mr john k. mcadams

2407 conastoga ct.
conroe texas, 77384

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30 years in aviation including the military and law enforcement. 18 years as a firearms instructor. ATP rated pilot with experience in fixed wing and rotary wing flying.
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1975 Graduate of Rice University in Houston Texas with a degree in Managerial Studies. 1976-1980... U.S. Army Military intelligence Officer. Project officer and test pilot for the US Army Electronics Proving Grounds. 1986 to present...Criminal investigator and pilot for US Customs service, now the Department of Homeland Security. 1986 Graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glenco Georgia. Primary duties consisted of flying rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft in the interdiction of the illegal importation of narcotics. I have conducted complex criminal investigations involving smuggling groups and individuals. I have testified in court in complex, federal and state prosecutions. I have performed these duties both in the US and several foreign countries. I have significant experience in FAA rules and regulations, maintenance procedures and in operating many different aircraft including those produced by Grumman, Sikorsky, Beechcraft, Bell, Cessna, and Piper. I have been a primary and advanced firearms instructor for 18 years. I have extensive knowledge in federal policies on use of deadly force. I also have used, instructed, and have extensive knowledge of firearms built by Steyr, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Glock, Remington, Winchester, Sig, Heckler & Koch, Savage, Mossberg, and Ruger
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