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25 years of expertise in providing manufacturing and distribution companies with highly competent professional assistance to help management improve operating performance.
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EW #240 for over twenty-five years, has a consistent record of providing manufacturing and distribution companies with highly competent professional assistance to help management improve operating performance.

The firm has developed specializations and refined methodologies for: cycle time reduction, customer service improvement, forecasting, inventory reduction, cost/profit improvement, Demand-based Flow Manufacturing, ERP/MRP II systems, Supply Chain Management, World Class Manufacturing/Lean Production, Business Process Redesign, Strategic Planning among others.

EW #240  works directly with your personnel to develop practical solutions for your specific requirements - - solutions which produce lasting, measurable results. Because client problems vary, we never limit our approach to the use of one particular system or technique. We will help you to develop and implement the approach and solution best suited for your need. During the process we encourage maximum participation from client company personnel to ensure effective knowledge transfer and solution ownership to achieve sustaining success.

Clients always receive active direction and involvement only from senior level consultants who focus on measurable results and the development of the client organization's capabilities.

Our Competitive Edge
What makes EW #240  & Co., Inc. appealing to prospective clients is having only people who are seasoned, career consultants that perform the work with our clients. We do not use inexperienced, junior personnel. This means our clients receive active direction and involvement by consultants with substantial experience and technical abilities -- not just sometime, but ALL THE TIME. This is one of the cornerstones on which the firm was founded and conducts its consulting practice. Our consultants have acquired firsthand knowledge of what to do, and equally important, what not to do as a result of line experience and from a wide variety of consulting assignments.

Experience and Expertise
Our experienced consultants understand the business of manufacturing and can assist you through the maze of alternatives and options which will help you avoid costly mistakes or reinventing the wheel. Our philosophy is to develop the capabilities of client personnel through the effective transfer of knowledge and experience. This emphasis on self-sustaining progress helps to assure that results are achieved more quickly and are maintained.

Our consultants understand the importance of putting a balanced emphasis on people development while simultaneously addressing opportunities and improvements in functions, business processes and support systems.

Our consultants are experienced in virtually all manufacturing industries and very knowledgeable in the effective application of

. State-of-the-art management philosophies, tools and techniques;
. Technologies, and;
. Performance improvement methodologies

Our operating philosophy that constantly guides our work - - RESULTS ARE REQUIRED

Critical to Your Success
We tailor our approach to our client's business need using proven, results-oriented methodologies, tools and techniques that we know work. Coupled with our ability, experience and expertise to work anywhere from the boardroom to the stockroom makes us uniquely qualified to assist you on a rapid path to achieve high performance manufacturing.

World Class Manufacturing
Creating a World Class Manufacturing enterprise is certainly no easy task. Achieving the goal requires much more than just new ERP software. Information Technology, however good, will not by itself contribute very much to being a World Class Manufacturer. In fact, there are many more instances than not where the improper and unbalanced application of new technology has done very little to nothing (or worse) toward improving operating performance. If you think a software company alone can deliver what you need to be World Class, think again.

The elusive goal of World Class manufacturing can only be achieved by the proper and balanced application of tools, techniques, methodologies and information technology. Understanding what proper and balanced application should be in a given company's situation requires high level, objective expertise. That's why you should call us.
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