Henry Roth, MD

Integrated Health Management

7100 E Belleview Ave
Greenwood Village CO, 80111

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Provides on site primary care worker’s compensation.  Also director of post hire preplacement physical examinations.  Consults with Risk Management regarding employee health safety, materials handling, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and infectious disease exposure.  Consulting and participation in the Advent of Health and Productivity Management.  Performs fitness for duty evaluations all departments. Degree: MD  Specialties: Internal Medicine

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Clinical Instructor, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine, Internal Medicine.         (Current)

Clinical Instructor, American College of Occupation Environmental Medicine, Musculoskeletal Disorders Section for Board Review Course.   (2010 -  )

Medical Director, Employee Health Services, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center,  Aurora,   CO.  

Provides on site primary care worker’s compensation.  Also director of post hire preplacement physical examinations.  Consults with Risk Management regarding employee health safety, materials handling, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and infectious disease exposure.  Consulting and participation in the Advent of Health and Productivity Management.  Performs fitness for duty evaluations all departments.   (2002-Present) 

Medical Director Employee Health Services, The Children’s Hospital, Anchutz Campus, Aurora, CO.

Provides on site primary care worker’s compensation.  Also director of post hire preplacement physical examinations.  Consults with Risk Management regarding employee health safety, materials handling, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and infectious disease exposure. Consulting and participation in the Advent of Health and Productivity Management.  Performs fitness for duty evaluations all departments. .  

Medical Director and President, Integrated Health Management, P.C., Denver, CO.  

Practitioner in internal medicine and physical medicine., Practice specializes in evaluation, treatment, and management of challenging disability and chronic pain cases, especially those related to occupational injury and motor vehicle accidents.  Provides medical impairment rating and occupational health consulting services for leading Colorado businesses.  Performs intensive medical case management, Utilization Review, chart reviews, and Independent Medical Examinations for numerous third party payers (1988–Present)

Medical Director,  Ambulatory Care Center and Occupational Health Department, Gates Medical Clinic.

Denver, CO.  Under contract to provide physician staffing for Ambulatory Care Center from 7:00 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days per week.  Responsible for recruiting, credentialing, quality control and business operations.  Set-up clinic system for "Gate-Keeper Model" managed care product for Worker's Compensation and automobile PIP no fault claims.  Set-up city wide rehabilitation system.  Works directly with administration and marketing for strategic planning and growth.  Personally staffs Occupational Medicine Clinic. (1994-2000)

Occupational Health Specialist, StressWatch, Inc. Denver, CO.  Practitioner in internal medicine and physical medicine for company which provides occupational psychological health services such as Employee Assistance Programs, psychiatric case management, psychometric testing, pain management, stress-claim investigations, stress management, and the evaluation and treatment of depression and anxiety. (1989–1994)

Medical Director, R&R Physical Medicine, Denver, CO.  Founded and operates this physical medicine practice to provide physical therapy, strengthening and conditioning, occupational therapy, aquatherapy, and myotherapy services for acute, subacute and chronic pain cases.  R&R Physical Medicine is the physical medicine provider affiliate of Integrated Health Management, Inc.  (1988-1994)

Medical Director, Full-time Physician,HealthWatch Medical Centers                            (1983-1988)

Emergency Physician (Part-time), Beth Israel Hospital, Denver, CO                              (1982-1984)

Primary Physician, Green Mountain Medical Center, Lakewood, CO                             (1982-1983)

Physician, Bennett Medical Center, Rural Health Services, Bennett, CO                      (1981-1984)

Emergency Physician (Part-time), Mercy Hospital, Denver, CO                                      (1981-1982)

Corporate Physician, International Business Machines, Boulder, CO                           (1981-1982)

Emergency Physician (Part-time), St. Joseph's Medical Center, Wichita, Kansas         (1980-1981)

Director, Physician, Principal, Minor Emergency Clinic, Lakewood, CO                        (1978-1982)

Regional Examiner, Executive Health Examiners, Denver, CO                                     (1979-1981)

Attending Physician, Denver General Hospital Receiving Unit, Denver, CO                 (1978-1979)



Correlation Research Inc., Board of Directors, Sales and Product development.       (1998-2000)

Elected Member of the Worker's Compensation Utilization Review Committee, State of Colorado

Division of Labor, Denver, CO.  Panel member responsible for peer review and determining whether treatment provided under Colorado Worker's Compensation Act has been appropriate and necessary.                            (1989–CURRENT)

Principal, Vice President and Medical Director, PAR 3 Utilization Review Services, Denver, CO.  Also Chairman of the Utilization Review Committee.  Responsible for medical determinations made by this prominent Denver-based Utilization Review company specializing in Pre-admission Review, concurrent on-site review of hospital confinements, discharge planning, intensive case management, psychological services and chemical dependency management, primarily for ERISA self-funded employee health benefit plans sponsored by major Colorado businesses, government jurisdictions, and Taft-Hartley labor unions.                                                         (1989–1996)

Chairman, Casualty Care Network, Inc., Denver, CO.  Helped establish and oversees medical management for this pioneering specialized Preferred Provider Organization which provides intensive managed medical care for injured workers and for motor vehicle accident patients covered by client insurance companies including Progressive, Geico, Continental, Colonial, and American Family Insurance.  (1990-1996)

Medical Director, Morning Report Case Coordination Services, Inc., Denver, CO.  Acts as medical consultant to 15 nurse case managers, assisting as requested in the guidance and coordination of medical treatment for their cases.  Morning Report is the case management arm of affiliated organizations PAR 3 Utilization Review Services and Casualty Care Network (1991-1996)

Founder, Principal and Chairman, Integrated Health Management, Pain Management, Inc., Denver, CO. Conceptualized and established this multi-specialty medical practice which specializes in evaluation, treatment, and management of challenging disability and chronic pain cases, especially those related to occupational injury and motor vehicle accidents.  In addition to clinical duties, is responsible for day-to-day operations as well as strategic planning and development.  Sold to HealthOne May 1994.                               (1988–1996)

Founder and  Member of the Board of Directors, Healthwatch Corporation, Broomfield, CO. In 1983 established Crossroads Medical Center in Boulder, CO, with unsecured bank loans.  Completed an independent public offering, self registration, for two and one-half million dollars later in 1983, to fund HealthWatch Corporation.  From 1983 to 1985, built eight free-standing family practice/industrial medicine/urgent care centers in the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area.  On December 1, 1988, seven clinics sold to Rose Memorial Hospital/RoMed Corporation.  At that time, clinics were seeing 400 patients per day, Healthwatch was profitable with $7.0 million a year in revenues, and had developed a sophisticated industry-leading occupational medicine program (providing the first physician medical case management in Colorado) covering approximately 140,000 employees.  Served as Chairman of the Board (1983-1989), Medical Director (1983-1984), and Director of Occupational Health and Medical Case Management Services (1983-1988).                                                                                                         (1983-1992)

Chairman and President, Colorado Occupational Health Associ­ates, Broomfield, CO.  Colorado Occupational Health Associates (COHA) is a professional corporation providing medical services to HealthWatch Medical Centers.           (1980-1992)

President of the Medical Staff, Vencor Hospital (formerly Doctors Hospital), Denver, CO.  Also Chairman of Quality Assurance and Risk Management Committees (1988-1990);  Chairman of the Credentials and Executive Medical Committees (1988-1992);  Coordinated medical services for pre- and post-operative care and arranged internal medicine support services (1980-1992); Responsible for physician recruitment and served as Chairman of the Ambulatory Surgery and Bylaws Revision Committees (1985-Present).  Also served as Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.                                                                                                                            (1982–1992)

Member of the Utilization Review Committee, Qual-Med, Inc./Greater Denver HMO, Denver, CO.  Served as Chairman of Peer Review, Utilization and Quality Assurance Programs; and as Director of Recruitment and Credentials Committee.  Responsible for Authorization of Referrals, Procedures and Hospitali­za­tions (1984-1988).  Also Served as Medical Director and  Chairman of the Utilization Review Committee (1985-1988).   (1985-1994)

Principal and Medical Director, Green Mountain Medical Center, Inc.,  Lakewood, CO (1982-1983)

Founder, Medical Director of Rural Health Services, Bennett Medical Cntr, Bennett, CO (1981-1984)

Medical Director for Family Practice, Industrial Medicine, and Physical Therapy, Plaza Medical Center, Englewood, CO            (1980)

Medical Director, Minor Emergency Clinic, Lakewood, CO.  Responsible for hiring and scheduling of physicians, review and critique of physician charges, quality assurance, utilization review, and public relations.                                   (1979-1981)

Insurance Physical Program Coordinator, Kantor and Associates, Inc., Denver, CO    (1977-1979)




State of Colorado Rule 17 Cervical Spine Injury Medical Treatment Guidelines Reviewer.  (Dec 2006)

National Leadership Award, The National Republican Congressional Committee, Physician’s Advisory Board.       (2002)

Medical Disability Advisor, 4th Edition, contributor.                                                         (May 2001)

R-Vision Prescription Videos, Home Rehabilitation Programs, Medical Advisory Board (1992-2000)

Member, ACOEM Adhoc Committee on Low back Pain.                                                (1993-1998)

Co-Director, American Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, National, 4th Edition, AMA Guides Impairment and Disability Evaluations Course.  This is a four day program designed for physicians.  The program covers the use of the AMA's Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, performing independent medical examinations, medical record writing advanced issues in cases regarding disability and impairment assessment.     (1993-Present)

Member, Independent Medical Examination Recertification Exam Committee, American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.                                                                                                                                                                        (1995-2000)

Faculty, Advanced Course on Disability/Case Management & Independent Medical Examinations for Physicians, American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.                                                                                                                   (1995-Present)

Copic Insurance Occupational Medicine Task Force.                                                  (May 4, 1994)

Contributor to Newsletter, Associated Builders & Contractors Association, Denver, CO             (1987)

Lecturer, Red Rocks College Asbestos Abatement Program, Golden, CO                        (1986-1988)

Medical Consultant, Fred S. James/Crump Special Services for Colorado Division of Labor, Denver, CO. Reviewed medical claims, adjustments and delayed recovery claims.  Coordinated care for problem cases in Worker's Compensation.  Directed, facilitated and resolved panel inquiries and decisions concerning disabilities and Worker's Compensation (1986)

Talk Show Host for The Health Show, KDEN Radio Station, Denver, CO                        (1985-1986)

Testimony, Colorado Joint Legislature Committee for Medical Cost Containment, Denver, CO (1984)

Consultant and Guest Speaker regarding Freestanding Health Care Facilities, Central Iowa Health Association, Des Moines, IA     (1981)



Motor Carrier Safety Administrations, (FMCSA) Emergency Preparedness Plan:  Member of the Agencies Pandemic Network for Colorado. 

Contributor and Reviewer, Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, AMA Press, 6th Edition.  Chapters: Introduction; Structure and Use of the Guides; Spine.  (2006)

Physician Reviewer, Colorado Division of Labor, Medical Treatment Guidelines include Minor Traumatic Brain Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.                                                                                             (2005)

Physician Advisor, Sedgwick CMS, Denver, Colorado    (2005-2008)

Member, Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine.  (2001-Present)

Physician Advisor, Safeco Insurance Co., Arvada, CO.  (2002-2009)

Physician Advisor, Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority, Denver, CO.  (1997-Present)

Clinical Instructor, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Schools of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Denver, CO.  Clinical instructor, Division of Internal Medicine.   (1992-Present)

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Task Force, State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Division of Worker's Compensation, Denver, CO, appointed by Barbara Kozelka, Director.  (1996-1997)

Contributor, Level II Physician Accreditation Program, Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation, Denver, Colorado.  (1992)

Appointee, Case Management/Managed Care Task Force, State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Division of Worker's Compensation, Denver, CO.  Appointed by Kenneth M. Platte, Director of the Division. (1992-1994)

Member, American Board of Professional Disability Consultants (1991–1997)

Member, Denver Medical Society (1988–Present)

Appointee of the Advisory Board, Medicenter Management Magazine, Santa Monica, California.  Member of committee providing insights on industry trends to management and editorial staff of trade journal serving the medicenter business. (1987–1997)

Member, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine   (1982–Present)

Member, Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational and Environmental Health, Denver, CO.  President (1993); Vice President (1992); National Delegate to American College of Occupational Medicine (1988–1991); Member of Board of Directors (1989–Present); Chairman of Annual Convention Program (1992);  Program Chairman for AMA Impairment Guides Course (1992); and Chairman of Worker's Compensation Physician Committee (1987 - 1988). Board of Directors 2002-2004.                                                                        (1982–Present)

Member, Colorado Medical Society, Denver, CO.  Member of Workers Compensation Advisory Board advising the Medical Society on issues related to delivery of physician-provided services for Workers Compensation cases, 1987-Present.  Worker's Compensation Board's representative to the Colorado Cares Task Force (1992 - 1994).  Medical Expert Testimony Committee (2002) (1979–Present)

Colorado Cares Task Force, CMS Workers Compensation Advisory Board Representative.(1992-1994).

Appointee 1994, Board of Directors of the Occupational Medicine Residency, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO.  Appointee member of board which provides guidance and direction for the evolution of this rapidly growing program.  (1992-1994)

Member, American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians  (1985–1990)

Member, American Academy of Medical Directors  (1985–1988)

Member, American College of Physician Executives   (1985–1988)

Member, American Academy of Clinical Toxicology  (1983–1992)

Appointee, Medical-Legal Committee and AD-HOC Case Review Sub-Committee, Joint Boulder County Bar Assn and Boulder County Medical Society, Boulder, CO                                                                                                          (1983-1986)

Member, National Association of Ambulatory Care Centers  (1982–1988)

Appointee, Jefferson County Emergency Medical Advisory Board, Lakewood, CO  (1981)

Chairman, After Hours Clinic Committee, Clear Creek County Medical Society, Lakewood, CO (1981)

Member, Clear Creek Valley Medical Society, Lakewood, CO  (1979–1989)



  • License #21066, State of Colorado Board of Medical Examiners (1977–Present)
  • Certified Medical Review Officer (1995)
  • Board Certification #71362, American Board of Internal Medicine  (1979)
  • Diplomat, Certificate #M3-416, American Board of Disability Consultants (1991)
  • Diplomat, Certificate #2095, American Academy of Pain Management  (1991)
  • License #H205-28, State of Kansas Board of Medical Examiners  (1980-1987)
  • Diplomat Certificate #1729944, National Board of Medical Examiners  (1976)
  • Senior Medical Examiner, U.S. Dept of Trans­porta­tion, Federal Aviation Admin   (1986)
  • Aviation Medical Examiner, U.S. Dept of Transportation, Federal Aviation Admin (1982)
  • Instructor, Advanced Cardiac Life Support  (1981, 1986)



  • Residency in Occupational Medicine, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Department of Environmental Health, Cincinnati, OH (1981–1984)
  • Residency in Internal Medicine, University of Colorado, Dept of Medicine, Denver, CO (1977–1979)
  • Internship in Internal Medicine, University of Colorado, Dept of Medicine, Denver, CO (1976–1977)
  • Externship in Gastroenterology, Staten Island Public Health Hospital, New York City, NY (1973)
  • Doctor of Medicine degree, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.  Graduated with Honors, elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, Honor Society, in Junior Year. (1972–1976)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree, Miami University, Oxford, OH. Major in Chemistry. Graduated cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. Awarded Joseph A. Culler Prize for Outstanding Student in Chemistry. Member of National Chemists Honor Society and Gamma Theta Phi Chemistry Honor Society.  (1968–1972)



Presentations on a variety of subjects related to medical economics, case management and other managed care issues, workers compensation, and treatment and management of difficult rehabilitation and chronic pain cases.  Listed below are presentations since 1991.  A complete list is available.

Musculoskeletal Disorders and Chronic Pain:  Evidenced Based Approaches for Clinical Care, Disability Prevention and Claims Management.  Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA (February 10-12, 2011)

Prevention of Needless Work Disability.  Ritsema & Lyon Annual Conference. (August 27, 2010)

Taking Control of Back Pain and Workers’ Compensation .  2010 Select Net Physician Conference, Denver, CO (August 13, 2010)

Challenging Assumptions in Workers’ Compensation. Lorman Medical Conference, Denver, CO (June 9, 2010).

Iatrogenic Paradigms and Disability Prevention.  Colorado Self Insured Insurance Organization. Littleton, CO. (May 11, 2010)

AMA Occupational Health Board Review Course. Presenter of musculoskeletal disorder section. (April 30, 2010)

Causality Assessment, Colorado Claims Conference  (February 24, 2006)

Medical Causality Assessment, Medical Ops Management   (February 21, 2006)

Causation Analysis: Degenerative Joint Disease.  Annual Worker’s Compensation Conference, Ritsema & Lyon, P.C. August 8, 2005

Causality & Apportionment DVD, Professionally Prepared for Select Net Physician Education, Pinnacol Assurance.                                                                                                                                (2004)

Cumulative Trauma Disorder Presentation & Panel, Worker’s Compensation Advanced Topic Seminar, The Center for Worker’s Compensation and Employment Law Training.   (October 8, 2004) 

Apportionment Analysis, The Guides Newsletter (publication), (August 2004)

Occupational Medicine:  Causation & Apportionment Putting It Together for Primary Care.  RMAOEM Annual Occupational Health Education Conference, Denver, CO.     (January 2004).

Methodology to Address Work Relatedness; Appreciating Limitations of Primary Care in the Occupational Medicine Setting. Health One Occupational Medicine Program, Health One Clinic Services, Center Point Building, Denver, CO. (January 23, 2003) Medical Causation Analysis, American Board of Independent Medical Examiners, Chicago (October 21, 2002)

Primary Automobile Accidents, Injuries and Insurance, American Board of Independent Medical Examiners, Chicago  (October 21, 2002)

5th Edition AMA Guides Training Course, Spine, Upper Extremity and Lower extremity. American Board of Independent Medical Examiners, Chicago (October 20, 2002)                                                                                                             

Clinical Instructor; ACOEM Occupational Medicine Boards Preparation Course, Level III, Syllabus and Lecture for Musculoskeletal including Acute Trauma and Cumulative Trauma Disorders, Denver, CO.(June 23, 2002)

Causality and Apportionment; Annual Insurance Seminar, Holiday in Southeast Aurora, CO. (October 1, 2001)

Causation Analysis/Apportionment Decisions/Fraud, Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Denver, CO.      (January 26, 2001)

Injury Evaluation: Making Sense of the Evidence, Worker’s Compensation Board of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Principals Of Medical Evaluation with Claim Related Musculoskeletal Conditions.  (May 3, 2000)

Worker’s Compensation Update Conference, Counsel, Education and Management.  Walnut Creek, CA.    (March 29, 2000)

Cumulative Trauma Disorders Seminar, Professionals & Worker’s Compensation. (February 2000, Denver, CO)

Specific Solutions to Identify and Combat Medical Claims FRAUD; Medical Claims Fraud - Three Chances to Win... or Lose, Scottsdale, Arizona.                                                                                                                      (November 19-20, 1998)

The Detection of Deception, Horace Mann Insurance Company Annual Retreat, Beaver Creed, CO. (June 10, 1998)

Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain, Colorado Professionals and Workers Compensation Luncheon.  (May 21, 1998)

Electronics Suspicion Program Software, First Annual Auto Insurance Report National Conference San Francisco.  (May 17, 1998)

Cumulative Trauma Disorders, Fact, Fiction and Prevention, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. (March 24, 1998)

Structure and Use of the AMA Guides, Colorado Defense Lawyers Association Luncheon. (March 18, 1998)

S.P.I.C.E. Kimberly Clark Annual Occupational Health Conference, Appleton, WI. (October 21, 1997)

S.P.I.C.E. Prevention of Iatrogenic Disability, Colorado Defense Lawyers Association, Vail, CO. (August 22-23, 1997)

"Excess Medical Claiming," Advanced Topics in Workers' Compensation, Ins. (August 15, 1997)

Understanding The AMA Guides, AADEP, Maui, Hawaii   (July 24, 1997)

Career Options Physician Career Opportunities for the New Millennium, Blue/Cross Blue/Shield, Denver CO.                                                                                                                               (June 6, 1997)

"Apportionment: The Physician's View," Advanced Topics in Workers' Comp. (November 22, 1996)

Physical Disability Case Management, Physician Advisors, Short & Long Term Disability, Hartford Insurance, Hartford, CT.  (December 5, 1995)

Lecture S.P.I.C.E., Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Denver, Colorado.  (September6, 1995)

Structure and Use of the AMA Guides/Causality and Apportionment, American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians, Long Beach, CA.  (August 11-12, 1995)

Structure and Use of the AMA Guides/Causality and Apportionment, Division of Labor, Level II Accreditation Course, Denver, Colorado. (July 21, 1995)

Prevention of Iatrogenic Disability,  Colorado Defense Lawyers Association Luncheon/CCIA.  Denver, Colorado. 

S.P.I.C.E. Colorado Managed Care Nurses Association, Denver, Colorado.  (May 11, 1995)

S.P.I.C.E. American College of Occupational Environmental Medicine, Graduate Seminars.  Las Vegas, Nevada. (May 5, 1995)

"The Psychology of Symptom Perception," Union Pacific Railroad Regional Consulting Physicians Meeting, Deer Valley, Utah    (October 8, 1994)

"Causality and Apportionment," St. Anthony Hospital Occupational Medicine Division Educational Meeting, Denver, CO  (July 26, 1994)

"Patients That Don't Get Well," Ethics-Sloans Lake Personal Injury Care, Denver, CO (June 23, 1994)

"S.P.I.C.E. A Model for the Prevention of Iatrogenic Disability within the Current Worker's Compensation System," Swedish Medical Centers, Peak Performance Seminars, Englewood, CO (May 11, 1994)

"Understanding PPOs in The Casualty Industry," Insurance Rehabilitation Study Group, Philadelphia PA (April 26, 1994)

"Delayed Recovery Assessment and Management," ACOEM Post Graduate Seminar, Chicago, IL (April 19, 1994)

"Low Back Pain Guidelines: Functional Restoration," Worker's Compensation Defense and Occupational Medicine Seminar, San Francisco, CA (March 18, 1994)

"The AMA Guidelines: Impairment, Function, and Disability," Colorado Worker's Compensation, Lorman Education Services, Denver, CO (February 10, 1994)

"Editions of the AMA Guides and How They Apply," Worker's Compensation Education Association, Denver, CO (January 21, 1994)

"Causality and Apportionment of Permanent Impairment," Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority, Denver, CO  (January 19, 1994)

"Health Care Reform: Ethical and Policy Implications," RMAOEM 29th Annual Conference on Occupational Medicine, Denver, CO  (January 7, 1994)

"Impairment and Disability Evaluations," American College of Occupational and Environment Medicine:(1993 to Present)  Lectures:

  • Impairment Function Disability 
  • Physicians Role in the Impairment Process. 
  • Medical Ethics.           
  • Causality and Apportionment.  

"Delayed Recovery Management and Disability Assessment," Union Pacific Railroad Regional Consulting Physician's Meeting, Deer Valley, Utah                                                  (October 7, 1994)

"Medical Care in a Hostile Environment," Colorado Worker's Compensation Law, Professional Education Systems, Inc., Denver, CO                                                                (September 30, 1993)

"Choice of Physician in Worker's Compensation," A Debate, Moderator Henry J. Roth, M.D., Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupation and Environmental Medicine, Denver, CO (July 13, 1993)

"Use of Practice Algorhythms in Clinical Medicine," QMC3 Annual PIP/PPO Seminar, Denver, CO (June 10, 1993)

"The Economics Behind Managed Care," Nurse Case Management Association Conference, Denver, CO   (June 3, 1993)

"Chronic Pain Syndrome Evaluation and Treatment," Sloans Lake Managed Care, Denver, CO  (April 15, 1993)

"Functional Restoration, Expanded Options for Spine Care," Colorado Spine Center P.C. in Humana Hospital-Aurora, Aurora, CO  (April 14, 1993)

"Advances in Rehabilitation, The Integrated Multi-disciplinary Approach," Jefferson County Chiropractic Association, Lakewood, CO                                                            (November 11, 1992)

"Physician Case Management" (one hour), "Medical Economics" (one hour), Colorado Chiropractic Health Plan Annual Meeting, Denver, CO                                                             (October 24, 1992)

"The Health Care Cost Crisis, A Physician's Perspective," and "Delayed Recovery/Insurance Burden and Cost Containment," Northcare – The American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations, Greeley, CO (October 2, 1992)

"Division of Worker's Compensation Level II Accreditation Course on Disability Impair­ment" – Prepared and presented sections for "History, Administration, Philo­sophy and Structure and Use of the A.M.A. Guides," second lecture on "Medical Causality and Apportionment", for course sponsored by State of Colorado, Department of Labor and Employ­ment, Division of Worker's Compensation (August 1992-Present

"The Sky Is Falling" (a medical economics lecture) – Colorado Worker's Compensation Practice Professional Education Systems, Inc., Denver, CO (September 25, 1992)

"Medical Care in a Hostile Environment" – Colorado Worker's Compensation Practice – Professional Education Systems, Inc., Denver, CO                                                                (September 25, 1992)

"Delayed Recovery/Chronic Pain," Physician Case Management Seminar, Colorado Compensation    Insurance, Denver, CO                                                                                     (September 23, 1992)

"Cumulative Trauma Disorders and Delayed Recovery," Eastman Inc. Annual Seminar, Director Nancy McCourt, Denver Marriott Hotel, Denver, CO                                          (September 17, 1992)

"Delayed Recovery Management," Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority, Denver, CO  (August 12, 1992)

"The Controversy over Medical Impairment Ratings" – Colorado Women and Worker's Compensation (March 19, 1992)

"Medical Economics" – Humana Hospital Aurora Winter Conference, Telluride, CO (February 4, 1992)

"A Managed Care Program for PIP Coverage" – Southern Colorado Claims Associ­a­tion, Durango, CO  (January 31, 1992)

"Application and Misapplication of the A.M.A. Guides III" – Colorado Worker's Compensation Education Association (Claimant's Bar) 6th Annual Winter Conference, Denver Convention Center, Denver, CO (January 17, 1992)

"Program Chairman and Lecturer" – State of Colorado AMA Guides to Medical Impairment Certification Course – Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational Medicine, Denver, CO  (January 11, 1992)

"AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment" – Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational Medicine Colorado/AMA Impairment Course, Englewood, CO(January 11, 1992)

Rating Disability According to the AMA Guidelines.  The Colorado Claims Association Annual Seminar. (October 11, 1991)



125      Can This Person Go To Work Today?  Or Ever?  Framework for Decision-Making About Patients and Work:  American College of Occupation Environmental Medicine (AOHC).  (AOHC-ACOEM) Orlando, FL, April 30, 2010. 

124      American Occupational Health Conference.  NY, NY.  April 11-26, 2008

123      Reading Scientific Literature Practical Guide.  NY, NY. 

122      Evolution of ACOEM Guidelines – Improved Methodology Latest Evidenced Based Management Lower Back, Elbow, and Chronic Pain.  New York, NY.

121      Evidenced Based Methodology.  New York, NY.

120      Strategies for Reducing the Cost of Civilians Workers’ Compensation Costs.  New York, NY.

119      Medical Fraud a Continuing Concern.  New York, NY.

118      Commercial Driver Medical Certification.  New York, NY.

117      Root Cause Analysis Improves Productivity.  New York, NY.

116      World Congress On Neck Pain.  January 19-22, 2008.  17.25 credit hours. 

115      Occupational Pulmonary Disease:  Distinguishing Occupational From Non Occupation and Reactive Airways Disease/Pulmonary Disorders and Work Fitness. (AOHC-ACOEM) New Orleans, May 2007.  3 credit hours. 

114      ADA, The FMLA and HIPPA.  (AOHC-ACOEM) New Orleans, May 2007.  .5 credit hours. 

113      Medications and Fitness for Duty.  Part B Reasonable Suspicion Drug Screens. (AOHC-ACOEM) New Orleans, May 2007.  1.5 credit hours. 

112      Medications and Fitness for Duty.  Part A Safety Effects of Medications.  (AOHC-ACOEM) New Orleans, May 2007.  2½  credit hours. 

111      Health as a Human Capital Asset: A different prospective on the connection between work and health. (AOHC-ACOEM) New Orleans, May 2007.  1.5 credit hours. 

110    Health & Productivity as a Business Strategy.  Blue Print for Health.  (AOHC-ACOEM) New Orleans, May 2007.  31/2 credit hours. 

109     Best Models for Health Services at a Company.  (AOHC-ACOEM) New Orleans, May 2007.2.5 credit hours. 

108      Pain Management.  (AOHC-ACOEM) New Orleans, May 2007. 2.5 credit hours. 

107    Depression in the Work Place.  American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC-ACOEM) New Orleans, May 2007. 2½ credit hours.

106      Pre-placement Examination; Integrated Approaches for Large Public Sector: Work-related Upper Extremity Disorders:  Implementing a Biopsychosocial and Millennium Series; Health and Safety for Firefighters, Police and Emergency.  American College of Occupational Environmental Medicine, Los Angeles, CA.  May 9, 2006.  7 credit hours. 

105      Millennium Series; Fitness for Physically Stressful Duties:  Introduction to Health as Human Capital; An Economic Approach: Hazardous Chemicals In Healthcare; Rose for Medical Monitoring.  American College of Occupational Environmental Medicine, Los Angeles, CA. May 8, 2006. 7 credit hours.

104      New Evidence –based Disability Duration Trend Analyses & Discussion for the Top:  The Aging Workforce; Opportunities and Challenges: Millennium Series; Back Pain: Commercial Driver Medical Certification – Current and Complex Issues. American College of Occupational Environmental Medicine, Los Angeles, CA. May 7, 2006. 6.5 credits hours.

103.     Health and Productivity Management; Harnessing Full Value of Corporate Health.    May 6, 2006.  7.5 credit hours. 

102.     Topics in Chronic Pain Management.  Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational Environmental Medicine Annual Conference.  January 21, 2006  10.5 hours.

101.     Traumatic Brain Injury Medical Treatment Guidelines Seminar.  University of Colorado School of Medicine.  October 14, 2005.  4 credit hours. 

100.     Pain & Substance Abuse:  Recognizing the potential for misuse and diversion.  Medicom Worldwide Inc., Denver, CO.  June 9, 2005.  1 credit hour.

99.       Current Topics and Orthopedic Issues and Occupational Medicine.  RMAOEM & ACOEM, Denver, CO  January 21, 2005.   10.5 credit hours. 

98.       Level II Re-Accreditation, Colorado Division of Labor,   December 4, 2004.  11 credit hours.

97.       15th Annual Colorado Spine Symposium, St. Anthony Hospital.  November 12, 2004            6.75 credit hours.

96.       Evidence Based Medicine The Right Stuff.  Health One Continuing Medical Education, Broomfield, CO.  October 17, 2004.  6 credit hours.

95.       Cervicogenic Headache & Migraine.  Sponsored by Pfizer, Instructor Judy Lane, M.D., Denver, CO  August 10, 2004.  1 credit hour. 

94.    Brain Injury Claims, State of Colorado Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal & Judicial Education.  Denver, CO  February 27, 2004.  7 credit hours.              

93.       RMAOEM Annual Occupational Health Education Conference, The Art & the Law, Denver, CO.  Hilton Denver Tech Center South.  January 9-10, 2004.  10.5 credit hours. 

92.       International Whiplash Trauma Congress.  The Spinal Injury Foundation and Journal of Whiplash and Related Disorders, Denver, CO.  October 2003.  15.5 credit hours.

91.       Occupational Health Update & Seminar, Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational Environmental Medicine, Denver, CO. January 2003  10.5 credit hours.

90.      5th Edition, AMA Guides Training Course Basic and Advanced, American Board of Independent Medical Examiners, Chicago, Illinois, September 20-22, 2002.        

89.       Musculoskeletal Exam and Treatment Techniques, ACOEM, Denver, CO.  June 26-27, 2002. 13 credit hours.

88.       Challenges in the Effective Management of Chronic Pain:  Denver, CO  June 13, 2002.  1 credit.

87.       Using the AMA Guides, 5th Edition, Focus on Upper and Lower Extremities, ACOEM, Seattle, Washington.  October 26, 2001.  7 credit hours.

86.       Level II Accreditation Recertification, UCHSC School of Medicine CME – Division of Labor.  October 12, 2001.  13 hours category 1.

85.       Moving Forward In Occupational Health, Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational Environmental Medicine.  January 26-27, 2001.  12 credit hours.

84.       Medical Legal Issues, Business Law Institute, Keystone, CO.  September 8, 2000.  17 CLE and 1.2 ethics.

83.       The Biomechanics of Impact and Occupant Protection: Understanding the Limits of Human Tolerance, Vancouver, B.C., February 6-7, 1999.  14 credit hours. (The Biomechanics, Occupant, Kinematics, Crash Severity Assessment, Injury and Impairment Scaling, Soft Tissue Neck Injuries, The Medicine-Engineering Link, Pediatric Biomechanics and Overview of Restraint Systems)

82.       Whiplash Associated Disorders, A World Congress for Health Care, Traffic Safety, Auto Engineering and Insurance Professionals, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,  February 7-11, 1999. a.         Diagnosis and Treatment, 7 hours.b.         Traffic Safety and Auto Engineer, 7 hours.c.         Insurance and Disability Management, 7 hours.

81.       The Biomechanics of the Impact: Understanding the limits of human tolerance, World Congress, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, February 6-7, 1999.  15 credits.

80.       Orthopedics Update for Primary Care Physicians, St. Anthony Central Hospital Office of Medical Education, January 18, 1999, Denver, CO. 

79.     Evaluation of Frequently Encountered Soft Tissue Injury Claims, IASIU, 13th Annual Seminar on Insurance Fraud, September 16, 1998, Toronto, Canada.  3 credits.

78.       Low Velocity Collision Analysis:  How to use the analysis, the expert and the insurance professional.  IASIU, 13th Annual Seminar on Insurance Fraud, September 15, 1998. Toronto Canada.  3 credits.

77.       Opportunistic Bodily Injury Fraud - How do your deter, investigate and defeat an exaggerated or nonexistent injury claim?  IASIU, 13th Annual Seminar on Insurance Fraud, September 15, 1998.  Toronto, Canada. 3 credits.

76.       "The Role of Undercover Investigations in Combating Workers' Compensation Employer and Provider Fraud," September 14, 1998, 13th Annual Seminar on Insurance Fraud, International Association of Special Investigator, IASIU.  Toronto, Canada.  3 credits.

75.       "ACOEM Impairment Courses, " Charlotte, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Phoenix (1998).  120 credit hours.

74.       Clinical Instructor, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Clinical Practicum Site and Occupational Medicine Residency Education. (1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998)  

73.       "Colorado Defense Lawyers Association Annual Workers' Compensation Conference," Vail, CO, August 22-23, 1997)  15 credit hours.

72.       "Impairment & Disability Courses, ACOEM," multiple cities, New Orleans, Orlando, San Francisco, Nashville.  (1997) 120 credit hours.

71.       "Upper Extremity Disorders and Work," "The Impact of Psychiatric Conditions and Organizational Factors on Corporate Performance,"  "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome," ACOEM, Las Vegas, NV (May 3-5, 1995).  13 credit hours.

70.       "Aggressive Nonoperative Spine Care," ACOEM, Postgraduate Seminar, Las Vegas, NV (May 2, 1995).  6 credit hours.

69.       "Evaluating Fitness for Work with Emphasis on Mechanical vs Clinical Evaluations," ACOEM, Postgraduate Seminar, Las Vegas, NV (May 1, 1995).  6 credit hours.

68.       "Medical Review Officer Course," ACOEM, Las Vegas, NV (April 29-30, 1995).  14.75 credit hours.

67.       "Delayed Recovery Management," ACOEM, Postgraduate Seminar (April 19, 1994).  3 credit hours.

66.       "The Physiology of Distress (Hypertension, Headache, Irritable Bowel Syndrome)," Millet Symposium, Presbyterian/St. Lukes Hospital, Denver, CO (January 29, 1994).  4 credit hours.

65.       "29th Annual Conference on Occupational Medicine," RMAOE (January 7-8, 1994).  10.5 credit hours.

64.       "Impairment and Disability Evaluation," ACOEM, Faculty, Baltimore, MD (June 1994).  15 credit hours.

63.       "Impairment and Disability Evaluation," ACOEM, Faculty, Chicago, ILL (April 1994).  15 credit hours.

62.       "Impairment and Disability Evaluation," ACOEM, Faculty, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (February 1994).  15 credit hours.

61.       "Disability Evaluation Program," ACOEM, Faculty, Dallas, TX (October 1993).  15.5 credit hours.

60.       "Chronic Fatigue, Clinical and Molecular Perspectives," American College for Advancement in Medicine, Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado  (November 5-8, 1992).  16 credit hours.

59.       "Level II Physician Accreditation Program," University of Colorado/Colorado Division of Worker's Compensation, Denver, Colorado (August 21-22, 1992).  13.75 credit hours.

58.       "The Sacrum" – American Association of Orthopedic Medicine, Vail, Colorado; Instructor, Ed Stiles, D.O. (July 31–August 3, 1991).  32 credit hours.

57.       Americans With Disabilities Act Training Course, The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Richard S. Myers, Director of Education, Dallas, Texas, (July 18-19, 1992).  14.5 credit hours.

56.       Permanent Impairment Seminar, Worker's Compensation Education Association, May 5, 1992).  8 credit hours.

55.       "Functional Capacity and Human Performance - Conceptual, Methodological and Practical Aspects," American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine post-graduate seminar, Washington, D.C. (May 4, 1992).  6 credit hours.

54.       "Assessment and Treatment of Head Trauma," American Psychiatric Association, Washington, D.C. (May 3, 1992).  4 credit hours.\53.       "Functional Capacity and Human Performance," American Occupational Health Conference (April 1992).  6 credit hours.

52.       "Upper Extremity Cumulative Trauma Disorders in Occupational Medicine," American Occupational Health Conference (April 1992).  6 credit hours.

51.       Humana Hospital Mid-Winter Medical Conference, Telluride, Colorado (February 3-8, 1992).  20 credit hours.

50.       Colorado A.M.A. Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment Course, Denver, Colorado (January 11, 1992).  7.25 credit hours.\

49.       27th Annual Conference in Occupational Medicine, Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Denver, Colorado (January 9-10, 1992).  9.25 credit hours.

48.       "The Plight of Adult Victims of Incest" – Denver Society's Fall Meeting – Denver, Colorado (October 2, 1991).

47.       "The Standardization of Compensation in Medical Care" – Worker's Compensation Education Association, Denver, Colorado (August 21, 1991).

46.       "Introduction to Injection Therapy" – American Association of Orthopedic Medicine; Instructor, Thomas Dorman, M.D. and Bjorn Eek, M.D.; Denver, Colorado (May 13-15, 1991).  24 credit hours.

45.       "Systematic Approach to the Depressed Patient" – Everly and Company, Denver, Colorado (March 22, 1991).  1.5 credit hours.

44.       Snowbird Utah (January 28 – February 3, 1991).  20 credit hours.

43.       "Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational Health 25th Annual Conference on Occupational Health," Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado (January 11-13, 1991).

42.       75th American College of Occupational Medicine Annual Conference, Houston, Texas, Delegate from Colorado to governing body and Post Graduate Seminar on (a) Disability and Impairment (6 credit hours), and (b) Evolution to Revolution in the Treatment in Low Back Disorders (April 28-May 4, 1990).  12 credit hours.

41.       "Back Pain in the '90s, New Solutions to Old Problems" – Health South Rehabili­ta­tion Corporation and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Hyatt Regency, Denver, Colorado (March 16 & 17, 1990).  12.5 credit hours.

40.       "Blue River Trauma Society 11th Annual Orthopedic Meeting" – Blue Ridge, British Columbia (February 24-March 3, 1990).  21 credit hours.

39.       Jackson Hole, Wyoming (February 1990).  20 credit hours.

38.       "Advances in the Treatment of Low Back Pain" – American Low Back Society – Las Vegas, Nevada (December 1989).  20 credit hours.

37.       "Applied Ergonomics for Health Care Professionals Working with an Injured Worker Population" – Center for the Advancement of Industrial Rehabilitation and Evalua­tion, Denver, Colorado (November 16-18, 1989).  12 credit hours.

36.       "74th Annual American Occupational Health Conference" – American College of Occupational Medicine Annual Conference, Boston, Massachusetts (May 1989). 

  • Colorado Delegate to Governing Board.  6 credit hours. 
  • Ergonomics of Video Display Terminals.  3 credit hours. 
  • Reproductive Problems in the Workplace.  3 credit hours. 
  • Biomechanics of the Back and Manual Material Handling.  3 credit hours.

35.       "Screening and Early Detection of Colon Cancer and the Workup of Abnormal Liver Tests" – Porter Memorial Hospital, Denver, Colorado (1989).  1 credit hour.

34.       "Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy" – Colorado Society of Osteopathic Medicine, Denver, Colorado (1989).  1 credit hour.

33.       "Advances in Evaluation, Treatment and Prevention of Injuries in Industry" – Work Injury Management, Denver, Colorado (1989).  7 credit hours.

32.       "Head/Neck Injuries and TMJ Syndrome Seminar" – Colorado Professional Education Seminars, Denver, Colorado (1989).  5 credit hours.

31.       "Using the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment" – American Medical Association, Chicago, Illinois (1989).  8 credit hours.

30.       "Legal Issues in Occupational Health" – Rose Medical Center, Lakewood, Colorado (1989).  4 credit hours.

29.       "Helping the Chronic Pain Patient – Working Together to Change the Hurt" – Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital, Denver, Colorado (1988).  3 credit hours.

28.       "Multi-factorial Influences on Chronic Pain" – Rose Medical Center, Denver, Colorado (1988).  1.5 credit hours.

27.       "The Physician in Management" – American Academy of Medical Directors, Tucson, Arizona (1987); Colorado Springs, Colorado (1988).  100 credit hours.

  • "A Systems Perspective for the Physician Manager"
  • "Physician Manager in a Changing Environment"
  • "The Physician Manager as an Interface Professional"
  •  "Resource Consumption and Human Behavior"
  • "Health Care Costs and Benefits"
  •  "Industry Prognosis"
  • "Insurance and Reimbursement Systems"
  • "Regulation, Competition, and the Prospective Payment System"
  • "Break Even Analysis as a Managerial Tool"
  • "Financial Management"
  • "Resource Allocation Decisions"
  • "Health Care Organization and Competition"
  • "The New Environment of Marketing and Advertising"
  • "The Human Side of Enterprise"
  • "Styles of Leadership"
  •  "How to Use a Leadership Pattern"
  • "Physician Executives:  Critical Issues"

26.       "Developing and Marketing Health Care Services to Industry" – Ryan and Associates, Denver, Colorado (1987).  4 credit hours.

25.       "Work and Mental Health" – University of California – San Francisco, California (1986).  12 credit hours.

24.       "Recovery from Compensable Injury" – American Occupational Medicine Association and Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado (April 28, 1986).  6 credit hours.

23.       "Occupational Health and the Law" – American Occupational Medicine Association Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado (April 28, 1986).  6 credit hours.

22.       "Evaluation of Shoulder Injuries" – Rose Medical Center, Denver, Colorado (1986).

21.       "Fall Technical Conference" – American Industrial Hygienists Association, Rocky Mountain Section, Denver, Colorado (1985).

20.       "Emergency Room Procedures on the Hand" – Porter Memorial Hospital, Denver, Colorado (1985).  12 credit hours.

19.       "Practical Reviews in Emergency Medicine" – Division of Continuing Education – University of Alabama School of Medicine, Alabama (1985).

18.       "Treatment of Cervical Spine Injuries and Rehabilitation" – St. Joseph's Hospital, Denver, Colorado (1985).

17.       "Strategic Planning Today for Health Care Tomorrow" – Rocky Mountain Occupational Health Nursing Association, Denver, Colorado (1985).

16.       "Basic Allergy" – Allertech, Inc., Denver, Colorado (1985).

15.       "Practical Review in Emergency Medicine" – Division of Continuing Education, University of Alabama School of Medicine, Alabama (1984).

14.       "Medical Legal Aspects of Upper Extremity Injuries," Golden, Colorado (1984).

13.       "Medical Legal Aspects of Worker's Compensation" – Boulder Medical Legal Society, Boulder, Colorado (1984).

12.       "Aviation Medicine" – Aviation Medical Examiners – Phoenix, Arizona (1983).

11.       "Health Care Supervision" – Paget Thompson Conferences, Denver, Colorado (1983).

10.       "Medical Evaluation for Disability Claims" – National Association of Disability Evaluating   Physicians (NADEP), Denver, Colorado (1983).

 9.        "Medical Legal Quantification" – NADEP, Denver, Colorado (1983).

 8.        "Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Provider" – Swedish Medical Center, Englewood, Colorado (1983).

 7.        "Otolaryngology for the Family Physician" – Denver Otolaryngology Association, Vail, Colorado (1982).

 6.        "Anxiety: Dilemmas in Management" – Rose Medical Center, Denver, Colorado (1981).

 5.        "Development and Management of Emergicenters" – American Academy of Medical Administrators, Las Vegas, Nevada (1981).

 4.        "Pediatric Emergency Care Conference" – University of California at San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Utah (1981).

 3.        "Wound Repair Seminar" – University of San Diego, San Diego, California (1980).

 2.        "J. Cuthberg Owens Symposium on Early Care of the Injured Patient" – Colorado Hand Surgery Education and Research Foundation, Denver, Colorado (1980).

 1.        "Review Course in Internal Medicine" – University of Colorado School of Medicine - Snowmass, Colorado (1978).


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