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40 years experience in Human Resource Management, Standards of Care.
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SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE 40 years of Human Resources Management Experience (Analyst, Manager, Director, Vice President, Consultant.) Expert Witness, Internal Investigator, Arbitrator. Investigated, analyzed, resolved incidents and developed policies, procedures and practices addressing recruitment, employment, selection, placement, discipline, discharge, discrimination, FMLA, Harassment, reductions in force and wrongful termination. (Age, Sex, Religion, Race, Disability, Sexual Orientation, National Origin, Medical Condition).
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: SEXUAL HARRASSMENT: Investigated, analyzed and resolved incidents of harassment, both while employed and for clients. Developed internal policies, procedures and practices addressing discrimination and harassment.Discrimination Issues: Investigated and resolved informal and formal discrimination charges and responded to agencies. Coordinated resolution of cases with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Equal Opportunities Commission. CORRECTIVE ACTION: Administered corrective action procedures including positive discipline. Counseled managers regarding the fair, appropriate and consistent application of workplace rules. Monitored and evaluated all termination actions. EMPLOYMENT ISSUES: Thoroughly familiar with accepted recruiting, selection and placement practices in various industries and the legal obligations regarding reductions in force. Direct responsibility, as well as through support staff, for the placement of all levels of Production, Technical, Professional, Management and Administrative employees. TRIER OF FACT: Completed an 18-month Certified Arbitrator Development training program at UCLA sponsored by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, the American Arbitration Association and other agencies. Served as an Arbitrator on workplace issues. LICENSES & OTHER CREDENTIALS: Bachelor of Science Degree, University of Kansas 1958, Courses toward MBE at Claremont Graduate School, Arbitrator Development Program at UCLA, Member of Association of Professional Consultants, Forensic Consultants Association of Orange County (and soon FCA of California) Specialties include: Investigation, Consulting & Expert Testimony related to Standard of Care, Policy & Procedure, Federal, California and surrounding State Law: Wrongful Discharge, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Sex / Sexual / Gender Discrimination, Race / Color / Racial Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, National Origin / Ancestry Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Discipline, Sex / Sexual/Gender Harassment, Sexual Orientation Harassment, Race / Racial / Color Harassment, Religious Harassment, Disability Harassment, National Origin / Ancestry Harassment, Age Harassment, FMLA / CRFA violations, ADA Violations, Negligent Hiring / Retention, Performance Evaluation / Review, Affirmative Action. DFEH and DOL regulations, Pregnancy, EEOC guidance, CASES: 40% Plaintiff / 60% Defense
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