Donald F. McKenna

The Prescription Shop

6136 E. San Bernardino
Tucson AZ, 85715

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Pharmacy Watch is the Web presence of Arizona-based The Prescription Shop. For legal services, available (with travel compensation) in all 50 states.
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For legal services, available (with travel compensation) in all 50 states. Many retail prescription and pharmacy errors happen as a result of poor or improper pharmacy procedures. This Expert Witness has 41 years of safe retail pharmacy experience and 39 years in pharmacy management and training. Retail Pharmacy Over forty years experience in retail pharmacy -1954-1997. Retail Pharmacist, "The Prescription Shop" -Current. Emergency Pharmacist Pharmacist, Pharmacy Management Thirty-nine years in pharmacy management, supervision, and staff training. Maintained profitability, including as an HMO provider pharmacy. Oversaw design and implementation of computerized pharmacy procedures. Trained pharmacy interns and staff pharmacy technicians. 1958-1961. Pharmacist, Store Manager, "The Prescription Shop" 1961-1978. Pharmacist, C. E. O. of five store pharmacy chain, "The Prescription Shop" 1978-1995. Pharmacist. Purchased pharmacy chain, "The Prescription Shop"; President; C. E. O.; Negotiated and managed HMO provider contracts 1995-1997. Pharmacist, Manager/Supervisor, Foundation Health pharmacy Pharmacy Consultation HMO Pharmacy 1978-1979. Pharmacy advisor during HMO formation (Foundation Health/Intergroup of Arizona) 1979-1989. Pharmacy advisor to HMO officers 1989-1994. Paid consultant to HMO officers 1978-1994. Member of Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee Community Pharmacy 1999. Pharmacy consultant for Community Health project. Established pharmacy department with outpatient pharmacy. (Mariposa Community Health, Nogales, AZ) Expert Witness 1998-present. Cases involving pharmacy errors, pharmacy procedures, pharmacy standard of care, and civil litigation. Education Bachelor of Science Pharmacy, University of Arizona Expert Witness Services Proper pharmacist procedure Proper and legal computer entry Proper and legal utilization of pharmacy technicians Utilization of computer safeguards Technician training levels Pharmacist work loads Institutional controls
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