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2490 Shorehaven Drive
Virginia Beach VA, 23454

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Over 40 years experience in design and application engineering, installation and manufacturing of industrial/commercial refrigeration systems, industrial ventilation / heat recovery, humidity control
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Professional education and activities in chronological order:

1953 Graduated from High School, Berlin, Germany.

1953-1956 Machine fitter Apprenticeship, Germany.

1962 Graduated at Polytechnics Institute, Stuttgart, Germany, diploma in Mechanical Engineering issued by Stuttgart Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

1962-1966 Worked in Switzerland in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning with contractors, manufacturers and consulting engineers.

1966-1972 Cimco Ltd., Montreal, Quebec (Canadian Ice Machines), consecutively as District Engineer and as Sales Engineer.

1972-1974 Blanchard Industries, Montreal North, Quebec as Application Engineer for refrigeration systems and heat exchangers.

1974-1975 Part-time teacher at several colleges, Montreal, Quebec, in Thermal Application and self employed Consulting Engineer.

Since 1976 President of Hudson Industrial Consulting

1976-1986 Part time teacher at Vanier College, Montreal, Quebec for the following subjects:

Ventilation, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, thermal application and fire protection.

1977- 2003 Chief Engineer at Dectron Inc., Montreal, Quebec (Manufacturer of Industrial Dehumidifiers-Heat Recuperators).

1985-1993 President of Dectron Inc., Montreal, Quebec.

1994- 1999 Chairman of Dectron Inc., Montreal and Dectron Inc. Atlanta, Georgia.

Memberships: Member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec.
Fellow of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating,
Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers).
Member of ARI (Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Institute).
Holder of several patents for a Dehumidifier-Pool Heater for Indoor Swimming Pools.


 feasibility studies and budget preparations,
 systems design,
 estimates for refrigeration requirements,
 equipment selections,
 supervision of installations,
 start-up and adjustment of systems,
 trouble shooting,
 court expertise,
 Fluent in English, French and German.


 hotel and restaurant ventilation and air conditioning,
 commercial and industrial refrigeration systems for storage and processing,using ammonia and fluorocarbon refrigerants,
 refrigeration systems for chemical industry and laboratories.
 marine and transport refrigeration systems.
 artificial ice rinks
 ice plants,
 slaughter house refrigeration
 chocolate cooling tunnels,
 air treatment for pneumatic conveying systems,
 low temperature 2-stage and cascade package units,
 equipment and systems for industrial dust collection,
 pollution control systems,
 industrial dehumidification.
 industrial heat recuperation systems,
 swimming pool dehumidification and heat recuperation systems,
 quick freezers,
 brine bath poultry freezers,
 chilled water systems,
 fish dryers,
 operator cabin ventilation and air conditioning,
 Trainer-simulators.


1.) Air conditioning system for Government of Tanzania
communication vehicles,

2.) Design of truck reefer units,Airpak, Montreal and
Frigorex, St-Lazare, QC.

3.) Feller-Buncher operator cab air Forano, Montreal. air-conditioning system,
4.) Development of standard design. Tru-Way Metal Works Ltd.
for dust collection equipment,Montreal, QC.

5.) Emergency ventilation systems for Union Carbide Canada,
process areas, Montreal, QC.

6.) Process refrigeration systems, Hershey Chocolates,
cooling tunnels, Smith Falls, ON.

7.) Heat recuperation systems, Steinberg Bakery,
Montreal, QC.

8.) Renovation and automation of Quebec Apple Growers Coop.
Farnham,Qc. refrigerated warehouse,heat recuperation for water defrost of evaporators.

9.) Flake Ice Plant, Grande Rivière, QC.

10.) Chilled water and dehumidification system Terra Ltd.
for Mushroom Plant, Carignan, QC.

11.) Ice Rink refrigeration system with heat Barrhaven Recreational
recuperation for indoor swimming pool, Center, Ottawa, Ontario

12.) Heat exchanger testing system, Concordia University,
Montreal, QC

13.) Analysis of refrigeration systems Agropur, at Dairy Product Processing Plant, Granby, QC.

14.) Analysis of Process Refrigeration Canso Chemicals,
System and Redesign, Abercrombie, NS.

15.) Analysis of Process Refrigeration C.I.L.,System and Redesign, Cornwall, ON.

16.) Heating and ventilation system,for pressurized operator
cabins, Port Cartier, Qc.

17.) Brine chilling system for chemical process, C.I.L.,
Beloeil, QC.

18.) Analysis of refrigeration system for
Meat Processing Plant,Steinberg Rexdale, ON.

19.) Design of swimming pool dehumidifier pool water heaters,
Dectron, Montreal, Qc.

20.) Wine and liquor cooling system, Quebec Liquor Board,
Montreal, QC.

21.) Heat recuperation system for Ice Gadbois Centre,
Rink Refrigeration Plant, Montreal, QC.

22.) Process area ventilation and cooling system for knitting mill and dye house.Doris Mills, Montreal, QC.

23.) Cooling Plant heat recuperation system, St-Hilaire Dairy Products,
St-Hyacinthe, QC.

24.) Heat recuperation system for apple storage house, St-Hilaire Apples Growers Coop.
St-Hilaire, QC.

25.) Process water chiller heat recuperation system and molding
room dehumidification system for Plastic Injection
Molding Plant, Candiac, Qc

26.) Energy saving process water chilling system, Catelli,Montreal, QC.

27.) Process Dehumidification Kraft Foods, Montreal, QC.

28.) Agricultural Drier (Research Project)Mc Gill University,
Macdonald Campus, Montreal, Qc

Legal Expert:

 Canadian Refractories vs Tru-Way Metal

 Sarti vs Réfrigération Mercier Inc.

 Abattoir du Nord vs CMA Réfrigération

 Vimoval vs Lasagnata

 Lanier vs Navada Inc.

 Quebec Liquor Board vs Pellemont Inc.

 Gatehouse Lasalle Inc. vs Trans Canada Freezers Ltd.

 Pâtisserie Lemoine Inc. vs Réfrigération Couillard

 Universal Telecommunications vs Que-Mar Systems Ltd.

 Dectron Inc. vs Dumont Inc.

 Corporation of Master Pipefitters and Master
Refrigeration Contrators of Québec vs Mecanicair Inc.

 City of Quebec vs Trochaînes Inc.

 Ray Réfrigération Inc. vs Pauline Lapierre

 Zurich Canada Inc. vs 149721 Canada Inc.

 Préville vs Températech Inc.

EW #10914  was born and raised in Germany, where he received an Engineering degree in Stuttgart. After graduation he spent four years gaining heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration Engineering experience with manufactures, contractors and consulting Engineers in Switzerland.

He  moved to Canada where he added thirty two years Engineering experience in Montreal covering many areas of systems and equipment design in the refrigeration, dust collection and heat recuperation field, to his list of credentials.

He is the Founder of Dectron Inc., Montreal, Quebec, a manufacturer of energy recycling dehumidifiers. Since 1998 Reinhold lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia and is now president of Hudson Industrial Consulting , LLC.

He was also teaching for ten years refrigeration engineering at Vanier College, Montreal, Quebec and he was an instructor for six years of the Montreal Branch of the Refrigeration Service Engineering Society (RSES).

He is a fellow and active Technical Committee member of ASHRAE, a past member of RSES, a past member of ARI and a registered Professional Engineer of the Province of Quebec.

EW #10914 also holds several patents on a mechanical Dehumidifier-Water Heater for indoor swimming pools and is a consultant specializing in the design and analysis of industrial refrigeration, pollution control, heat recuperation and humidity control systems.
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