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World's leading Expert in Internet Affiliate Marketing, Internet Multi-Affiliate Marketing, Multi-level (MLM) Marketing and Direct Marketing.
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EW #834 World's leading Expert in Internet Affiliate Marketing, Internet Multi-Affiliate Marketing, Multi-level (MLM) Marketing and Direct Marketing. Also Internet abuses of intellectual property in marketing processes. Expert on all types of compensation pay plans, marketing avenues and common practices in contracting.

he and his staff of 600 field reporters handle a 1000 consulting questions or complaints a week about MLM. Rod jokingly says, "I live in the middle of the MLM Information Highway and get run over by trucks twice a day!" Rod is considered the ultimate MLM "marketing" and consulting inside information source.

For years heserved the Network Marketing industry as the will known co-owner, editor and the investigative arm for The MLM Insider magazine. ABC television's 20/20, has featured the MLM Insider,, so has Success, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and many others as the MLM Industry "Watchdog" tracking down illegal and immoral companies. Heis reputed for blunt, truthful information. Hisarticles have been published in over 30 different publications. Hehas one of the two largest MLM research libraries in the world andis humorously called the "MLM Godfather" because of his huge databases. He teaches advanced marketing techniques in Tom Schrieter's (Big Al) Power Marketing Workshop. HisInternet "Power Online Workshop" is the Internet MLM marketing school for the industry. His public speaking engagements are legendary hits, as well as his training and lecture series "Truth and Lies of NetWork Marketing."

Update: He recentlyworked with CBS's 48 Hours to feature an expose on "Global Prosperity" a criminal scam! He is proud to announce that after chasing them for years.... The 48 Hours show got government agencies off thier "behinds" and the IRS arrested 27 "alleged" criminals!!

EW #834retired as a legendary seven-digit "hitter" in NetWork Marketing. He successfully did MLM while in the military -it fit his odd hours! During several successful distributorships, he Rod actually had to take time off from the Army and go fix parent MLM companies' failing infrastructures. Heexploded one company. While it went retail, one of his downline committed suicide. Rod laid down his military sword and picked up the pen, determined to prevent it from happening to others. Hissense of humor keeps him from being a fanatic!

In 1991 the "crash rate" of new MLM companies was rising dramatically. Rod focused on helping NetWork Marketing companies start with a sound base. Heis dedicated to preventing owners and distributors from being ruined! With his computer programming background, he is in the top ten of NetWork Marketing compensation plan designers in the world. Having him as a consultant is like having the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for a company, its comp plan and policies. The publicity is worth thousands of dollars.

EW #834 provides services to the industry and he is a retired Major, with numerous military awards. Hehas been named to Who's Who in America, Who's Who in Finance and Industry, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, plus others. Heis chairman of the Consultants Credentialing Committee of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) to stop MLM consulting fraud. Rod is also Co-chair of the model MLM Legislative Committee. He is a member of the American Management Association (AMA), The Consultants Association for Natural Products, The Herb Research Foundation, and The NNFA. He has held First Class FCC licenses and worked on satellite, radio and long line systems. Check with the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, BBB, and Dun & Bradstreet for his community background.
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