Dr. William S Howard, PhD, MBA, PE

Stability Technology, Inc.

19101 Sugarloaf Reserve Drive
Duluth GA, 30097

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17 years experience in the field of machinery, packaging equipment, control systems, machine design, and safety guarding for a manufacturing facility or plant.
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Dr. William S. Howard is an electrical/mechanical engineer with a strong expertise in determining the defects in machinery and/or equipment that cause serious injury. With 18 years experience, Dr. Howard combines a very strong engineering background (with multiple degrees in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering) with a strong business background (including an MBA). As Project Manager, he has lead the successful development projects of numerous new machines. Dr. Howard has written many engineering subcontracting contracts, to provide outside support on various engineering projects. He has analyzed the post-installation performance of machinery against established benchmarks. He has conducted failure analysis. He has designed safety systems and guarding for numerous types of machinery. He has direct experience designing systems to meet ANSI, OSHA, and CE specifications. Dr. William S Howard specializes in the safety analysis of machinery and equipment. A typical safety analysis of any type of machinery would include the following: ● The Safety Guarding is carefully checked against applicable standards ● A Risk Assessment is performed, categorizing the various hazards into standard categories ● The machine is checked for actual use versus the design specifications. ● The E-Stop, Interlocks, and other safety components are checked versus current standards ● All safety circuits are verified, and checked for potential single point failures ● The safety warning labels (and related decals) are checked against current standards ● The guarding is checked for appropriateness, given the categorized hazard (from above) ● The electrical system is checked against NFPA 79. ● The control system is tested for control reliability per OSHA 1910.211 and ANSI R1506 ● Other safety components are evaluated for appropriateness ● Modification or changes to the original system (affecting safety) are examined. ● The operator ergonomics are evaluated. ● The manuals and documentation is reviewed A Fee Schedule is available online at the website listed above. EDUCATION & PATENTS: Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1995 MBA, School of Business Administration, Monmouth University, 1991 MS, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1995 BSEE, Department of Electrical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1986 BSME, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1986 P.E., Licensed Professional Engineer 3 United States Patents (1 Pending) WORK HISTORY: President, Stability Technology, Inc. R&D Manager, Kliklok Corporation Engineering Manager, Woodman Company Lead Researcher, GRASP Robotics Lab Member of the Technical Staff, Mechanisms Group, General Electric
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