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Expert witness testimony for consumers, litigators, and regulators involved in insurance market conduct and sales issues.

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EW #568 & Associates provides independent consulting services and expert witness testimony for consumers, litigators, and regulators. We are also approved by IMSA (Insurance Marketplace Standards Association) to perform independent assessments of Life Insurance Companies.

œ Expert witness testimony for litigants
œ Consultant to regulators
œ Discovery planning and research
œ Advocate for policyholders in demutualization conversions
œ Analysis of Insurer Market Conduct
œ Monitoring of Industry practices and reforms
œ Designer of proactive Risk Management Programs
œ IMSA independent assessments, consultations and training

Our clients are provided with an extensive background in actuarial, audit, compliance, financial analysis, and internal control. From the early 1980's, EW #568 & Associates, has identified serious weaknesses in the market conduct of the sale of individual life insurance. He has designed both preventative and monitoring/detection programs. His knowledge and expertise is well recognized by both regulators and the national media who have consistently sought his counsel since 1996.

We provide expert witness testimony for insurance-based litigation. Our founder, brings an impressive array of accomplishments from the insurance business to the federal government. His strong presence in the witness chair has provided substantial awards on behalf of plaintiffs. His regulatory experience and history of insurance expertise has assisted plaintiff's counsel to reach successful conclusions in their cases. Some notable cases include the following insurers as defendants:

œ The Prudential Insurance Company of America
œ Sunset Life Insurance Company (Subsidiary of Kansas City Life Insurance Company)
œ Franklin Life Insurance Company
œ New Hampshire Insurance Company (Subsidiary of AIG)
œ Conseco Life Insurance Company
œ North American Life and Health Insurance Company
œ Marketing Practice/Compliance Evaluations

Identify systemic marketing practice problems and evaluate effectiveness of systems purported to monitor and control
œ Evaluate tools used to gather policyholder feedback
œ Identify training and evaluate effectiveness
œ Litigation Support

Consulted by several State Insurance Commissioners and NASD regulators regarding marketing practices, internal control structures and effectiveness of life insurance companies.
Consulted regularly by academia, media, consumer groups, and historical experts regarding life insurance issues in general and insurance marketing practices specifically.
Regularly sought out by plaintiffs counsel as expert witness in areas of life insurance sales practices.
IMSA Assessment

Provide preliminary reviews during the process to identify potential need for enhancement.
Provide other deliverables such as reports on compliance issues that may be beyond the scope of IMSA Assessment process.
Conduct the Independent Assessment.

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