Dr. William L. Reinholt

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4325 Chelten Ave.
Kalamazoo Mi, 49006

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Expert in revealing unscientific claim by chiropractic profession from an insiders (former chiropractor) position.
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1964 Graduate of Logan Chiropractic College. Held license in Michigan until 1991, at which time I chose to surrender it due to my discovery of the false basis of chiropractic as described in the state licensing law. Able to show and describe precisely what the unscientific claim pertaining to the purpose of chiropractic as described in the law is as well as show how their claim pertaining to misaligned verteba as the cause of their patients pain or condition can be proven unscientific, not from the position of the scientist, but from the position of one who made these claims. Who, what, how, when and why they are not objectively provable.
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