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An IME is a objective medical, dental or psychiatric examination to evaluate the causal relationship between an incident and a disease process to establish the cause and effect relation between the two. High-quality examinations provide unbiased, accurate and medically sound information. Doctors performing IME's must be licensed to practice in: o Medicine & Surgery, o Osteopathic Medicine & Surgery, o Podiatric Medicine & Surgery, o Chiropractic, or o Dentistry. Approved doctors are not obligated to accept examination assignments, nor are doctors guaranteed referrals. Doctors performing IMEs must know about: ? The purpose of an IME. ? IME provider number. ? Qualifications of an approved provider. ? Responsibilities during the examination. ? Completion of job analysis. ? Ongoing treatment for the worker. ? Responsibilities regarding testimony. ? How complaints are handled. ? Rating systems to use. ? Information to include in the report. ? Fee schedule for IMEs. ? IMEs for impairment rating only.