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Consultants & expert witnesses in computer systems, projects and software failure. 100+ projects & 50+ cases re project management, methodology, testing, QA, implementation, & IP infringement.
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Are consultants & expert witnesses in computer system turnarounds, software projects, software failure, high-tech, and IT intellectual property matters. We provide expert guidance for expert guidance re on-going IT runaway projects, and persuasive expert reports / testimony in litigation matters involving software IP infringement, large-scale system failure, and software development projects. over 50 litigation cases at all levels of courts, including arbitration and mediation involving a broad range of issues, such as: Systems Development and Implementation Methodologies Large-Scale Project Cost And Schedule Estimation Project Management, Planning and Schedule Tracking Project Staffing and Executive Management Risk Management and Quality Management Scope Management and Configuration Management Contract Audits, Crisis Management and Dispute Resolution Test Planning, Execution, and Acceptance Management Architecture, Design, and Software Engineering Post Go-Live Operations, Implementation and Staffing IT intellectual property infringement Visit the to find out about the extensive hands-on experience of our experts in large-systems projects, development methodology, programming code, software testing and acceptance, data conversion, data warehousing, quality assurance, go-live implementation, IT staffing and operations. Visit the Services page on to learn how our expert witnesses rely on deep experience, strong expertise, and the latest computer forensic techniques to quickly discover and prove IP misappropriation, and uncover the root causes of software failure, computer failure, project failure by unearthing the people, methodology, management, technology, and business issues that caused the system to fail in terms of quality, cost, schedule, functionality, performance and resources. Visit the Clients page on to see which law firms and companies rely and trust our experts. We know what makes large-scale high-tech and computer systems projects succeed and what makes them fail. If a project is failing, we can advise on how to turn it around. If a project has failed then we can determine the root causes and faults. Following a distinguished career as a management and computer technology consultant and partner at an international consulting firm, in 1988 a firm specializing Computer Crisis Consulting and as Expert Witnesses in Software Failure and IP Infringement Litigation Matters. has specialized as an expert, special master and expert witness in litigation matters involving the liability issues in large-scale systems failures, software failures, and IP disputes. He has been recognized and accepted as and expert in the computer, software, systems and high-tech arenas in courts and arbitrations in the United States (state courts, federal courts, and the Court of Federal Claims), Canada, Asia and Europe. is the author of over seventy-five published business articles, quoted in numerous books and world class newspapers and magazines worldwide, and is the co-author with Michael D. Scott, Esquire, of a best selling book: The Year 2000 Computer Crisis: Law, Business and Technology. He is a often-requested keynote speaker at major international IT law conferences, and the co-founder of several international law groups and events including the World Computer Law Congress and the 2005 International IT Law Conference. He also appears from time to time on radio and CNN as an expert in the systems and technology fields. His articles on system and software failure and related litigation and dispute resolution have be translated into several languages and used worldwide. The scope of the systems that have built, written about, and testified on crosses multiple industries, and includes large: New economy, Internet, and e-systems, (i.e., e-commerce, B2C, B2B, On-line Service providers, aggregators, etc.) Legacy mainframe systems Three-tiered host-client-server architecture Distributed systems and databases Networked PCs (including wide-area, local-area, and satellite networks) Web-based systems (including e-commerce, e-business, online services, and websites) Multi-state, multi-level Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems Robot controlled manufacturing facilities and army bases Enterprise Resource Systems (such as SAP and Oracle) Specialized high-technology hardware, software, operating systems, CASE tools, platforms, and configurations
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