Ronald J. Parrington, PE

Ithaca Materials Research & Testing, Inc.

131 Woodsedge Drive
Lansing NY, 14882

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The company specializes in chemical analysis, metallurgical evaluation, failure analysis, mechanical testing, corrosion simulation, and product/process validation.
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A full service materials research and testing facility serving manufacturers in a variety of industries. The company specializes in chemical analysis, metallurgical evaluation, failure analysis, mechanical testing, corrosion simulation, and product/process validation. Materials tested include, but are not limited to metals, plastics, rubbers, composites, oils, electronic circuits, and process chemicals. History Founded in 1984, IMR Test Labs has grown into one of the nation's leading testing laboratories. IMR offers a wide range of services geared toward servicing the complete needs of manufacturers in a variety of industries. The firm specializes in analysis of metals, plastics, rubbers, electronic circuits, process chemicals, and composites. In addition to routine materials testing, about 30% of the firm's business involves analysis of product failures, defects, and processing problems. Accreditations American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) to ISO Guide 25 National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP)to SAE AS 7101 Approvals Batelle Pacific NW Laboratory (NQA-1: Nuclear) Boeing Canadair (Bombardier) General Electric Aircraft Engine Learjet Lockheed Martin Parker Hannifin Pratt & Whitney Schweizer Aircraft ....many other major corporations Department Profiles Failure Analysis & Metallurgical Evaluation Failure analysis and failure mode determination on a variety of materials/products Welder qualification/Weld evaluation and certification Metallurgical analysis of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plated metals Metallurgy of thermal spray coatings, diffusion coatings, and wear coatings Reverse engineering of competitive products, material selection/processing evaluation Crack/flaw detection Contamination analysis and processing problem analysis SEM/EDS Elemental analysis & X-ray mapping Chemical Analysis Chemical analysis of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals including trace element analysis Chemical analysis of plating and process solutions Contamination analysis of process solutions and problem solving Chemical analysis of industrial water samples Analysis of inorganic elements in polymers Raw material and reagent analysis Glass analysis Chemical analysis of jewelry and dental alloys Corrosion rate studies, mass loss, and corrosivity of solutions ICP, GFAA, OES, UV-Vis, combustion-infrared absorbance, ISE, pH, gravimetry, and titrations Mechanical Testing & Machining Center Mechanical property testing of most materials (metals, plastics, rubbers, and composites) Tension, compression, stress/strain, modulus, hardness, and impact testing Fastener testing Hydrostatic testing Hydrogen embrittlement static load testing Specialized test set up and fixturing using in-house machine shop Vibration testing Job shop services for CNC precision machined parts Product Testing Laboratory Hand & power tool testing Small appliance testing Reverse product engineering Product certification Electrical testing Defect analysis Polymer Analysis Laboratory Failure analysis Reverse engineering Chemical analysis and identification (FTIR) Thermal analysis (TGA/DSC) Mechanical properties Physical properties Density & specific gravity Contamination analysis Research & development Environmental Simulation Salt Spray testing Temperature and humidity cycling UV exposure Chip resistance/impact resistance Abrasion and wear testing UL rain test Microelectronics/Circuit Board Analysis Cross sectional analysis Visual inspection of circuitry Quantitative image analysis Photodocumenation; digital output Failure mode and defect analysis Contamination analysis Adhesion/bond strength Solderability and vibration Radiography Wire bond testing Expert Witness, Forensic & Legal Services, and Technical Consultation Licensed professional engineering Support for materials related product liability and accident cases Expert reports On-site inspection Deposition and trial support Case merit technical review Trouble shooting
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