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25 years, leading international expert on human fatigue and safety in transportation accidents, including commercial motor vehicles, trucks, automobiles, marine, rail, public transit and aviation.
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Ph.D., Physiology, Harvard University, 1974
M.B., B.S., Guy's Hospital Medical School, (M.D. equiv.) University of London, 1970
MRCS, LRCP, Royal Colleges of Surgeons and Physicians, England, 1970
B.Sc., Physiology, University of London, England (1st Class Honors), 1967

Employment Information

1983 to PresentPresident & Chief Executive Officer
1988 1997 Institute for Circadian Physiology Director & President
1981 1998 Harvard Medical School Associate Professor of Physiology
1975 1981 Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor of Physiology
1982 1988 Brigham and Women's Hospital Associate Staff-Surgery (Physiology)
1974 1982 Brigham and Women's Hospital Consultant in Surgery (Physiology)
1971 1974 Harvard Medical School Research Fellow in Surgery
1970 1971 Toronto East General Hospital Intern (Medicine & Surgery)
1970 Guy's Hospital Medical School Instructor in Physiology
1968 NASA Ames Research Center Research Associate

Professional Work Experience

EW #1675 M.D., PhD. is a leading international expert on the role of human fatigue in transportation accidents, including commercial motor vehicles (truck, bus and motorcoach), automobiles, marine vessels (ship, tugboat), rail locomotives (freight and passenger), public transit vehicles (bus, light rail, commuter rail) and aviation equipment (commercial, cargo and private aircraft).

As a Harvard professor for 25 years, heconducted the pioneering research investigating the role of fatigue as a leading cause of fatal and high cost accidents on highways (including single vehicle, hit-rear and driver inattention accidents), and of train derailments, collisions at sea, and human errors in aviation. He has published 10 books, and 125 scientific papers on human fatigue, errors and accidents and the physiology of sleep deprivation and circadian rhythms. He has served on multiple national and international committees, and has received numerous awards. He is a frequent guest on television ( CNN, Today Show, Good Morning America, 20:20, Dateline, Oprah Winfree, Nova, BBC ) radio ( NPR Fresh Air, Connection ), and print media ( Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Time and Newsweek ). He has testified before Congressional committees on multiple occasions, and advised government agencies in the US, Canada and the U.K.

As the CEO of the consulting firm, he currently advises and supervises teams which work with over half of the Fortune 500 companies on strategies to minimize fatigue risk, and reduce accidents caused by fatigue. In addition, heundertakes both plaintiff and defense expert witness work in selected cases, and provides confidential advice to attorneys and their clients on how to minimize litigation risk, and distinguish readily defensible from hard to defend claims, and on strategies to cross-examine opposing counsels witnesses. He has extensive experience of providing expert testimony in the courtroom, where he has an outstanding record of educating and engaging juries so they reach informed conclusions, and of using scientifically validated computer models to reconstruct accidents scenarios in the courtroom.

Expertise areas include: driver fatigue, hours of service violations, human factors, sleep deprivation, CMV highway accident reconstruction, fatigue in truck, bus, motorcoach, rail, transit & marine accidents caused by human error, drowsy driving, asleep at the wheel, overtime, work-rest schedules, night driving, operator fatigue, shiftwork, shift schedules, human performance, driver attention, rear-end collisions, single vehicle accidents, fatigue management, alertness.

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