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Invasion of privacy is a legal term essentially defined as a violation of the right to be left alone. The right to privacy is the right to control property against search and seizure, and to control information about oneself. However, public figures have less privacy, and this is an evolving area of law as it relates to the media.

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Uae, AE, EU

IT Security ,Digital Forensic Services


AFENTIS Forensics

Computer forensic analysis and technology fraud investigations. Specialists in mobile telephone offences and telecommunication crime. Certified experts available to examine CCTV footage, indecent images, assist in e-discovery, and provide expert witness testimony in court proceedings. Full UK coverage, 24x7 Emergency Support, FREE initial consultation.

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Bruce Silverman is one of America’s best known and well respected marketing-communication and branding experts. He served as EVP/Executive Creative Director at three of America’s largest advertising agencies, as President of two of the nation’s best independently-owned agencies, and as President/CEO of the principal U.S. unit of the world’s largest media planning and buying shop. A long-time member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, Bruce also served as Vice Chairman of the Western Region of the AAAA and Vice President of the Los Angeles Advertising Agency Association.  He is frequently called upon by law firms to serve as an expert witness on cases relating to Lanham Act violations, branding, advertising agency custom and practice and media. Bruce has testified in state and federal courts as well as before the Copyright Royalty Judges of the Library of Congress.

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Tucson, AZ, US

Great Scott Enterprises, Inc.

Great Scott Enterprises, Inc. was founded over 20 years ago and has developed into a leading expert in the field of Computer Forensics.

Philadelphia, PA, US

Media Analysis & Communications Research

Specialist in English syntax and linguistic analysis of communication content.

New York, NY, US

DVI Communications Inc.

Over 25 years experience in various cases for several high-tech corporations encompassing patent infringement, trade secrets, product malfunctions and breach of contract. I have worked with Plaintiff and Defense.

Warrington, PA, US

JJS Consulting Associates Inc.

Plaintif and Defense expert in most police practices. Excellent communication skills establishes a good rapport with juries. Works well with attorneys often providing insight into police practices.

Lake Mary (orlando), FL, US

American Investigative Specialists

EW #14083 has over 10 years of experience in litigation support, trial preparation, and expert witness testimony to both Plaintiff(60%) and Defense(40%) attorneys on Fraud and Security cases.

Los Angeles, CA, US

Setec Investigations

Setec Investigations offers unparalleled expertise in computer forensics and electronic discovery, providing highly personalized, case-specific forensic analysis and litigation support services.

Pasadena, CA, US

Mercy Steenwyk, Director

Your technical and scientific expert resource since 1991 that can give you the TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE and the COMPETITIVE EDGE in your cases. Highly quality experts in hundreds of disciplines. Thousands of satisfied clients. Competitive rates.

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Invasion of privacy is a legal term essentially defined as a violation of the right to be left alone. The right to privacy is the right to control property against search and seizure, and to control information about oneself. However, public figures have less privacy, and this is an evolving area of law as it relates to the media.