Richard Shain

RA Shain & Associates, Inc.

233 Needham Street
Suite 200
Newton MA, 02464

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EW #546 North America's Premier Independent Media Auditing Service.
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EW #546 RA Associates, Inc. North America's Premier Independent Media Auditing Service.

Founded in 1975 as a strategic marketing consultancy, & Associates is now the leader in media auditing. Our Clients are among the most sophisticated advertisers in the world, and they count on us to make sure they get the most for their media dollars.

And we do. Time after time. We're sure you will find the Results of our audits quite interesting.

You should also be interested to know that media auditing is our sole function. We do not perform media planning or buying. In this way, we avoid potential conflicts of interest, maintain our objectivity, and maximize our clients' returns.

EW #546 & Associates performs media audits of advertising to determine if your media plans have been properly executed. Experience shows us that spot television offers the greatest potential return for our clients. Our audit capabilities also include network television, national cable, radio and print.

Our AdSave software determines if media outlets implemented your buy as instructed. These audits also review your media buyer's work (Ad Agency, Buying Service, etc.) to determine if they properly implemented your plans. We then identify and compute both the monetary and marketing impact resulting from any deviations. Additionally, we recommend actions to ensure that problems, if found, do not reoccur.

EW #546& Associates' audits go much deeper than traditional financial audits or post buy analyses. Historically, we uncover issues and compensation due back to our clients that are not identified through accounting audits and post buys.
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