Polymer Diagnostics Inc.

Polymer Diagnostics Inc.

33587 Walker Rd
Avon Lake OH, 44012

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We are your source for plastic testing and polymer consulting.
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The expert specializes in polymer testing, vinyl technology, chemical analysis and microscopy, mechanical and physical properties testing, failure analysis, composite technology, rheology, medical technology, and consultative services. See how you can benefit from him since he hashas been instrumental in the development of polymer technology for nearly 50 years.

Our Areas Of Expertise
Fire Science
Polymer & Vinyl Technology
Chemical Analysis & Microscopy
Mechanical & Physical Properties Testing
Other Consultative Services

We are a new company with a long history. It originally served as the analytical services and physical testing division supporting a core business of BF Goodrich.In August 1997,we incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary. Confidentiality agreements and procedural protocol now enableus to perform a broad range of testing and analysis for the entire polymer industry, as well as other industries.

In addition to standard testing and analysis,we provide consultative expertise to implement practical solutions for its clients. This is not found in most testing facilities.

We AreOne Of The Largest Testing And Analysis Labs In The Country:
31 employees, including an unusually large number of Ph.D. scientists (six) and advanced degree scientists (five). In addition, via the 'Senior Institute,' we offer the consultative services of some of the polymer industrys foremost experts, retired BFGoodrich and other scientists.

21,000 square feet of lab space.
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