Mr. Anthony Mele

AMI Associates, Inc.

6 Christine Drive
Chestnut Ridge New York, 10977

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public safety, night club, caberet security requirments, counterterrorism and emergency preparedness, risk assessments and testimony to congressional and municipal committees and panels.
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CURRENT: Consultant/Department of Defense Contractor EDUCATION: BS International Relations & Counter terrorism State University New York Empire College Staff Attach / Intelligence Specialists Courses Defense Intelligence College, Washington, DC Counter terrorism Undergraduate Seminar Series Georgetown University, Washington, DC Senior Executive Protection Courses Public Safety Group, Woodbridge, Virginia Diplomatic Security Operations- Department of State Course -Crucible/Kroll, Fredicksburg, Virginia PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Operational expertise derived from challenging US military assignments and corporate consulting contracts, providing a wide range of protection, security, procurement, support and training services. Attained progressive levels of management responsibility as a corporate officer and project manager responsible for sales, services and technical teams throughout the US, Middle-East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. LANGUAGE/CULTURE SKILLS: English, Spanish, Arabic (language immersion) - Latin America/Africa/Mid-East cultural training and experience SECURITY CLEARANCES HELD: Top Secret/Codeword/Sensitive Intelligence (Secret-12/2003) MILITARY ASSIGNMENTS: Noncommissioned Officer/US Army (1977-1983) Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, Executive Staff Intelligence, Pentagon Pentagon Telecommunications Command, Staff NCO - Pentagon US Military Training Mission to Saudi Arabia Tabuk, Saudi Arabia Intelligence and Security Command, Ft. Meade, Maryland Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC Office of Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, Tours, Pentagon Headquarters, S-1/3rd US Infantry (The Old Guard), Ft. Myer, Virginia Headquarters, 25th Field Artillery, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma CORPORATE CONTRACTS: Security Consultant/Project-Operations Manager/Defense Contractor (1983-present) AMI Associates, Inc., FOWLER Trading Company, Electronic Warfare Associates, BDM Corporation, EWG Corporation, High Frontier (Strategic Defense Initiative Lobby) Vance International, Dynecorp U.S. Government Contract and Consulting Assignments: Department of State, US Navy, US Army Reserve, Space and Naval Warfare, Strategic Systems Programs Office, U.S. Coast Guard, Office of the Mayor-Washington, DC, Office of Emergency Preparedness-Washington, DC, Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico Foreign Government Contract Consulting and Security Services: Republic of Congo, Republic of Angola, Republic of Zaire, Republic of Sao Tome et Principe, Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Embassy of Jordan, Embassy of Kuwait, Special Security Office Lebanon, Embassy of Suriname, Embassy of Spain, Embassy of Great Britain, Embassy of Colombia International Trade: Mr. Mel is a registered foreign agent and held Defense Trade Export Permits from the US Department of State, Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs, in accord with International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR), Defense Trade Commission. This experience is derived from his professional association with defense contractors in the foreign military acquisitions arena as a special assistant. He is familiar with the DOD and United Nations procurement process. Mr. Mel was responsible for the security and delivery of sensitive equipment and weaponry being transported throughout Europe and Africa. His experience ranges from providing professional services to protect transports from African diamond mines, training presidential protection teams, procuring counter-narco equipment, advising members of the diplomatic community and consulting think-tanks on the international arms trade. Operations/Project Management: Mr. Mel provided operations security and project management services to a variety of technical multi-million dollar projects. He has provided threat studies, designed, procured and implemented technical solutions to include the installation of sophisticated video CCTV, intrusion alert, LAN, Access Control, bio-metric, face recognition systems, guards and every level of facility security required for each client. He has supervised multiple projects, simultaneously throughout the U.S. and overseas. He has provided these services to sensitive military facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, embassies, hospitals, museums and corporate headquarters. Counter-terrorism: Mr. Mel played a key technical role in the development of counterterrorist exercise scenarios for the Department of State. He participated in a security study and contingency plan for designated high threat airports and marine facilities. Specifically, he provided analysis on terrorist method of operations, psychological profiles, hostage behavior and assault/rescue team procedures. He assembled a database of terrorist groups and anti-terrorist teams by region and country. Mr. Mel also prepared realistic scenario implementations designed to test decision-makers responses to conditions that might be confronted in a real world terrorist incident. He performed red team/terrorists exercises and role-play. These scenarios were set in high traffic airports, public transit areas to include bridges and tunnels, and incorporated incidents ranging from hostage situations to chemical-biological terrorists attack. He also transported and demonstrated anti-terrorist weaponry for officials during periods of terrorist threats. He was selected to provide counter-terrorism lectures to over 26 New Jersey Police Departments. Mr. Mel has provided executive protection support to heads of state, royalty, diplomats, Afghani fighters, African commandos and personal bodyguard services to senior executives, political candidates and celebrities. Civic Activities: Mr. Mel sits on the Board of Directors for the United Way of Rockland County. He is a vocal advocate for youth services and veterans issues. He conducts leadership seminars for young people. Several colleges and universities sponsor his workshops. He addressed the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization. He is Chairman of the 65th Honor Task Force, yielding recognition to unsung heroes and veterans of past wars. He crafted and built a coalition of veterans and competing interest groups that achieved their common goals. He has been called upon to provide congressional testimony and was recognized by the New York City Council, Office of the Mayor, Governors of New York and Puerto Rico for his efforts. Mr. Mel was invited by the NYC Police Academy to present a cultural seminar to Precinct Commanders. He assisted community groups in eliminating drug dealers from their neighborhoods. He is an avid public speaker and is consistently requested as the keynote speaker to a wide range of organizations. Mr. Mel was decorated for valor by the US Army, was a nominee for the White House Fellowship program, received special recognition awards from the U.S. Congress, the FBI and was appointed by the Selective Service as a local board member for the State of New York.
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