitness and athletic facilities nationwide.
Very well educated Paramedic with a vast amount of EMS experience; Specialty: Accident and Injury Cases. Has advanced Training in Pediatrics-Trauma and abuse- Childrens National Medical Center,DC. He was also the first Licensed Paramedic employed on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Dare County. He was involved and developed the Pediatric Advanced Life Support Program for the EMS Service and certified all Advanced Life Support Providers; he has extensive 911 experience.
OBSTETRICIAN/GYNECOLOGIST Expert Witness. Harvard Trained. Former Harvard Faculty. Excellent credentials, pleasant appearance and very jury friendly
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Expert Witness Sales Account
Dr. Matthew C. Lee is a practicing Physician and Pharmacist in Richmond, VA, who also has a Master's of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology, with research experience and publications in the field of drugs of abuse.  Distinguished and well respected as Physicians, Pharmacist, and Pharmacologist/Toxicologist. He has testified and supported litigation in a wide variety of cases in criminal and civil, including plaintiffs and defendants.
The Experts of Experts since 1991! Forensic Business - Construction - Engineering - Medical - Scientific - All Professional and Technical Disciplines.
Objective, accurate expert testimony. Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Dentistry
Dr. Chacko offers a wide range of forensic Psychiatric services. These services include his expertise as an Addictionologist, a wide range of Evaluations, and administration and interpretation of Psychological Testing. He has extensive experience in medical record review, identification of standards of care, causation and damage issues, IME’s, expert witness deposition and trial testimony.
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Dr Goldman is a fellowship-trained surgical oncologist who specializes in upper GI malignancies, breast surgery, melanoma, and soft tissue tumors.  He also has two decades of experience in surgery for obesity.
Retired USCG Commander holding Ph.D. in Education with extensive experience in all aquatic accidents including: boating, swimming, diving, boating accident reconstruction, drowning, cervical spine injuries, dams, beaches, pools, lakes, life jackets, hypothermia, jet skis, commercial fishing and passenger vessel operations, barges and tow boats, lifeguarding, search/rescue/recovery. 25 years USCG experience, 30+ years as expert in plaintiff/defense cases.
Accomplished Health Care Executive over 25 years of Administrative experience in all aspects of delivery of high quality patient care. RN, MBA Strong Administrative and Clinical background
I am a board certified oral surgeon practicing in Atlanta since 1997. I have extensive experience in the field of distraction osteogenesis and I hold a Master's degree in anesthesia as well.
Certified nurse midwife in active practice since 1990. Adjunct faculty member University of Miami. Certified legal nurse consultant, expert witness for both plaintiff and defense.
This expert has over 45 years of experience in the mechanical engineering field. His experience includes the design of mechanical systems for the building industry as well as forensic engineering analysis of mechanical systems and components.
Extensive experience evaluating premises liability and law enforcement issues around the country.
Expert in heat transfer and fluid flow. Including human burns, medical or otherwise. Some expertise in patent and intellectual property law.  Expert in medical devices, particularly those dealing with heating or cooling of the body or those dealing with blood flow. Also expert in clean and renewable energy generation.

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