Michael J. Fagel, Ph.D.

Aurora Safety

P O Box 209
North Aurora IL, 60542

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Providing Specialized Assistance in OSHA Compliance Assistance and Training in Disaster Management, Emergency Response, Occupational Safety and Health.
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has served various Federal Agencies providing Occupational Safety Services at disaster sites. He also was EMS coordinator for the Fire rescue division in North Aurora, as well as serving as an officer in the local fire service.

Since 1975, he has served Industrial, Manufacturing, Government, Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Emergency Management, and Emergency Medical Services in all phases of response.

Currently teaches industrial safety and emergency medical services at several college locations, as well as being a guest lecturer at various professional trade conferences throughout the country.

Consulting and Training in the Following Areas
General Industry
Disaster Planning
Facility Security
Threat Assessment
Restaurant / Food Safety and Health
Expert Witness Service
Crisis Management Critical Incident Stress Management
Food Processing
Human Resources
Emergency Medical Services
Industrial Security
Domestic Preparedness

EW #548' s career in safety spans 3 decades. He was instrumental in helping the first red meat companies in the US earn the OSHA VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) recognition in 1992.

He holds numerous professional designations, and has authored over 200 articles on safety and disaster planning. He has been a contributing editor to many publications. Authored chapters in Food Safety Law and Accident Prevention Manual Also, he has presented lectures across the country and SE Asia on safety related matters. He was a safety briefer and CISD officer at the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, as well as Safety Liaison at the World Trade Center in New York City, 2001.
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