Mr Monty G. Myers

Eureka Software Solutions, Inc.

Suite 305
3305 Northland Drive
Austin TX, 78731

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CEO/Founder Eureka Software Solutions, Inc. - Consulting and testifying expert - software and computer systems
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Professional Background

  • Currently active software industry executive with 30+ years experience.
  • CEO and Founder of Eureka Software Solutions, Inc. ("Eureka")
  • Involvement in all aspects of the daily management and operation of Eureka, including business development, contracts, customer relations, project scope, strategy and management, hiring and finance.
  • Negotiated and performed hundreds of real-world software and technology contracts and statements of work involving complex software project and licensing terms and conditions including material intellectual property aspects.
  • Actively engaged in handling protecting the confidential, proprietary and trade secret information and technology of Eureka and its clients.


  • Equally comfortable in either a consulting or testifying expert role.
  • Proficient at giving depositions and offering in-court testimony - hearings and trial.
  • Experienced in assisting counsel with the taking and defending of depositions, reviewing and challenging the testimony of others, and preparing and implementing an overall trial strategy.
  • Adept at taking highly technical material in the software field and effectively communicating it to a judge or laymen in terms they can understand.
  • Ready availability of Eureka's experienced team of software developers and IT forensic specialists as needed to analyze or recreate a relevant software or hardware platforms or scenarios.
  • Direct access to and familiarity with proprietary and licensed tools and software to assist with code analysis and performance testing, load testing, data recovery and extraction, metadata review and management and e-discovery.

Practical Implementations of Expertise

  • Review and comparison of software code and functionality in relation to contractual commitments and requirements and/or protected intellectual property including, trade secrets, copyrights and patents.
  • Computer/software forensics - able to reverse engineer and reconstruct hardware and software environments from backups, remnants and fragments of historical software. Eureka IT and Software development team is skilled at re-creating past hardware and software environments.
  • Investigation and assessment of software project bidding, planning and performance with particular attention to adequacy of discovery, specifications, cost estimates, schedules and deliverables.

"Monty Myers and his team have been a key factor in my successful litigation of trade secrets cases.  Monty is not only knowledgeable about the highly technical aspects of software development and forensic analysis, but he also has a firm grasp of the business processes involved.  Likewise, he communicates like a business person - so his testimony is clear and understandable and even enjoyable because we're all learning from him and his colleagues.  One of my favorite aspects of working with Monty's team is that they delve deep enough, early enough, to help craft the parameters of the dispute.  In other words, they know when to say no, and when they say yes, it's with a firm foundation."

  Karen Burgess
 Taylor, Dunham and Burgess
Austin, Texas

"Monty Myers was a key witness in a recent complex case involving a software development project.  His reconstruction of previous versions of the software was critical for the jury's understanding of

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