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Expert in Employee hiring and promotion procedures, discrimination re: race, sex, national origin, age, wrongful termination, personnel policies and wage and hour (FLSA), Human Resources, Disparate Impact, Disparate Treatment, Workplace Harassment, Americans with Disabilities Act. Has testified in state and federal courts, arbitrations and hearings. Disparate Impact, Disparate Treatment, Workplace Harassment, Americans with Disabilities Act

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David Friedland has over thirty years of experience in the human resources field, working with both private and public sector employers. He specializes in developing and implementing human resources assessment procedures for use in recruitment, hiring, promotion and development of employees and evaluating the effectiveness of human resource programs. He often serves as a litigation consultant and expert witness in labor and employment cases.

Consulting Clients and Services: Dr. Friedland's consulting activities have included both the private and public sectors. His clients include government, aerospace, manufacturing, banking, insurance, medical services, retail, utilities and food services employers. Consulting clients served include both moderate and large-sized companies and government organizations, including Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of locations. Friedland & Associates’ services include:  job analysis; development and validation of employee hiring and promotion procedures; wage and hour and pay discrimination issues; sexual and Work-Place Harassment and employee surveys. Dr. Friedland serves as a technical consultant to corporate and public sector human resources departments and their legal counsel to maximize the effectiveness, job relatedness and defensibility of employee hiring and promotion procedures.

Litigation Consulting Services: He has served as a litigation consultant and expert witness in more than seventy cases, including several landmark employment discrimination cases involving both private sector companies and government agencies. He is experienced in cases involving allegations of workplace harassment, disability discrimination, wrongful termination and wage and hour law violations.

Dr. Friedland works with labor attorneys and corporate counsel as a consultant in individual and class action employment discrimination litigation and government compliance reviews. He has served as an expert in both federal and state court in both individual and class action cases.  In addition to his work with public and private sector employers, Dr. Friedland has been retained by plaintiff counsel, federal and state compliance agencies and public interest law firms to review employee selection procedures for compliance with EEO laws.

Prior Experience, Education and Certifications: Dr. Friedland served for eight years as manager of personnel research for the City of Los Angeles. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California. He is a California licensed Psychologist and is certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). Dr. Friedland has published professional articles and is a frequent speaker before professional groups on employment-related issues.

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