William E. Patterson

Trans Tech Services

30 Shanna Court.
Newman GA, 30265

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EW #2515 has 30 plus years of accident reconstruction expertise, with over 700 full reconstruction cases.
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EW #2515 is an experienced, professional organization specializing in vehicle collision reconstruction and analysis. For over a decade, we have provided various expert services including the collection of data, the interpretation and analysis of found data and the communication of facts and opinions to attorneys, loss claims representatives, judges and juries. Trans-Tech Services places its principled business practices as itfs highest priority and each company associate is dependable, honest and ethical.

He is a retired veteran of the Florida Highway Patrol assigned to traffic homicide investigations and the training academy. Throughout his law enforcement career, hereceived numerous awards and commendations from Florida governors, congressmen and senior officers. His vast experience in law enforcement gives his organization an edge over his competition.

His continued technical education in accident reconstruction totals more than 1200 hours and heholds certificate #580 from the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR).

EW #2515 provides expertise in the following areas:
Accident Reconstruction and Causal Analysis - Complete analysis of the event
Field Inspections - Vehicle and/or environment evaluations
Vehicle and Collision Scene Photography - 35mm Standard or Marco, Digital, or Video
Collision Dynamics - Technical evaluations of each phase of the event
Traffic Collision Report Review and Critique - Evaluation of the Police Report
Report Preparation - Formal report of case analysis and/or opinions
Court Testimony
Limited Reconstruction Report - Preliminary reconstruction
Comprehensive Accident Reconstruction Report - Detailed report of case findings, less opinions
Analysis of Witness Statement
Examination of Report(s) of Opposing Expert - Complete evaluation of experts report for
Examination of Depositions of the Involved Parties and Experts
Total Station Mapping of Scenes and Vehicles - * Scaled diagrams of environment, evidence, vehicles, etc.
File Analysis - Reveiw of client supplied file for case preparation
Lamp Analysis - Filament distortion, force direction, Delta accelerations
Case Consulting - Assist client with depositions, witnesses, trial preparation

South Carolina Accident Reconstruction Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC, 1999 & 2001.
Southeastern Collision Reconstruction Conference, 1999 & 2001
The Texas A&M University TEEX Law Enforcement and Security Training, College Station, TX.
WREX 2000 World Reconstruction Exposition, 2000.
Conference on Reconstruction and Safety on the Highway, 1997.
Bio-Mechanics For Traffic Accident Reconstruction, 1995.
Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction, Level 2, 1993.
University of North Florida Institute of Police Technology and Management, Jacksonville, Florida, 1996.
Pedestrian/Bicycle Accident Reconstruction
Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists: S.O.A.R. and W.A.T.A.I., College Station Texas, 1994.
Combined Training Seminar
Northwestern University Traffic Institute, Evanston, Illinois, 1993.
Traffic Accident Reconstruction I & II.
U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, Miami, Florida, 1983.
Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Seminar, 1983.
Florida Highway Patrol Tallahassee, Florida, 1983.
Traffic Homicide Investigation, 1974 (95 hours), 1980 (40 hours) & 1983 (40 hours).
Advanced Traffic Accident Investigation,1980 (40 hours) & 1983 (40 hours).
U.S. Department of Transportation, Miami, Florida, 1982.
Bus Accident Investigation Seminar
Public Safety Department, Dade County Miami, Florida, 1974.
Traffic Acident and Enforcement Program (120 hours).
Florida Highway Patrol, Tallahassee, Florida, 1970.
Florida Highway Patrol Trooper School

Instructors Course
Instructor Certification-State of Florida
V.A.S.C.A.R. Instructor
Firearms Instructor Course
Recruit Academy Instructor and Counselor
Traffic Homicide Investigation Instructor
Radar Certification-Operator
U.S. Secret Service-Presidential Security Detail
Vericom 2000

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