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Practicing geotechnical engineering since 1973, an expert consultant on more difficult geotechnical engineering projects.
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EW #498 Ph.D., P.E., has been practicing geotechnical engineering since 1973 starting as a staff engineer graduating to a project engineer and now as an expert consultant on more difficult geotechnical engineering projects. As an educator he has written about and delivered technical training programs. Also during the course of his career he has authored approximately 65 articles/research publications on advanced engineering projects and has published a textbook on Earthquake Damage. EW #498  currently holds a Professional Engineering License in 6 states and also has a national accreditation.

Among many honors he has received, he is a long standing member of the Society of Mining Engineers and the American Society of Civil Engineers, as well as a member of the American Society of Mining for Reclamation (ASMR). He is the current Chairman of the Geotechnical Engineering Technical Division of the ASMR. The ASMR Geotechnical Division addresses the geotechnical topics related to disturbed lands. He is also a member of the ASTM Soil and Rock Committee.

Over the past 25 years EW #498  has worked as a practicing engineer and researcher. He has performed and supervised subsurface investigations as well as field and laboratory testing in soils and rocks as a practicing engineer and researcher. As a geotechnical and forensic engineer, he has worked on a variety of soil engineering projects involving earthwork including site development and foundation investigations, slope stability, retaining wall systems, soil stabilization and foundation repair, performance of pavements and subgrade conditions, soil compaction and its associated properties, seepage and impoundment failures, subsidence/settlement damage, ground movement, soil-structure interaction, as well as other soil mechanics and foundation problems. Forensic and engineering projects in rock include: stability and support of underground workings in salt, coal and hard rock; grouting; rock excavation behavior and difficulty; subsidence engineering; and seepage in rock committee.

EW #498  Assoicates, Inc. is a Geotechnical Engineering firm specializing in Forensic Investigation, Construction & Structural Analysis, Engineering Research, Training and Geotechnical Engineering. MEA focuses on complex, challenging and unique projects.

EW #498 PhD., P.E. is president and principal engineer of Associates, Inc. He has been a professional engineer sice 1984 and is licensed in many states in the U.S.

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Dam Failures: Earth and Concrete

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