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Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational MedicineYears: 5Exams: 20
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational MedicineYears: 27Exams: 700
Degree: MDSpecialties: Orthopedic SurgeryYears: 24Exams: 400
Degree: MDSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 3Exams: 30
Degree: MDSpecialties: Orthopedic SurgeryYears: 3Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: NeurologyYears: 14Exams: 200
Degree: MDSpecialties: OrthopedicsYears: 8Exams: 200
Degree: MDSpecialties: Orthopedic SurgeryYears: 16Exams: 10
Degree: DOSpecialties: Occupational MedicineYears: 11Exams: 9600
Degree: MDSpecialties: Orthopedic SurgeryYears: 36Exams: 5000
Degree: DOSpecialties: Orthopedic SurgeryYears: 26Exams: 300
Degree: DOSpecialties: Occupational MedicineYears: 26Exams: 2
Degree: DOSpecialties: Family PracticeYears: 11Exams:
Degree: MDSpecialties: Physical Medicine & RehabilitationYears: 11Exams: 50
Degree: MDSpecialties: Physical Medicine & RehabilitationYears: Exams: 0
Degree: MDSpecialties: Hand Surgery (Plastic Surgery)Years: 5Exams: 50
Degree: DOSpecialties: Physical Medicine & RehabilitationYears: 11Exams: 100
Degree: MDSpecialties: Physical Medicine & RehabilitationYears: 3Exams: 8
Degree: DOSpecialties: Environmental Medicine, Occupational Medicine,Years: 12Exams: 50
Degree: MDSpecialties: Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine,Years: 26Exams: 50
Degree: MDSpecialties: Occupational Medicine, Forensic Psychiatry,Years: 20Exams: 100
Degree: DCSpecialties: Doctor of ChiropracticYears: 7Exams: 15
Provides on site primary care worker’s compensation.  Also director of post hire preplacement physical examinations.  Consults with Risk Management regarding employee health safety, materials handling, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and infectious disease exposure.  Consulting and participation in the Advent of Health and Productivity Management.  Performs fitness for duty evaluations all departments. Degree: MD  Specialties: Internal Medicine

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