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Over 25 years of industrial experience and working with attornies and insurance companies in the areas of product liability, failure analysis, patent disputes and glass fracture.

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Registered Professional Engineer: Certificate No. MFOO2174, State of California


Summary of Expertise:

  1. Over 25 years of experience as a consultant to attorneys in materials, metallurgy, accident reconstruction, OSHA worker safety, products liability, intellectual property, factory safety and other litigation. This includes numerous depositions and court appearances.
  2. 30 years of manufacturing experience in processing, process and product introduction, plastic food packaging metal forming, part design, machine safety, machine design, quality control, electronics and materials engineering.


Accident Reconstruction:

User and Worker safety, Product Liability and equipment design (Includes device safety, factory safety and machine guards)

Failure Analysis (Includes both materials and design)

  • Glass Damage & Failures:
    • Jars,
    • Bottles (Wine and Champagne),
    • Safety Glass,
    • Windows,
    • Windshields,
    • Dishes etc.
  • Metallurgical Failures: 
    • Bolts,
    • Cables,
    • Welds,
    • Pipes,
    • Gears,
    • Prosthetics,
    • Ladders,
    • Implants,
    • Cutting Blades etc
  • Polymer (Plastic)Degradation and Failures:
    • Piping,
    • Packaging,
    • Chairs,
    • Medical Devices,
    • Bottles,
    • Bungee Cords, 
  • Ceramic and Porcelain Failures: 
    • Fired ceramics,
    • Grinding Wheels,
    • Cutoff Blades
    • Structural Ceramics.
  • Corrosion Failures: 
    • Galvanic, General; this includes materials selection and electronic devices.
  • Manufacturing Defects: 
    • Any manufactured Item.
  • Wood Failures:
    • Chairs,
    • Ladders,
    • Stairs,
    • Window Leaks etc (Includes deterioration from rot).

Manufacturing Expertise:

  • Includes Patents
  • Tooling, Processing
  • Product Design
  • Factory Safety
  • Machine Guards
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Verification
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Factory Procedures


Professional Experience

1975 - Present               

  • Engineering Consultant in private practice with attorneys and insurance adjusters. 
  • Litigation-related practice includes plaintiff and defense clients in approximately equal numbers.  Included are numerous depositions and trial appearances.

2001- 2001   Rheodyne, Inc. Rohnert Park, CA

  • Senior Metallurgical Engineer and Safety Engineer

1993 - 2001      Komag Materials Technology Inc., Santa Rosa, California        

  • Chief Metallurgist

1988 - 1993 Deposition Sciences Inc., Santa Rosa, California

  • Senior Thin Film Project Engineer

1984 - 1988    Microwave Technology Inc., Fremont, California

  • Thin Film Circuit Engineer,
  • Safety Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer

1975 - 1984   Hewlett Packard Co., Santa Rosa, California

  • Project Engineer,
  • Safety Engineer
  • Project Manager

1974 - 1975   Optical Coating Laboratories Inc., Santa Rosa, California

  • Senior Project Engineer

1972 - 1974     Corning Glass Works, Coming, New York.              

  • Included glass finishing process development and glass failure analysis.
  • Senior Process Engineer

1969 -1972    Failure Analysis Associates, Stanford, California.  

  • Aided engineers with failure analysis. 
  • Engineering Consultant


Academic Degrees:

  1. Stanford University, Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, 1972
  2. Stanford University, MS Materials Science, 1969
  3. University of Pennsylvania, BS Metallurgical Engineering, 1965
  4. Diploma, Tercer Curso Panamericano de Metalurgia Nuclear, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1968


Additional Skills:

  • Fluent in written and spoken Spanish


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