Dr. Peter J. Tarkoy

GeoConSol, Inc.

17 Everett Street
Sherborn MA, 01770

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30 yrs. underground and heavy construction, tunneling / boring, geotechnical assessments, safety.
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Federal, state, and district court qualified expert in construction analysis, geotechnical engineering, tunnel excavation, tunnel boring, underground safety, drill and blast excavation, blasting. Court (Federal, State, County, and EBOCA) qualified expert witnesses in: ● Geology, geotechnical engineering, excavation, differing site condition experts; ● Experts in TBM, tunneling, underground and heavy construction, blasting, slurry wall excavation, hydraulic dredging, micro-tunneling, construction performance, productivity, scheduling, time studies, baseline performance, construction safety; Our analyses often settle cases before litigation (last one for $7.8M). Disputes Resolution Let us put our 30 years experience in dispute resolution and underground and heavy construction experience to work in resolving your dispute. Work for plaintiff and defendant. ● Evaluation of feasibility and project cost reducing design recommendations, ● Project risk reduction strategies, Pre-bid evaluation of anticipated: ● geological and construction conditions (GBR reports prepared), ● water inflow, ● excavation behavior & support requirements, ● reasonable overbreak (based on case histories) ● excavation rates & tool wear; ● Controlled & effective blast round design to control vibration and overbreak, ● Equipment / support selection for tunnel excavation, ● Productivity studies and improvement of productivity. Over a period of 25 yrs, we have provided independent reviews of claims to the US Department of Justice, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Bureau of Reclamation, MWRDGC, MWRA, and EuroTunnel and a list of design engineers and contractors. We have served in Arbitration, Mediation, DRBs, and as independent reviewers of claims. Analysis and adjudication of differing site conditions on behalf of owners, engineers, contractors. We have a grasp of fundamental legal issues, technical principles, and simple, effective, innovative analyses, illustrations, and presentations for resolution. Award from Engineering News Record for "settling disputes out of court" 1984 Forensic Investigation of Tunneling Machine Failures and Operational Problems Investigation of: ● component failures, ● operational and performance failures, ● mismatched components and design parameters, ● loss of line and grade, ● failure of operation and logistics, ● failure to commission, ● cause of the cracking of pre-cast segments, ● liability and responsibility for costs, and ● impact of differing site conditions on machine performance.
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