Mr. Fred P. Smith

Alpine Engineering and Design, Inc.

111 W. Canyon Crest Road
Alpine UT, 84004

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With over 40 U.S. patents in various products such as trucking, lifts, heavy equipment, and exercise equipment, we are practicing engineers that know the fields we consult in.
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EW #13235has been a consulting engineer since 1980 and is currently president of a company he started in 2000. Previously, he spent 20 years doing consulting work with F.S. New Products, Inc. During his consulting career, Hehas directed the development and improvement of a wide variety of products including trucking equipment, refuse equipment, hydraulically operated mobile equipment, specialty axles and suspensions, exercise equipment, radio frequency and magnetically shielded enclosures, rotomolded containers, and a variety of consumer products.

EW #13235's expertise extends to many areas of product design; including concept generation, design, stress calculations, finite element analysis, modeling, prototyping, testing, manufacturing and assisting in the patent process.Hehas qualified and been used as an expert in product liability, breach of warranty, negligent misrepresentation and patent infringement cases.

As Vice President of Engineering at the MRI Support Systems Corporation, He was responsible for the design of RF and magnetic shields manufactured for Magnetic Resonance Imagers and supervised the development of new products. He collaborated with other engineers and architects to assure the shielding interfaced well with the complete project and tested the performance of the completed shields.

EW #13235worked for F.S. New Products, Inc. and attended college concurrently from 1980 through 1984. In 1984 hecompleted his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and graduated with distinction from California State University, Long Beach, where he was on both the Dean's and the President's Honor Lists.

EW #13235began his engineering career in the engineering department of Sargent Industries, Huntington Park Division where he performed engineering design changes, accumulated and organized technical information for record purposes and submittal to customers on government related projects. He wrote instruction manuals for the preparation of Certification Data Sheets and model parts lists.

EW #13235is a registered professional engineer in the States of California and Utah, license numbers M025127 and 177027-2202 respectively.

EW #13235has been a member of the Society of American Value Engineers, the National Honor Society, and Tau Beta Phi, a national engineering honor society. He was nominated for membership in Phi Kappa Phi, and has been named to Who's Who in California, Who's Who in the West and the national registry of Who's Who in Executives and Businesses.

EW #13235holds Patents to over 40 products, including: Universal Container Grabber, Radio Frequency and Magnetically Shielded Enclosure and Components, Hydraulic Trailer Transfer, Shifting Axle Trailer, Over the Front Refuse Ejection System, Plastic Refuse Container, Automatic Rear Container Dumper, Rear Loader Hydraulic System, Self Adjusting Gripping Mechanism, Personal trainer, Pocket Gym, Grippers for Omnifarious Containers, Automated Refuse Vehicle, Door Opening System and a Container Dumping Mechanism. EW #13235has several patents pending at this time. FEE SCHEDULE: Expert Designation Fee: (amount charged to use expert's name, applied to case): $1,000 Retainer Policy: (usually applied toward the last invoice): $2,500.00 Non-Testimonial: (Consulting/Analysis): $225.00/hr Testimonial: (Deposition and in Court): $225.00/hr Travel Policy (rates): $100.00/hr Travel: at cost of tickets Misc. (Expenses and other costs): at cost
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