Jeffrey F. Magrowski, PhD

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My primary focus has involved personal injury lawsuites. I work as a Vocational Expert Witness with the Social Security Administration and have done so since l980.
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EW #1257 has been employed in Private Practice Vocational Rehabilitation Services since graduating from Florida State Unv. in l978. At that time he was employed with Crawford and Company until l983 when he started my own business. My primary focus has involved personal injury lawsuites. He works as a Vocational Expert Witness with the Social Security Administration and have done so since l980. My work also involves other government contracts in this area. Just recently he testified in Federal Court on an A.D.A. Claim and presented a video job analysis involving a multi-million dollar company. My case work involves all types of accidents including auto, train, workers comp. and divorce cases (etc..). Please contact me for a free consultation, resume, and fee schedule. My services have been used in many States.

He has also testified as a vocational expert witness from videos of claimants performing activities that go beyond the scope of their medical restrictions. I have been qualified to take that activity and correlate it with employment. Example: Working on a car; light work=cashier, etc...

Scope & Range of Services
EW #1257 is a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant with over 22 years experience in the field. He provides comprehensive Case Evaluation and Expert Testimony in both economic and non-economic areas. Through the years he has worked with attorneys, insurance companies, employers,and both state and federal agencies. Along with his education and experience he utilizes several state-of-the-art computerized an improved opportunity for achieving positive results. Cases in which services are commonly utilized include: Workers Compensation, Divorce, Long-Term Disability, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Pre-Employment Screening. He has been involved in expert testimony as a Vocational Expert for many years. Recently he has developed an innovative approach at expert testimony in the area of non-economic damages. These developments could prove to be a breakthrough in establishing non-economic damages as it relates to the field of Vocational Rehabilitation Expertise.

Vocational Evaluation Clinical Interview Vocational Testing * intelligence * aptitude * interest * basic skills Computerized Job Matches Medical Review Hedonic/Pain And Suffering * clinical interview * assessment *dollar valuation Wage Loss Calculations * employment earning comparisons * wage-discounting to present value Life Care Planning * development * cost analysis/projections * discounting to present value Rehabilitation Plan * development * cost projections Placement Services * labor market surveys * selective job placement * job modification * job analysis Counseling * vocational * motivational * personal

Professional Memberships
National Rehabilitation Association
National Rehabilitation Counseling Assoc.
Missouri Rehabilitation Assoc.
American College of Forensic Examiners
American Rehabilitation Economic Assoc.
National Association of Forensic Economists
Assoc. of Professional Rehab. Providers in ILL. Job Placement Div.
National Rehab. Assoc.
International Rehab. Institute
National Assoc. of Rehab.

Professionals in the Private Sector:
Professional Experience
1983 to Present: Self-employed, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant.
Job duties: Case reviews, Vocational Evaluations, Development of Rehab. Plans, Vocational Evaluations, Management of Rehabilitation, Expert Testimony,Job and Training Development /Placement, Seminars, Rehabilitation Economics and Hedonolgy(Hedonics).

Previous Experience:
12/87-3/88 Rehabilitation Specialist, Ellis and Associates, St. Louis, MO; similar job duties.
4/78-4/83 Voc. Rehab. Specialist, Senior Consultant, Crawford Rehabilitation Ser. Inc. Fla. Director of Rehabilitation St. Louis, MO. similar job duties.

Current U.S. Govt. Contracts:
1980 to Present Vocational Expert Witness, US Social Security Administration.
1981 to Present US Dept. of Labor Voc. Rehab. Counselor
1998 to Present Private Provider(Voc.Rehab.Ser) US Social Security Administration Copyrights and Trademarks; Hedonology- Study of the impact an injury or incident had on a persons lifestyle. Copyrights and Trademarks:

A. Unv. Central Fla., Orlando,Fla. 1976 BA Soc.Wk. and sociology. B.
Fla. State Unv. Tallahassee,Fla. 1978 MS Voc. Rehab. Ser. Sponsored by US Dept. of HEW. C.
Columbia Pacific Unv., San Rafael, Ca. Ph.D., Independent Study Voc.Rehab. Ser. 1991, Published Dissertation: Trends in hedonics: The effects of work status, sex, age, severity of injury, regional location and liability on hedonic - type awards in personal injury lawsuits. University Microfilms International, Research Abstracts Vol. 17, No. 1, 1992

** A.M. Best's Listed as Recommended for Insurance Attorneys and Adjusters: Rehabilitation category.

Certifications And Licenses:
Licensed Professional Counselor, St. MO
Licensed Psychologist Fla.( V.A..) expired
Private Employment Manager, Fla. expired
Private Rehab. Vender States of Fla., Ga.,Ca., Wy., and Co.
Mental Health Consultant St. Mo.
Professional Counselor, St. Tenn.

National Certifications:
Certified Rehabilitation Economist ( CRE )
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor ( CRC )
Certified Disability Management Spec. ( CDMSC )
Certified Vocational Evaluator (CVE)
Diplomat, American Board of VOC. EXPERTS (ABVE)
Diplomat, American College of Forensic Examiners ( ACFE)
National Board for Certified Counselors ( NBCC)
Nationally Certified Senior Disability Analyst
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