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A Law Enforcement Veteran with 32 years of active service. As a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Illinois State Police, Mr. Johnson continues to serve as a private consultant and expert witness regarding Law Enforcement Policies and Practices most frequently for Use of Force and Police Pursuits but has also testified regarding other police policy & practices issues. Johnson has consulted and testified for numerous police agencies as well as plaintiffs in litigation. Mr. Johnson has been retained as an expert in approximately 90 cases and has been qualified and testified at several civil trials in state and federal courts. He also conducts Sensitive Internal Investigations as an independent investigator for municipalities regarding allegations of Police Misconduct. Mr. Johnson has extensive experience in Police Administration, Management and Supervision, Criminal Investigations, Use of Force and Officer Involved Shooting Investigations, Patrol Procedures, Complaint/Internal Investigations and Task Force Operations.
An internationally recognized police trainer since 1990, Expert #2342 has served as a consultant in high-profile cases involving the police use of deadly force.
30 years experience; nationally recognized expert and author in police procedures & misconduct.
Mr. Bradley is an experienced law enforcement agent. His expert opinions have resulted multi-million dollar judgements and settlements nationally.
30 years Police & Training Experience, Senior Master TASER Instructor, Vast Knowledge of Police Procedures, Firearms, and Combative Skills/Tactics. Expert Witness who Knows the police world!
Plaintif and Defense expert in most police practices. Excellent communication skills establishes a good rapport with juries. Works well with attorneys often providing insight into police practices.
Over thirty years of professional managerial and leadership experience in the field of Criminal Justice; fifteen (15) years as CHIEF OF POLICE (3 states); U.S. Congressional and State Senate and House, honors. Published Author and Columnist on extensive criminal Justice/policing topics: Intelligence; terrorism/counterterroism; and related world events (www.scribd.com/jbrewer31  and www.mexidata.info). U.S. Government-trained counterterrorism specialist and senior trainer, with extensive operational activity in Latin America and the Middle East as an intelligence community operative. .Bio: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jerry-brewer/8/829/25b. Website: www.cjiausa.org
Retired Police Chief - 26 years of Law Enforcement experience. Court qualified expert.
Deputy Chief, Los Angeles Police Dept. (Retired) Qualified as expert on law enforcement and security issues over 100 times in federal and superior courts
Former Chief of Police. 30 years law enforcement experience. Founding Director, National Center for Women & Policing. Consultant/expert witness regarding discrimination and sexual harassment.
police security death homicide investigation criminal liability homicide law enforcement
police jails prisons force policies procedures wrongful death firearms security cases training suicides failure to protect assaults deliberate indifference civil criminal cases plaintiff defense
EW #9655 is a retired DEA Supervisory Special Agent, Criminal Justice Textbook Author, and former instructor at the FBI Academy with over 30 years of law enforcement experience.
Expert has 39 years experience in police investigations. His experience in serial murder, and police investigations is unique. He is internationally experienced in police consulting.
Career police officer and retired police chief (Bellevue, WA) who has been actively engaged as a police practices expert throughout the United States in 1,200+ matters of civil litigation for both plaintiffs and defense. 
Retired Pierce County Sheriff's Department Sergeant with over 26 years of investigative experience. Qualified to testify as an expert witness on police procedures.
40 years trial experience with DEA, Customs, BATF, IRS & FBI and as a Trial Consultant. Expert testimony accepted on more than 300 occasions in state and federal courts in 17 states and Puerto Rico.
34 years of law enforcement experience. Expert Witness, Litigation Consultant & Instructor on Police and Private Security related issues.
Services relating to 911 and CAD event and dispatch creation for litigation. Specializes in large dispatch center event recreation and analysis.
Experience as an expert witness in the area of crime scene interpretation, evidence processing, excessive use of force, and police practices. He has been qualified as an expert witness in Superior Court in Excessive Use of Force, Crime Scene Reconstruction and Interpretation, and Proper Police Practices.
Expert in all phases of jail, prison and police custody standards of care including suicide
Veteran Sheriffs Captain, Jail Researcher, Corrections Trainer, Correctional Author, Offers Technical Assistance To Trial Lawyers On Adult & Juvenile Custody And Detention Cases. FREE CASE ASSESSMENT
EW #13214 has over 27 years of law enforcement experience, is the former Captain of the Rocklin Police Department, and has served as a Parole Agent and Deputy Inspector General.
  Police K9 Unit,  K9 Unit Trainer for Narcotics, Explosives, Arson Detection, Patrol and Use Of Force procedures Project Manager and K9 Trainer:  Classified “Read On” Only Program requiring a TS clearance. Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Number of teams classified. Responsible for implementing a tactical K9 program for classified military operations.                                                              
Retired DA's Office detective with extensive experience in the investigation of adult and child sexual assaults, child interviewing and witness and suspect interviewing.  I am a certified polygraph examiner. I have served as an expert witness in sexual assault, police procedure and polygraph cases..
Since 1981, clients in 40+ states received over $160/ million in settlements or jury awards. Have also worked for multiple law enforcement agencies, qualifying some 350+ times at all court levels.
Retired FBI Special Agent with 27 years of Federal law enforcement experience (15 years as an FBI Profiler) Reasonable rates.
RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT EXECUTIVE - Retired from the New York City Police Department with the rank of Captain, November 1998, after almost forty years service.
20 yr. + - Nationally recognized expert that has instructed over 13,000 police and security officers, federal agents, military personnel and civilians throughout the United States and abroad.
Career law enforcement/private security professional with over twenty-five years of experience who has served at all levels in both the public and private sector.
Emergency Services Consultants is an organization designed to provide consultation in the fields of fire department operations, emergency medical services, rescue operations, and law enforcement.
Mr. Schmidt is a highly trained, and experienced nationally recognized expert in responsible alcohol sales, dram shop, underage drinking, intoxicated patrons, stadiums/arenas, and liquor law compliance/security issues. He is a retired NJ State Police Alcoholic Beverage Detective.
Lawrence Mayer, MD, MS, PhD is a full-time professor that does part-time consulting and expert witnessing as a medically trained biostatistician/epidemiologist. He splits his time between Annapolis, MD/DC and Scottsdale, AZ.  He trained in medicine, epidemiology, and biostatistics. His primary interest is in the evaluation of models and methods used for estimating risks. He enjoys complex problems that arise in a clinical, regulatory, business or policy environment. Over 30 years he has consulted on hundreds of project and given about 100 depositions. As an expert, half his work has been for plaintiffs and half for defendants. 
EW #803 has more than 30 years of experience in hotel security and loss prevention management. He holds the Certified Hotel Administrator and Certified Lodging Security Director designations.
Since 1979 Consultant, Author, Seminar Presenter. Int'l Assn Crime Analysts, Int'l Soc of Crime Prevention Practitioners. Premises Liability; Security Negligence; Foreseeability; Crime Prevention
EW #3082 is an expert in the Use of Force/Firearms and is director of Tactical Handgun Training which is involved in high-profile cases for Use of Force, Firearms and aspects of Psychophysiology during lethal force encounters.
Extensive experience evaluating premises liability and law enforcement issues around the country.
Expert in Law Enforcement Use of Force.
18+ years in the auto repair industry as management and an automotive technician. Expertise in shop practices, auto repairs/maintenance, shop/mechanic regulatory compliance, and management practices.
Expert opinion and testimony for civil cases related to Chiropractic malpractice, Toxicology, Blood and Breath alcohol, and impairing effects of drugs and toxicants.
44 years experience in securities investments.
Lionheart Consultancy & Investigation are independent experts in the field of Fraud & Financial Crime, specialising in the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Heading the consultancy is Paul Gullon BSc MA. Paul is a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses and has worked within law enforcement for 20 years. For 9 years Paul Gullion worked as a Financial Investigator within the Serious Organised Crime Team, and has considerable experience in producing witness statements and attending court.  
30 years Certified Security and Safety expert in all industries availability nationwide.
Over 11 years of document and handwriting examination and has provided opinion and testimony to Fortune 500 Companies, District Attorney's Office, FBI, U.S. Government and many others. Participated in over 800 cases nationally and internationally.
Global CompuSearch provides consulting, training, and forensic analysis in computer crime and Internet-related issues.
EW #13939 Built upon nearly two decades of experiance, he is available to assist with your litigation needs related to firearms.
EW #2835 is an expert in traffic accident reconstruction, vehicle safety standards, air bag and seat belt performance, and speed computations.
Tire consulting, vehicle dynamics, occupant kinematics, pedestrian dynamics and vehicle trajectory. Photograph and measuring techniques, identification, and evaluation. Vehicle damage documentation and analysis.
EW #251 has been providing forensic support to the Plaintiff and Defense bars in premise security litigation and other matters affecting the security management and security service industries.
DWI/DUI expert , Isntructi-or in MHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Test battery, Intoxilyzer 5000 operator/maintenance technician, criminal investigator with over 20 years expierence.
Services are for PC's and laptops, stand alone units.
Former Principal and Compliance officer; Arbitration panel member, chair, and witness; former Chair NASD District 3 DBCC; Investigative, Analytical, and Writing skills. P&L Analysis/Illustrations.
Data protection, recovery and analisys expert
Certified Professional Constructor, Arbitrator & Mediator with AAA, Certified Professional Estimator, 30 + Years experience, over $1 Billion work successfully in place without litigation.
Seasoned Courtroom witness, testified as sole expert in landmark, virginia soft tissue trial with award of $1,040,000.00, experienced, well-credentialed, plantiff/defense, 20+ years in practice.
public safety, night club, caberet security requirments, counterterrorism and emergency preparedness, risk assessments and testimony to congressional and municipal committees and panels.
Nationally recognized expert on security and human resources. 2002 president of ASIS. Testified as an expert witness in the fields of workplace violence, negligent hiring, retention, and security.
Twenty year Fire Service veteren with municipal and indutrial fire and ems training. I am an Industrial Fire Chief for a Large Refining Complex.
Stanley L. Brodsky Ph.D., is considered by many to be the nation's premiere expert on courtroom testimony.
Scientist, Farmer, Programmer and Court Certified Expert Witness in Pennsylvania.
International Services in Admiralty, expert witness & litigation support to counsel. Hull & Machinery – P and I Claims evaluation & investigations, worldwide valuation appraisals of yachts & ships, marine loss adjuster-arbitrator/mediator, services in marine forensic engineering. By appointment to London underwriters and other major insurance markets. Nautical Surveyor authorized to carry out work for The Maritime and Coastguard Agency of the United Kingdom. MCA/USCG Certified ISPS Port Facility, Company and Vessel Security Officer. ISM/STCW Consultant QMS Internal Auditor.
Industrial psychologist with considerable experience in test development, test validation, evaluation of fairness in employment decisions, statistical analysis, and expert witness service in employment discrimination cases. Nationally recognized expert in employment discrimination: age/race/sex, disparate/adverse impact, statistics/data analysis, test bias, test validity, job performance evaluation, equal pay, etc.
ProvidersWeb is an international residential care organization, which has over 13,000 members. ProvidersWeb's newsletters The Aspirin Tablet and Activity Corner are sent out to over 6000 subscribers. Currently ProvidersWeb publishes over 3000 documents, I have written most of them. These documents are published in the form of complete downloadable manuals, hard copy books and single downloadable efiles. As of July 31, 2009, these documents have been downloaded 221,307 times.
Expert in all fields of Corrections and Jail Management - 29 year career in corrections, from correctional officer to warden and regional director
Harassment expert witness, consultant, trainer, speaker, investigator, and author for 20 years.
Retired USCG Commander holding Ph.D. in Education with extensive experience in all aquatic accidents including: boating, swimming, diving, boating accident reconstruction, drowning, cervical spine injuries, dams, beaches, pools, lakes, life jackets, hypothermia, jet skis, commercial fishing and passenger vessel operations, barges and tow boats, lifeguarding, search/rescue/recovery. 25 years USCG experience, 30+ years as expert in plaintiff/defense cases.
Double Board Certified by the American board of Urology in Urology and Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery. Reviews cases for Arizona Medical Board for Urology and Urogynecology. Published and presented on subjects related to pelvic mesh, complication avoidance, FDA bulletins, and mesh medico-legal issues. Case and chart review, report writing and testimony for defense or plaintiff cases regard mesh.
Ceramic Tile and Stone Forensic Failure Investigation Services.  He has worked within the industry for over 25 years. He has been certified as a Ceramic Tile Consultant through the CTIOA since 1979 and is currently the chairman of a Technical Committee. Donato also has been a member of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) since 1982 and has been certified as a Construction Document Technologist (CDT). He has extensive experience in installation products and systems for ceramic tile and stone products, having worked for a major manufacturer for seven years. With a science educational background, an MBA, and 25 years of tile and stone experience from installation to distribution to manufacturing, Donato is a qualified Expert Witness.
An expert in maritime medicine with emphasis on sea-survival, drowning and hypothermia.
Provides on site primary care worker’s compensation.  Also director of post hire preplacement physical examinations.  Consults with Risk Management regarding employee health safety, materials handling, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and infectious disease exposure.  Consulting and participation in the Advent of Health and Productivity Management.  Performs fitness for duty evaluations all departments. Degree: MD  Specialties: Internal Medicine

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