Mr Kenneth R Moses

Forensic Identification Services

130 Hernandez Ave
San Francisco Ca, 94127

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Latent Fingerpirnt and Crime Scene Expert. Critical and scientific evaluation of physical evidence and assistance in case preparation. Nationwide.
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EW #11394 has over thirty years of experience in forensic evidence. He established the Crime Scene Investigations Unit of the San Francisco Crime Laboratory in 1983 and was instrumental in the installation of automated fingerprint systems in San Francisco and at the California Department of Justice. His experience includes examination of a wide variety of physical evidence and expert testimony. Over the years, he has worked with attorneys, with local, state, and federal agencies, and with private companies in a number of complex investigations. He has been active in national efforts to establish professional standards in friction ridge analysis.
Member: International Association for Identification
Member: American Academy of Forensic Sciences

Instructor in Biometrics: U.C.L.A.

• Investigation of 17,000 crime scenes including approximately 500 homicide scenes
• Court testimony as an expert witness in crime scene investigations, physical evidence, scene reconstruction, blood spatter analysis, gunshot residue and fingerprint identification in 750 cases in State and Federal courts
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