Robert Hughes Associates, Inc.

Mr. John Oakley, President

508 Twilight Trail
Suite 200
Richardson TX, 75080

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RHA provides expert witness and litigation support services on cases involving all aspects of the insurance industry.

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Robert Hughes Associates, Inc.'s, consultants have assisted hundreds of clients in either avoiding or lessening the impact of insurance-based litigation. We work closely with and on behalf of Fortune 500 companies and many other household names and their counsel. Our senior consultants have consulted on or testified in more than 1500 insurance-related cases, on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. We can offer expertise to you regarding almost any area of the insurance industry, including property/casualty, life and health insurance, and many others. Whether it's confidential consulting to aid you in making the decision to proceed, or assistance in reconstructing or tracing the whereabouts of an old policy, we have the professionals to help. Our expertise spans the world -- we have the Lloyd's of London connections and experience to assist with most insurance cases involving Lloyd's policies. Our staff members have managed agencies and captive insurance companies and held senior positions within insurance companies. Our client list includes some of the biggest industrial and insurance industry giants in the world as well as individuals and many small businesses. No client is too small or too large. We have the expertise to help you regardless of the size of your company or your case.

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