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Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 21Exams: 20
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine,Years: 5Exams: 1500
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Sports Medicine (Family Practice),Years: 15Exams: 2
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice, Disability Medical AnalysisYears: 13Exams: 10
Board Certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine.
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 6Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 5Exams: 0
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 3Exams: 30
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 13Exams: 0
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 20Exams: 200
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 22Exams: 50
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 10Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 23Exams: 1000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 20Exams: 0
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 25Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 38Exams: 900
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 19Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 10Exams: 2500
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 14Exams: 10
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 16Exams: 10
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 20Exams: 20
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 19Exams: 38
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 14Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 10Exams: 300
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 11Exams:
Degree: III"Specialties: Family PracticeYears: 21Exams: 100
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 10Exams: 200
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 14Exams: 50
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 16Exams: 25
Degree: Sr."Specialties: Family PracticeYears: 6.5Exams: 200
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 12Exams: 30
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 11Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 23Exams: 4
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 10Exams:
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 11Exams: 70
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 10Exams: 75
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 23Exams:
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 10Exams: 2000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 27Exams: 30
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 22Exams: 2
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 18Exams:
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 18Exams: 150
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 34Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 34Exams:
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 17Exams: 25
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 13Exams: 0
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 10Exams: 500
MD with 25 years over 5000 exams in Family Practice  
In active medical practice 33 years of practice experience Review of Plaintiff and Defense Cases Past President of The Florida Osteopathic Association
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 6Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 18Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 17Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 23Exams: 1
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 21Exams: 6400
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 20Exams: 1500
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 33Exams: 2300
Degree: MDSpecialties: Sports Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 18Exams: 200
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 24Exams: 2000
Degree: DOSpecialties: Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 30Exams: 60
Degree: DOSpecialties: Emergency Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 22Exams: 10
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 20Exams: 700
Degree: DOSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice,Years: 29Exams: 10
Degree: DOSpecialties: Disability Medical Analysis, Family Practice, Osteopathic Manipulative MedicineYears: 20Exams: 100
I am a board certified family practitioner and am still practicing in the state of Illinois. I have maintained my license in the state of Michigan as well. I have been in practice for 20 years.
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine,Years: 15Exams: 0
Degree: MDSpecialties: Toxicology, Occupational Medicine, Family PracticeYears: 20Exams: 200
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine,Years: 3Exams: 1
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine,Years: Exams:
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine,Years: 1Exams: 10
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family Practice, Sports Medicine,Years: Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine,Years: Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Emergency Medicine,Years: 6Exams: 100
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family Practice, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine,Years: 2Exams: 0
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Geriatric Medicine,Years: Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine,Years: 17Exams: 1500
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine,Years: 18Exams: 12000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine,Years: 25Exams: 20
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine,Years: 20Exams: 75
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation,Years: 29Exams: 450
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Toxicology, Occupational MedicineYears: 25Exams: 1000
Degree: DOSpecialties: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Geriatric Medicine, Family PracticeYears: 17Exams: 12
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Aerospace Medicine, Family PracticeYears: 24Exams: 10
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Sports Medicine, Family PracticeYears: 19Exams: 50
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice, Emergency MedicineYears: 11Exams: 2000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Family Practice, Emergency MedicineYears: 14Exams: 800
Knowledgable in Family Practice and nurse triage including telephone guidelines usage. Retired from active medical practice after 20 years in 1998 due to back surgeries.
19 years clinical experience in Family Practice and Primary Care
25 years of expertise, Nationally Board Certified Physician Assistant in family practice, urgent care medicine and emergency medicine. Consulting Available Nationwide
Specialty: Family Practice, Sport Medicine Board Certified: Family Practice; Fellow, Am. College Sports Medicine; Emergency medicine experience Deposed/Testified Last 4 Yrs: 20 Years in Practice 20
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family Practice, Occupational Medicine, Sports MedicineYears: 25Exams: 1000
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family Practice, Sports Medicine, Disability Medical AnalysisYears: 12Exams:
I am a nationally certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 28 years experience in emergency medicine.  I am currently actively employed in the ER clinical setting.  My responsibilities include treatment of ER patients of all ages and acuity of illness or injury.  I order treatments, prescribe medications and perform procedures.  I am an expert in my field and would be a valuable asset to a medical legal team.
A graduate of Yale University School of Medicine and is credentialed in the fields of addiction medicine, geriatric medicine and pain management.
32 years experience. Evaluation of standard of care in Family/General Practice.
Experienced Medico legal Expert, Nursing Homes, Geriatrics, Family Practice. Defense/Plaintiff. 20+ Depos, 7 Trials.
35 years nursing experience including emergency room, dialysis, family practice, internal medicine. Currently semi-retired.
FAMILY PRACTICE BOARD CERTIFIED; 24 yrs. experience including teaching STANDARDS OF CARE; teaching and clinical excellence awards; expedited reviews available
Medical Expert Witness. Practicing 10 years. Eight years teaching resident physicians (past 4 as Residency Director). Two Osteopathic Medical School Professorships. Board Certified Family Practice.
- Medical malpractice - Medical chart review and issue clarification - Workers compensation - Pharmaceutical product liability - Health care law - Nursing home negligence
EW #1325 is currently the Director of Workers' Care and Medical Director for the Center for Family Medicine. He is a practicing physican and a Clinical Instructor.
Retained expert in over 500 legal malpractice and atty fee cases (plaintiffs and defendants); practicing over 35 years, emphasizing trial and business and real estate transactions; major law firms.
Business valuation & forensic accountingCPA, CVA, CMA, CFDAappraisals of manufacturing, retail, construction, professional practices; economic damages calculations; fraud detection; expert testimony
Plaintif and Defense expert in most police practices. Excellent communication skills establishes a good rapport with juries. Works well with attorneys often providing insight into police practices.
18+ years in the auto repair industry as management and an automotive technician. Expertise in shop practices, auto repairs/maintenance, shop/mechanic regulatory compliance, and management practices.
Full time private practice in Child, Adolescent, Adult Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and Forensic Psychiatry
Over 30 years of continuous clinical practice as R.N. Diverse practice includes: Intravenous Infusion, Home Care, Clinical Research Protocols,Adjunct Staff University and Medical Surgical Nursing. Standards of Care, Medical Records Review
Over 30 years of continuous clinical practice as R.N. Diverse practice includes: Intravenous Infusion, Home Care, Clinical Research Protocols,Adjunct Staff University and Medical Surgical Nursing. Standards of Care, Medical Records Review
20 years mental health / substance abuse field and Forensic and Clinical Psychologist since 1993.
We are the premier medical review team from some of the finest institutions in the nation.
20 years specializing in Appraisal and Appraisal Consulting on Commercial Real Estate with emphasis on multifamily housing (conventional and low income) for families and seniors.
Worked in variety of settings, including, emergency, walk-in urgent care, Neurosurgery, Plastics, dermatology, Allergy, orthopedics.
30 years of real estate experience with emphasis on Property Mangagement - purchase, renovation, restoration, sale of single family homes, condominiums, multifamily residences
Chiropractic Expert Medical Witness. Certified Expert Witness an has been providing chiropractic services for over 30 years. Has 3 degrees in medical field and 4 certifications..
Practicing psychiatrist with particular training and experience in the assessment of closed head injuries and brain damage, mental competence, psychic trauma, psychiatric malpractice, and eye witness fallibility.
Mary enters into practice carrying with her almost 20 years of nursing experience. She carries a wealth of experience in the areas of pressure ulcer management, long term care, sub-acute /rehab.
Susan is academically and clinically prepared with 20 years experience in patient care, management, academics and research. Susan is a self motivated and enthusiastic performer with jury experience.
Experience in sexual harassment; age and race discrimination; post traumatic stress disorder; issues of somatization, neuropsychiatric disorders; conservatorship; testamentary capacity; and issues of undue influence.
EW #14286 is currently President of a family owned jewelry appraisal service busines established in 1898. Independent appraisal services. Years of expert testimony. Since 1967 expertise: diamonds, gems, jewelry appraisal & manufacturing.
An Acupuncture Physician who holds licenses to practice acupuncture in Florida and New York and has full training in Chinese Herbology
Forensic psychology and with a variety of clients, including Hispanics, Anglo-Saxons, Blacks, Orientals and other minorities Concentrated his work with Hispanics accused of Capital crimes.
They are experts in all facets of investor/broker relations with additional expertise in compliance, Asset Protection and securities arbitration.
Certified nurse midwife in active practice since 1990. Adjunct faculty member University of Miami. Certified legal nurse consultant, expert witness for both plaintiff and defense.
Extensive experience involving electrical designs and failures. Twenty years practice as a technical manager performing the analysis of electrical failures resulting in loss.
Over 40 Years of experience in the practice of Architecture on projects ranging in size from small to large commercial projects worth over $120 million dollars and extremely complex. I provide Architectural Advisory Service for Attorneys in all types of legal matters. I provide investigations for everything from copyright infringerments of documents and instruments of service to construction document production and contract interpretations. I testify in deposition as well as trial litigation when required. I have a very viverse experience ranging from large single family rewsidences and multi-family complexes to forensic laboratories for the Department of Justice DEA labs. I am currentyly working in the medical field through design of a stsate of the art Proton Theraphy for the treatmernt of cellular cancer treatments. 
He has over 30 years of experience in performing business valuations, forensic investigations, fraud audits, lost profits, audits, financial consulting, expert testimony and arbitration, as well as advising family-owned businesses. 
Career police officer and retired police chief (Bellevue, WA) who has been actively engaged as a police practices expert throughout the United States in 1,200+ matters of civil litigation for both plaintiffs and defense. 
Over 15 years of hands-on and supervisory property management experience with leading national firms. Her portfolios have consisted of various property types up to 20 million square feet in size.
Risk & Causation for Environmental/Occupational Health, Chemical/Biological Exposure, Toxicology & Epidemiology. Board Certified Toxicologist.
    ForenPsych Services is a private practice consultation and expert witness firm which specializes in family law matters as well as criminal and civil litigation needs of attorneys and clients. Dr. Rybicki provides these forensic services from his offices in Washington state and California and may be able to appear elsewhere depending upon local rules. Dr. Rybicki has conducted several hundred forensic evaluations with a heavy emphasis on child custody evaluation, assessment of allegations of sexual abuse and domestic violence, personal injury and harassment cases, as well as competency to stand trial and insanity plea evaluations. Dr. Rybicki also has specialty skills in the area of occupational psychology and police psychology. He conducts fitness for duty and  pre-employment psychological assessments for safety sensitive positions and other forms of employment.     With over 25 years of experience in several states and Federal courts, Dr. Rybicki can offer you a variety of expert witness and evaluative services in several important areas. He remains current on the relevant research and practice and provides training to other forensic psychologists in several areas of expertise.   We also provide consultation for deposition and trial preparation for direct and cross-examination of experts. Literature searches and case critique services are available. We also provide critical analysis and detailed reviews of other professional's reports and evaluations, including serving as a rebuttal witness or consultant for such cases depending on your specific needs.
Seasoned Courtroom witness, testified as sole expert in landmark, virginia soft tissue trial with award of $1,040,000.00, experienced, well-credentialed, plantiff/defense, 20+ years in practice.
EW #2427 is Board Certified / 20 yrs practice / expert in 300+ cases: federal, state courts, UCLA faculty, capacity, will, conservatorship, nursing home, dementia, elder, financial abuse, ADA, Alzheimer's, frontal lobe, stroke.
Victor P. Republicano, Jr., CPA, is an accounting and consulting practitioner, who has provided professional services to business owners, corporate management, lawyers and their clients, since 1977.
Medical and Dental Malpractice U.S. and Canada: Case Evaluations and Expert Witnesses since 1978
Board Certified in Forensic Pathology, consults in Medical Malpractice, Private Autopsy, Wrongful Death, Criminal Defense.
Board Certified in Forensic Pathology, consults in Medical Malpractice, Second Autopsy, Wrongful Death, Criminal Defense.
EW #10515 is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Finch University of Health Sciences in North Chicago . Expert witness and forensic consultant.
Dr. Matthew C. Lee is a practicing Physician and Pharmacist in Richmond, VA, who also has a Master's of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology, with research experience and publications in the field of drugs of abuse.  Distinguished and well respected as Physicians, Pharmacist, and Pharmacologist/Toxicologist. He has testified and supported litigation in a wide variety of cases in criminal and civil, including plaintiffs and defendants.
We provide expert services including data review, case analysis, document review, case development, expert reports and testimony to assist lawyers.
Wide variety of responsibilities. If you want a clear honest opinion I am your man.
Physician Assistant PA Expert Witness Jeff Nicholson PA-C, Ph.D. for all cases involving physician assistants. 48 hour PA Expert placement in any medical specialty nationwide through his PA Experts Network.
Ernest P. Chiodo, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., M.S., M.B.A., C.I.H. is a physician, attorney, industrial hygienist, industrial toxicologist and biomedical engineer licensed to practice medicine in New York, Michigan, and Illinois as well as law in Michigan and Illinois.   Former Medical Director Detroit Health Department. (Physician, attorney, epidemiologist, toxicologist, certified industrial hygienist.)
Court qualified on: soils, foundations, concrete, framiing, stucco, siding, finish carpentry, windows, ceramic tile, drywall, cabinetry, roofing,cost estimating.
Board certified in forensic pathology, consults in medical malpractice, Private Autopsy, Second Autopsy, Independent Autopsy, Wrongful Death, Criminal Defense.
38 years legal malpractice lawyer servicing clients with all legal problems.
Board certified in forensic pathology, consults in medical malpractice, wrongful death and criminal defense.
Expertise extends to the financial valuation of businesses and underlying tangible and intangible assets, in addition to project management and client coordination on large and complex assignments.
Since 1988 we have provided turnkey support services for our nationwide network of 1,400 accredited, board-certified physicians covering more than 250 medical specialties.
EW #13617 is a full-time ER doctor with over 52,000 hours of ER experience, and an experienced expert witness, having testified for both sides in civil and criminal cases since 1990.
Mr. Onefater has worked in the investment management industry his entire career in various roles including as a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and a Chief Operating Officer for a $19 billion investment management firm, and as a National Hedge Fund Director and Partner of a “Big” 4 Professional Services Firm in New York. He was also the Chairman of the Board of a proprietary mutual fund family. Mr. Onefater and Constellation Investment Consulting Corp. consults primarily to the investment management industry with a particular focus on investment advisors, mutual funds and alternative investment products including hedge funds and private equity funds, and service providers to the industry including fund administrators, custodians, prime brokers and other industry stakeholders.
The firm provides economic and investment management consulting, economic damage assessment and litigation support on cases involving: investment management fees and practices; tax shelters; securities and investment-related damages; investment performance and suitability; event studies; asset allocation analysis and options; derivatives and swap valuation.
33 years of construction industry experience. Expert witness expertise: construction delay; lost productivity; disruption; schedule analysis; damages; program management standard of care.
20 years experts in premise liability, including safety and security requirements.
Board certified adult clinical neuropsychologist specializing in cognitive and psychological evaluations. Practice is primarily clinically based with neurosurgical, neurological and rehabilitation populations (head injury, traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, stroke), psychiatric/emotional disorders (depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)), chemical dependency populations (alcohol dependence, drug dependence), and presurgical evaluations (bariatric (weight loss) and cochlear implants). Civil forensic evaluations, independent medical evaluations, workers compensation evaluations with claimants with head injury, traumatic brain injury and emotional disorders, including PTSD. Criminal forensic evaluations for mitigation, mental status at the time of the offense, competency to stand trial, not guilty by reason of insanity (NGRI).
Clinical pharmacist provides assessment of drug selection, dosing and monitoring, contraindications, side effects and interactions, and provision of supportive drug-related scientific literature
I am the medical director of one of the most well respected physician directed weight loss centers in new england.
Twenty years experience as a mortician. Prominent female in mortuary science.dedicated professional, benefiting from experience working effectively and efficiently in all forms of funeral home ownership.
Nationally known psychiatrist/Expert Witness with a winning record in over 200 cases-including many high profile!  A Board Certified psychiatrist, on the Clinical Faculty at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute, with a well-respected record of expert witness testimony -- for plaintiff and defense, in civil and criminal cases. Her unique ability to look far beneath the surface to uncover psychological evidence that makes or breaks a case, makes her invaluable. Her testimony in many hi-profile cases has garnered national recognition, including: the Jenny Jones Talk Show Murder Trial (defense for Jonathan Schmitz), Celebrity divorces (Roseanne, Jim Carrey, Jean-Claude Van Dam), Paternity cases against NBA players, and High school shooting victims' cases against videogame manufacturers.  
30+ years of Marketing, Advertising, Media & Communication. Experienced. Fast. Creative. Problem Solver. Graduate Marketing Instructor at USC. Advertising Agency & Client Problem Solver.  Marketing Executive. Client experienced. Advertising Agency background. Professor at USC, CSUN, LMU, Pepperdine University.
15 years experience as medical-legal expert in several fields
These consultants have completed over 400 assignments for many of the world's most successful real estate companies and law firms.
Nursing home / elder care expertise involving abuse / neglect, regulatory compliance, clinical standards, administration, and corporate management.
When the critical issue in a case comes down to humanizing a defendant, demonstrating the existence of exceptional mitigating factors or providing a range of alternatives to imprisonment, I can provide a written report or digital presentation in state and federal cases on a wide variety of offenses: sex crimes, narcotics offenses, bank and insurance fraud, bribery, healthcare fraud, tax fraud, and violent offenses. I am a licensed clinical social worker located in West Los Angeles. I have expertise in sentencing mitigation, bail reports, social histories, departures, digital presentations, and rehabilitation.
OBSTETRICIAN/GYNECOLOGIST Expert Witness. Harvard Trained. Former Harvard Faculty. Excellent credentials, pleasant appearance and very jury friendly
Healthcare Litigation Support, LLC provides expert witness referrals to attorneys on a nationwide basis. We specialize in providing physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare and healthcare-related experts; plus biomechanical engineers, vocational rehabilitation consultants, construction safety experts, forensic accountants and all other types of experts needed for personal injury litigation.  In addition to providing experts for medical malpractice, products liability and other personal injury litigation, we have helped clients who need healthcare experts for a wide variety of cases, including labor and employment litigation, medical billing and collection, qui tam, divorce and child custody, will contests, criminal defense, etc. 
Roy Owen has a professional career spanning over thirty-five years in management consulting, asset management, financial markets, and structured finance, as well as non-profit management and public policy work on both a compensated and pro bono basis.  He is a retired partner in Deloitte Consulting/Deloitte & Touche, where he worked in the firm’s financial services, real estate capital markets, and bankruptcy and reorganization services practices, with postings in both the U.S. and Asia.  He continues to work as an independent consultant and manager, primarily in financial services and capital markets, with an emphasis on litigation consulting and expert witness engagements. Roy’s private sector activities include financial institution restructuring and recapitalization; credit risk management organization, policies, procedures, and technology; asset management and loan servicing policies, procedures, and technology; corporate restructuring and bankruptcy services; litigation management, litigation consulting, and expert witness testimony;  productivity and performance measurement and reporting; and development of programs for closing the gaps between current practice and international best practices at client organizations. Roy participated in building Deloitte’s real estate capital markets practice in New York and nationally in the early and mid-1990’s, delivering services to a combination of investment banks, commercial banks, life insurance companies, investors, and law firms, and served as the lead real estate specialist on the multi-industry management team of Deloitte’s national Reorganization Services Group.  Following the onset of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, Roy posted to Thailand and stayed in Southeast Asia as a partner on Deloitte’s expanding East Asia financial services industry team (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Peoples Republic of China, and South Korea), focusing on credit risk management and customer relationship management. He organized and built the Deloitte Consulting start-up office in Bangkok, serving as the initial Deloitte Consulting country manager and building a multi-industry staff (telecommunications, manufacturing, health care, public sector, and financial services) to 60 by the time of his departure.  Subsequent to Deloitte, Roy built and managed the special servicing businesses of two rated CMBS special servicers and served on the board of a U.S. company with principal operations in the U.K. and Europe, providing commercial and residential mortgage loan servicing and asset management to third-party clients. Roy served as a charter member of the board of the Commercial Mortgage Securities Association, developing standards for this emerging sector of the U.S. capital markets in the early 1990’s, and has continued to work with the successor Commercial Real Estate Finance Council on capital markets reform initiatives following the financial crisis of 2007. Roy has a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  
Thirty years experience treating persons with traumatic brain injury
One of the world's leading authorities on livestock and fence related accidents.
People Search: Specializing in criminal check, criminal background check, finding people, private investigator, person locator, person search, missing people, missing person, background check and person finder
Ten years experience in testing, research, and evaluation in area of forensic and neuropsychological evaluations. See's individuals, Couples and group sessions. Specializes in relationships ; perpetrators and victims of trauma.
Eleven years experience as a physician assistant, nine years multispecialty surgical first assisting including general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, pediatric gen surgery, neurosurgery, CV surgery.
Dr.3474 is New York State licensed and Nationally Board Certified in Acupuncture; Doctor of Acupuncture(RI); Nationally Board Certified in Clinical Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
A Registered Dietitian with nine years of experience.
Internet marketing strategy and search engine optimization consulting frm providing individual consultations for online b2b and b2c web sites
Dr. Chacko offers a wide range of forensic Psychiatric services. These services include his expertise as an Addictionologist, a wide range of Evaluations, and administration and interpretation of Psychological Testing. He has extensive experience in medical record review, identification of standards of care, causation and damage issues, IME’s, expert witness deposition and trial testimony.
Bob Kingsbery is an expert on livestock fencing and livestock behavior. He has consulted in numerous cases involving escaped livestock, auto/livestock collisions and livestock fencing.
The AIT Institute provides Berard Auditory Integration Training information and helpful resources to parents and professionals. Berard AIT in an educational intervention for special needs children.
an MD toxicologist published in 16 areas of medicine, exceptional comprehensive lab evaluations
EW #4105 Senior Accredited and Certified Apprasier, has experience in litigation and written despositions pertaining to the value of fine arts and evaluation procedures for arbitration purposes.
He is a board licensed psychologist with years of professional experience. He specializes in clinical, forensic, psychology as well as psychological disability.
EW #990 is a Superior Court-Certified Expert Witness, and has worked for Plaintiffs and Defendants, in cases involving Gangs; School Safety; and Child Abuse/Mandated Reporting.
Board certified academically published forensic neuropsychiatrist. Expertise in brain injury, stroke, neurotoxicology, acute/chronic pain, dementia, alcohol & substance abuse, gambling addiction.
Psychologist with experience with evaluation of patients that have been exposed to numerious stressors.
26+ years experience in Mfg Housing and site built homes. Including HVAC,Moisture issues and building failure with over 500 buildings documented. Cases range from product liability to wrongful death.
Expert Witness services for attorneys involved with premises liability, bodily injury,or commercial real estate contractual issues. His expertise is based on over 30 years of "hands-on" experience in his chosen profession of Property Management. His career began by managing, renovating, and leasing rental complexes in 1973. It has evolved into management and consulting services for a variety of Attorneys,investors, potencial investors, and individual clients throughout the United States and Canada.Paul has obtained the designation of Certified Property Manager (CPM) from the internationally recognized leader in his profession, The Insitute of Real Estate Management (IREM). He has served on the Board of Directors acting as committe chair and co-chair for Education, Smart Partners, and Friends of IREM. Paul is State licensed to manage Condominiam Associations and Homeowner Associations. He has been successful in the implementation of crime watch patrols resulting in personal recognition from the Hillsbourgh County Sheriff Cal Henderson.
Investment professional with over thirty (30) years experience serves attorneys as a consultant and expert witness for securities cases, representing Claimants and Respondents.
Specialists in urologic health, men's health, sexual health for men and women, fertility, neurogenic bladder, incontinence, urologic cancers, renal transplantation and male health screening.
EW #253 has been an expert witness and/or consultant in over 400 legal malpractice and attorney fee dispute cases during the past 15 years.
I am a specialist in Periodontics with a focus on Implant dental/surgical procedures. I will consult, review records, prepare reports, and am available to testify in depositions and trial. I have approximately 10 years experience as a legal expert for both Plaintiffs and defendants. My fees are to be discussed on a case by case basis.
Cardiothoracic Nurse with 27 years experience, legal nurse consultant.
Appraiser of Fine Arts, Antiques and Decorative Arts
CPA , CVA - Expert witness with 22 years of experience 10 with Big 4 firm
Stanley L. Brodsky Ph.D., is considered by many to be the nation's premiere expert on courtroom testimony.
Degree: MD Specialties: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Years: 16 Exams:
Pediatric practitioner & teacher with expertise in health care financing and organized pediatrics. Recognized expert in SIDS.
Expert witness and reviewer for OB/GYN medical malpractice cases.  Medical Expert Witness; areas include High-Risk Obstetrics; Gynecology and Gynecologic Surgery; Obstetric and Gynecologic complications; Hysteroscopy; Laparoscopy; Lasers; Infertility; Hysterectomy; Cesarean Section; Birth Injury; Medical Malpractice; Sterilization; Bladder and Rectal repair; Incontinence; Women's Health issues
In full time pracitice & is Medical Director of a 20 member pediatric group. He has 18 yrs experience in medical malpractice review, deposition, & trial for plaintiff and defense.
35 years experience in design and evaluation of residential and comercial foundations and structures, water penetration, drainage and pavements. Extensive forensic and expert testimony experience.
Degree: DO Specialties: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Years: 5 Exams: 250
I am a plastic and hand surgeon with a special interest in trauma, microsurgery and nerve reconstruction. I have extensive experience in personal injury and clinical negligence claims involving hand or plastic surgery cases since starting medicolegal work in 1997.
Ew #2695 has for over a decade has been recognized as a premier provider of consulting services to aid in the litigation process. Our staff of engineering experts are available for nationwide consulting.
25 years of patient care and forensic consultation as a distinguished patient care-focused clinician and as senior clinical faculty at Harvard Medical School.  He is co-Director of the Program in Psychiatry & the Law, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, and Principal Mentor for students at Harvard Medical School.
Shelly has over 15 years experience in healthcare setting arena of emergency department, critical care and medical/surgical/pediatrics. Experience in medical records review, summaries and depositions
Certified Property Manager and has a California Real Estate and Texas Brokers License.
A nationwide construction risk management consulting firm specializing in wrap-ups (owner controlled insurance programs and contractor controlled insurance programs).
Experienced national tested medical/vocational expert-20years,over $10million case awards in last 2 years analysis
Honest,hard working and very knowledgeable in the heavy equipment field and I'm willing and ready to travel the nation.
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the Cardiovascular Program Children's Hospital, Boston. 13 years experience in cardiovascular nursing, 17 years experience in pediatric nursing.
He has DIGITAL MOTION X-RAY is a diagnostic test that records real time, full motion x-ray imaging of any body joint in motion.
Psychiatrist specializing in Forensic and Psychosomatic Psychiatry available for psychiatric consultations, second opinions, forensic psychiatric evaluations, expert witness testimony, and independent medical examinations (IME)for the New York and Long Island areas.
Gerald Spencer is a Registered Professional Mechanical and Electrical Engineer providing expert Engineering Design Services and/or Legal Expert Witness services related to HVAC; I have been a multidiscipline project manager for the past 30 years. I am also the Mechanical and Electrical designer and the engineer.
EW #14310 is an Assistant Professor at McGill University and member of the Quebec Society of Medical Experts. Significant medicolegal experience in defending physicians and representing patients as plaintiffs.
Since 1979 Consultant, Author, Seminar Presenter. Int'l Assn Crime Analysts, Int'l Soc of Crime Prevention Practitioners. Premises Liability; Security Negligence; Foreseeability; Crime Prevention
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ProvidersWeb is an international residential care organization, which has over 13,000 members. ProvidersWeb's newsletters The Aspirin Tablet and Activity Corner are sent out to over 6000 subscribers. Currently ProvidersWeb publishes over 3000 documents, I have written most of them. These documents are published in the form of complete downloadable manuals, hard copy books and single downloadable efiles. As of July 31, 2009, these documents have been downloaded 221,307 times.
A health economist with wide ranging background in antitrust, technology assessment, cost-effectiveness analysis and other issues.
My specialty is cultural psychology. I have conducted research, consultations, cultural competency coaching, and organizational inclusion assessment as part of my professional work.
Provides on site primary care worker’s compensation.  Also director of post hire preplacement physical examinations.  Consults with Risk Management regarding employee health safety, materials handling, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and infectious disease exposure.  Consulting and participation in the Advent of Health and Productivity Management.  Performs fitness for duty evaluations all departments. Degree: MD  Specialties: Internal Medicine
EW #325 is a trial attorney and decorated retired federal law enforcement special agent.
Expert witness. Recognized coating expert specializing in chemicals, paints, coatings, polymers, plastics, failure analysis, laboratory testing, manufacturing, safety, product and process defects.
Expert in entitlement for land development, zoning, tentative maps, Conditional use permits, environmental reports & statements, and other land development issues.
Analyzes accident scenarios, causes of system failure and human behavior in complex situations.
Glenn D. Cohen, M.D. is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons. He is subspecialty trained and possesses a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Surgery of the Hand.
Retired USCG Commander holding Ph.D. in Education with extensive experience in all aquatic accidents including: boating, swimming, diving, boating accident reconstruction, drowning, cervical spine injuries, dams, beaches, pools, lakes, life jackets, hypothermia, jet skis, commercial fishing and passenger vessel operations, barges and tow boats, lifeguarding, search/rescue/recovery. 25 years USCG experience, 30+ years as expert in plaintiff/defense cases.
Provides specific consultation in Medical Toxicology, and Occupational & Environmental Medicine. He evaluates patients by physician referral, or for medical-legal issues by your attorney. For workers' compensation issues, he is available to claims representatives and for AME and IME evaluations.
Rappoport Development Consulting Services LLC is an environmental consulting firm specializing in tree, plant and landscape issues.  RDCS LLC provides legal expert opinions in the fields of arboriculture, landscape design and contracting, horticulture, tree and plant selection and land development issues.  RDCS LLC is a commercial consultant and sub-consultant to landscape architects, civil engineers, environmental planning and engineering firms, homebuilders, developers and recreational facilities.
Pathologist certified in Anatomic, Clinical and Forensic Pathology. Former chief medical examiner of Jackson County (Kansas City), MO. Nearly two decades of experience in forensic pathology and death investigation. Private and medicolegal autopsy. Expert forensic pathology consultation for civil and criminal legal cases.
Cypress provides litigation consulting and expert testimony on complex litigation involving securities, transactional, valuation and other investment banking related issues.
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Vernon M Neppe  MD, PhD.  Fellow Royal Society (SAf): Internationally respected, experienced, published neuropsychiatrist, behavioral neurologist, psychopharmacologist, psychiatrist, epilepsy specialist, researcher, neuroscientist, neuropharmacologist and objective nationally retained  forensic specialist (civil: plaintiff / defense), author and public speaker.
50 years as a criminologist has involved me in almost every facet of the American crime problem. 130 cases, 100+ cases are specific to gangs and gang behavior.
Extensive experience evaluating premises liability and law enforcement issues around the country.
Phd with 34 years of hands-on technical experience in traffic engineering, running my own consulting firm for 24 years. I am a recognized national expert in traffic signal operation, timing, design, and construction and am also very proficient in pavement marking design, roadway signing, and work zone traffic control. However, I am not an accident reconstruction expert.
Double Board Certified by the American board of Urology in Urology and Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery. Reviews cases for Arizona Medical Board for Urology and Urogynecology. Published and presented on subjects related to pelvic mesh, complication avoidance, FDA bulletins, and mesh medico-legal issues. Case and chart review, report writing and testimony for defense or plaintiff cases regard mesh.
30+ years of experience in the Specialty Chemical and Allied industries and is a recognized expert.
Expert in all fields of Corrections and Jail Management - 29 year career in corrections, from correctional officer to warden and regional director
Over 20 years experience in/with Internet, Computers, Programming, Data Processing, Dating and Social Networking, Community Portals, Engineering, Business Development, Expert Witness, and Litigation Support.

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