Dr. Mohan Nair

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433 N. Camden Dr.
Suite 600
Beverly Hills CA, 90210

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Full spectrum expert witness services for Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Medical Board investigations, Priate Disability, & Child Custody
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Board Certified in: Adult Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine & Psychopharmacology.

Trained at Harvard Universtiy and the University of California.

He is on the Clinical and Forensic faculty at UCLA. His training and certifications make him uniquely qualified to be an expert witness in complex litigation including calss action suits such as the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery case (cemetery desecration)and Boeing Aero Jet (perchlorate Litigation). He has been retained by law firms representing cases involving school districts, group homes, juvenile detention centers, hospitals, foster care, State, Federal, and Local Governments, Army Corp of Engineers, and the U.S. Military.

He is familiar with the milieu of the courtroom and it's adversarial nature: to present jargon-free language and be able to withstand forceful cross-examination a scenario that is often uncomfortable to clinicians.

Current Appointments include: Vice President, American Society of Adolsecent Psychiatry, Faculty of the Judicial Council of the State of California, Center for Judicial Education Office of the courts.

Extensive trial testimony in defense and plaintiff cases including Munchausens by Proxy syndrome .
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