James Feldman

505 North Lake Shore Drive #6601
Chicago IL, 60611

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Marketing expert available for issues that include sweepstakes, charities, premiums, advertising specialties, and incentive travel and merchandise awards.
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EW #301 is a marketing expert available for counseling, consulting and trial testimony. Specific issues have included sweepstakes, charities, premiums, advertising specialties, and incentive travel and merchandise awards.

He is a counselor and expert that has worked with numerous legal firms to help resolve issues that have resulted in their clients gaining high levels of satisfaction and positive results.

JHis expertise has been well demonstrated. He is the President of a group of affiliated service companies, which specializes in the development of impactful sales promotions, motivation programs, and a full range of marketing services. He is not a merchandise or premium rep; he does not "sell" destinations or merchandise which are being inventoried; he is not a travel agent; or a graphic designer; he is not copywriter. Ire is a marketing expert.

He is a valuable "expert" witness in all marketing and sales promotion issues that pertain to recognition merchandise and travel incentives.

EW #301  can assist you or your client in any legal/confrontation activities by creatively providing marketing know-how, planning ability, sales experience, and production capabilities in a professional manner which is versatile, flexible, immediate, and accountable. The product of your attorney/client relationship with him will be positive, offering results which clearly exceed your clients' established business goals and expectations.

EW #301 's expertise is accomplished through the integration of services offered by four affiliated companies:  Each of these companies specializes in creating, developing, implementing, and administering specialized activities which have proven to be successful in addressing our clients' target audiences-consumers, the trade (channels of distribution), professional sales forces, employees, or other special interest groups.

His agency represents over 60 years of combined marketing experience. During that time, his company has worked on virtually every type of marketing assignment. His companies have developed the right marketing and programs whenever needed, using the complete range of techniques and creativity.
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