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"Human factors" is a term used mainly in the United States. Variants include "human factors engineering", an extension of an earlier phrase, "human engineering". In Europe and the rest of the world, the term "ergonomics" is more prevalent. "Human factors" is an umbrella term for several areas of research that include human performance, technology, design, and human-computer interaction. It is a profession that focuses on how people interact with products, tools, procedures, and any processes likely to be encountered in the modern world.

Professional Expert Witnesses:

Detroit, MI, US

Sterling Anthony, Consultant

Specializing in product liability/personal injury cases involving packaging, labeling, trade-dress infringement, warnings, material-handling, and transportation. Over 35 years of experience as a manager, university instructor, writer, lecturer, consultant, and expert. Product categories span consumer, institutional, and industrial. Have testified in state and federal courts. Many references.

Salt Lake City, UT, US

The University Of Utah College Of Health Division Of Physical Therapy

EW #14016 is a responsible expert witness, with over 17-years of experiencee in the health care profession with both clinical and educational expertise.

Lake Worth, FL, US

Over 30 years experience. Most credentialed indivdual in the US. Available for all aspects of orthotics/prosthetics cases.

La Mesa, CA, US

Error Analysis, Inc.

Comprehensive expert services including accident investigation and reconstruction, written and oral reports, research of applicable codes and standards, and in support of litigation.

San Luis Obispo, CA, US

Harrell & Associates

Human Factors expert, specializing in accidents involving children and adolescents. Negligent supervision, inadquate warnings, product liability.

Associate Expert Witnesses:

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US

Dr. Teri Stockham, Ph.D., Inc.

Nationally recognized expert in postmortem and impairment toxicology. Expertise includes the analysis and interpretation of ethanol, drugs and poisons in biological specimens.

Canyon Lake, CA, US

Scott Moore & Associates, Traffic Accident Reconstruction

Traffic Accident Reconstruction And Cause Analysis. We are specialists in auto, pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle, truck, and bus accidents, as well as vehicle inspections.  We also specialize in motorcycle rider safety.

Great Neck, NY, US

Dr. C. J. Abraham, Director - U.S. And Canada

35 years of international experience in safety, personal injury, products liability, warnings, human factors and manufacturing.

Willowbrook, IL, US

Product Safety Expert with such products as Ladders, Windows, Doors, Awnings, Mobile Homes, etc.

East Lyme, CT, US

Twomey Safety Engineering

Safety Engineering Expert Witness and Industrial Hygiene Consulting / Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering -- hazard analysis, OSHA compliance audits, accident investigation and reconstruction.

Houston, TX, US

Trident Marine Safety Associates

35 years expertise in marine claims, litigation support, and expert services.

Santa Barbara, CA, US

D. Wylie Associates Driver Fatigue Experts

30 years expertise as a board-certified professional ergonomist and as a human factors / ergonomics specialist.

Bala Cynwyd, PA, US

MB2 Expert Services

EW #2556 has been providing consultation and expert services to the legal and insurance industry since 1983.

Tempe, AZ, US

Ew #2695 has for over a decade has been recognized as a premier provider of consulting services to aid in the litigation process. Our staff of engineering experts are available for nationwide consulting.

Livermore, CA, US

Boster, Kobayashi & Associates

30 years expertise in accident reconstruction including automobile, motorcycles, seat belts, airbags, human factors, slip and falls, material failure, metallurgy, tires and wheels, roadway and high way design.

Chester, NJ, US

A&C Automotive Consulting

EW #2835 is an expert in traffic accident reconstruction, vehicle safety standards, air bag and seat belt performance, and speed computations.

Los Angeles, CA, US

Damos Aviation Services

Pilot hiring/employment issues. Pilot performance and evaluation.

Media, PA, US

Ellie L. Francis, Ph.D., O.D.

Visual Human Factors since 1987. Defense/Plaintiff.

Scottsdale, AZ, US

Gomer Consulting Group

27 years of experience in product design and manufacturing, premises design and maintenance, and accepted safety practices and accident prevention methods.

Swall Meadows, CA, US

EW #711 has a Ph.D. in experimental psychology, and has 44 years of professional experience in psychology and human factors.

Knoxville, TN, US

John C. Hungerford, Ph.D. & Associates

I have provided expert witness services to attorneys for more than 20 years. I also provide human factors engineering/ergonomics/safety consultation to industry.

Fredrick, OK, US

Hynes Aviation Services

EW #3494 is a leading authority in field of aviation and various aspects of flight operations.

San Diego, CA, US

Lawrence Kamm

EW #452 has his P.E. and ss an expert witness his engineering analysis has won two million-dollar lawsuits. Available for depositions, and court testimonies.

Springfield, NJ, US

Vocational Consulting Group

Employability and earning capacity analysis through vocational testing and labor market surveys in personal injury, matrimonial (divorce), discriminiation, wrongful termination, Workers' Compensation.

Houston, TX, US

Signa Engineering Corp.

Signa is a professional petroleum engineering company providing expert witness testimony to resolve complex cases involving injury, patent infringement, environmental infractions and property damage.

St. Joseph, MO, US

Merrifield Safety Consulting LLC

Industry leader in Safety, Safe Use, Safe design, Standards, Regulations, Warnings, Training and Litigation involving construction machinery.

Stoneham, MA, US

CIRCADIAN Expert Services

25 years, leading international expert on human fatigue and safety in transportation accidents, including commercial motor vehicles, trucks, automobiles, marine, rail, public transit and aviation.

Urbana, IL, US

Human factors engineering expertise in motor vehicle, aviation, workplace and recreational product design and accidents.

Sherman Oaks, CA, US

Interior Specifications

Board Certified Forensic Examiners and Forensic Engineers-Technologists in floor failure analysis, slip, trip and fall causation. Floor covering industry expert in materials and design of remediation.

West Barnstable, MA, US

Parkka Collision Consultants

EW #3035 is a certified Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction & Cause Analysis professional providing service to law firms and insurance companies that require accident reconstruction for use in civil litigation.

Falls Church, VA, US

Fly Safe Consulting, LLC

EW #2194 is a recognized expert in the field of air traffic control, and has 5 decades of experience including 12 years on the FAA Evaluation and Investigations Staff.

Columbus, OH, US

Engineering And Management Consulting

Analyzes accident scenarios, causes of system failure and human behavior in complex situations.

Bedford, TX, US

Need A Toxicologist

Risk & Causation for Environmental/Occupational Health, Chemical/Biological Exposure, Toxicology & Epidemiology. Board Certified Toxicologist.

Houston, TX, US

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

Seasoned technical consultants and business analysts to address industrial and commercial accidents and incidents, property-related problems, and environmental, safety and industrial hygiene issues.

Nationwide, , US

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Baltimore, MD, US

SPA, Inc.

EW #2274 is a Registered Professional Engineer (safety), Certified Safety Professional, and Master's Level Psychologist specializing in Technical aspects of Applied Human Factors Engineering and Safety.

Los Angeles, CA, US

United Design Associates Inc.

Multi-disciplined design and construction expert in property improvements and furnishings.

Dana Point, CA, US

Hornick & Associates

Human Factors and Ergonomics Specialist

Los Altos, CA, US

The Chatham Group

Silicon Valley: Electronics, Semiconductors, Computer Hardware, Software, Telecommunications, Office Automation, Communications, Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Industry Custom and Practice.

Pasadena, CA, US

Mercy Steenwyk, Director

Your technical and scientific expert resource since 1991 that can give you the TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE and the COMPETITIVE EDGE in your cases. Highly quality experts in hundreds of disciplines. Thousands of satisfied clients. Competitive rates.

Covington, LOUISIANA, US

Performance Analysis

Forensics, Engineering and Business Process Improvement. Performance Analysis routtinely works as expert witness on a wide variety of forensics, accident reconstruction, equipment failure analysis, and other engineering-related topics. We strive to put all the right tools in the hands of our clients so that they will have all the right data they need to make informed decisions on how to best handle their cases.


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"Human factors" is a term used mainly in the United States. Variants include "human factors engineering", an extension of an earlier phrase, "human engineering". In Europe and the rest of the world, the term "ergonomics" is more prevalent. "Human factors" is an umbrella term for several areas of research that include human performance, technology, design, and human-computer interaction. It is a profession that focuses on how people interact with products, tools, procedures, and any processes likely to be encountered in the modern world.