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25+ years in the elevator / escalator industry. Expert witness; consulting; inspections; specification drafting and enforcement; construction compliance; code issues; failure analysis
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SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE Technical specialties are elevator and escalators, including failure analysis, troubleshooting, installation, repair, modernization, maintenance, and inspection. in the area of failure analysis, experience has focused on electrical and mechanical failures of elevator and escalator systems. These include high-rise, high-speed mutable elevator groups, hydraulic elevators in smaller apartments and commercial buildings, and multiple escalator systems in shopping malls, hospitals, and convention centers. in the area of troubleshooting, experience has focused on determining the nature of mechanical and electrical malfunctions and re-designing the circuitry and mechanisms to be more dependable and longer lasting. in the area of installation, experience includes field surveys and installation of complete elevator systems, from single units to multiple units, including final inspection and adjustments. in the area of repair work, experience includes the removal of worn and damaged equipment from elevators and escalators, including creative solutions for removing heavy, awkward components that could not otherwise be accessed. Experience also includes replacing all high-wear elevator and escalator chains, bearings, cables, motors, generators, gearboxes, and hydraulic cylinder assemblies. In the area of modernization, experience includes adapting, adjusting, and testing new components for existing systems, including new motors and drive units, doors and operators, safety upgrades, handicap requirements, elevator interior remodels, and computer-based logic controllers for multiple-elevators, high-rise buildings. in the area of maintenance, experience includes preventive and periodic maintenance of all types of elevators, including high-speed and low-speed freight and passenger elevators, hydraulic and electric traction elevators, dumbwaiters, and escalators. In the area of inspection, experience includes field surveys for bidding purposes, site progress inspections of portions of specific construction and modernization work, and final acceptance testing for specific contracts and scopes of work. EDUCATION, REGISTRATIONS, AND CERTIFICATIONS Teaching credentials for National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP), 1993. D Completed NEIEP Level 1 Seminar. Journeyman Elevator Mechanic, International Union of Elevator Constructors Mechanic (I.U.E.C. Local #8). D Completed 18 of 22 NEIEP Courses. Business Curriculum at Indian Valley College (Novato, California). PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE National Elevator Industry Educational Program C Technical Training Instructor (September 1992 to 1999) Courses given include: Mechanics Exam Preparation and Review Course Circuit Tracing and Troubleshooting Basic Electricity Construction Wiring Doors and Operators Escalators Hydraulics and Elevator Hoist Cable Replacement Bay Area Rapid Transit District 2/98 - 8/01: Hired into the Engineering Department to draft specifications for new and renovated elevators and escalators; Quality control testing and inspections; Progress inspections and verifications for 160 renovated elevators and escalators; Provide technical support for in house staff; Coordination with State agencies for code enforcement inspections and permits; 8/01 C present: Promotion to Section Manager: in addition to above, supervise system-wide elevator and escalator repair and modernization personnel; Lead inspector for testing and acceptance of new and renovated equipment system-wide. Armor Elevator Company, San Francisco, CA (June 1989 to July 1995). Armor Elevator Company merged with Montgomery in the Fall of 1994. Star Elevator Company, Redwood City, CA (July 1987 to June 1989). Atlas Elevator Company, San Francisco, CA (June 1984 to July 1987). Journeyman Elevator Mechanic (I.U.E.C. Local #8) Responsible for service, troubleshooting, repair, construction, and modernization of elevators and escalators, also including duties as a foreman. Armor Elevator Company (January 1979 to September 1983). Elevator Mechanics Helper (Member I.U.E.C. Local #8) Assisted in service, repair, modernization, and adjusting departments of Elevator / escalator Company. Armor Elevator Company (February 1978 to January 1979). Atlas Elevator Company (September 1976 to February 1978). Supervisors Assistant, Purchasing Agent, Parts Department, and Fleet Manager Responsible for ordering and cost-effective delivery of inventory for six repair crews and 12 service technicians. Personally performed major and minor service of 20-vehicle fleet.
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