Mr. Bob R. Tucker


7114 Adirondack Trl.
Amarillo Tx, 79106

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Successfully providing consulting to Attroneys across the United States since 1988, Expert Witness at depositions and court trials. For train accidents that have resulted in litigation.
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Retired General Manager of Train Handling/Train Operations; Santa Fe Railroad. Director of Santa Fe Railroad Accident Investigation GO TEAM. Reresented the Santa Fe Railroad as their Expert Witness in train accident litigations. Locomotive Fireman, Locomotive Engineer, (20 years). Santa Fe Railroad Management positions: 1) Road Foreman of Engines 2) General Road Foreman of Engines 3) Supervisor of Air Brakes 4) Trainmaster 5) General Manager of Train Handling/Train Operations Bachelor of Science Degree, West Texas State University, 1958 Political Science Major. Military Service: Navigational Radar Operator U.S. Navy Patrol Aircraft. Honorable Discharge. Retired from Santa Fe Railroad with thirty-six years of service, January, 1988. MAINLINE CONSULTING SERVICE since 1988.
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