Dr. Charles E. Dorgan, P.E.

Charles E. Dorgan, PE

305 Valley View Street
Verona WI, 53593

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Over 100 cases broad experience with air-conditioning, heating, process and refrigeration
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EW #924 Since 1972, he has been at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in the Department of Engineering Professional Development and Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has been involved in directing a number of research/technology centers and developing courses for practicing professionals in engineering and related science. This has been primarily related to air-conditioning, refrigeration, safety, products liability, OSHA, indoor air quality, thermal energy storage, controls, energy conservation, energy management and quality construction, including the quality commissioning process. He has been involved in more than 600 professional short courses, seminars and workshops. Most of these he has organized and taught part of the program. He currently is a Professor Emeritus and working part time at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and involved in a number of research and consulting projects in his private practice.

During the period 1972 to present he has served as a consultant to industry, utilities, research institutions, government and commercial building owners. During the last 30 years, he has had various levels of partial appointments at the University and in various engineering consulting firms in Wisconsin. He is recognized as one of the primary leaders in development of energy management technology and methodology, cool thermal energy storage, indoor air quality, cold air distribution, productivity links to the indoor environment and implementation of quality methods for construction using the commissioning process, with emphasis on air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. In addition to these areas in which he has had a major leadership and been an innovator, he has been involved in supermarkets, schools, hospitals, refrigerated warehouses, central plants, zoned residential air-conditioning, hotels, laboratories, residential homes, green buildings, sustainable buildings, passive solar, agricultural, jails and transport refrigeration.

He has been especially active in the issues of quality construction through the commissioning process, indoor air quality, productivity link to the indoor environment, green and sustainable buildings(especially HVAC&R elements), and total building costs in the last 10 years.

He is currently working on bringing all of this together in a new method for delivering constructed projects and buildings. This includes the total building commissioning process, whole building design, maintainability, productivity, quality, and sustainable design. However, it goes further in what he has labeled ?New Direction?.
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