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EW #13924 is a USCG Unlimited Master and Pilot for Southeast Alaska. He has over 20 years experience in the maritime industry.
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Licenses: Master of inland steam or motor vessels, any gross tons Master of near coastal steam or motor vessels to 1600gross tons (3000 gross tons ITC) Master of sail or auxiliary sail vessels to 200 gross tons Unlimited Pilot, Southeast Alaska Dixon Entrance to Cape Spencer and Yakutat FAA Private Pilot (SEL) Accomplishments: Represented State of Alaska before the National Transportation Safety Board as an expert witness in Navigation, Piloting and Alaska Marine Pilotage Law Authored Three USCG Waterways Analysis Management Studies of Southeast Alaska Polynesian Navigation Experiment (Ocean Navigator, June 1992) Drafted the Alaska Marine Pilot Act of 1995 Master: M/V Centurion 1999-2000 East Coast/Caribbean/Panama/West Coast and Alaska M/V Katania 1999 Pacific Northwest and Alaska M/V Netania II 1999 Panama/Mexico/West Coast to San Francisco M/V Obsession 1998 Pacific Northwest and Alaska M/V Corona Borealis 1996 Cape Spencer Pilot Station, Alaska M/V Spirit of Glacier Bay 1993 Pacific Northwest and Alaska M/V Golden Spirit 1993 Pacific Northwest and Alaska Tug Shillelagh 1986-1989, 2000 East Coast/ICW R/V Weatherbird 2000 East Coast Instructor: USCG Woodrush, Ship Handling, Navigation, Watch Keeping, Buoy Positioning, Bridge Resource Management, and Damage Control 1989-1993 SEA Marine Training Services, OUPV to 200gt 1996 to 1997 University of Alaska, Southeast OUPV to 200gt 1993, ARPA/BRM 2001 Marine Cargo Specialist 2001- 2004 Joint Transportation Command (US TRANSCOM) , Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC). Responsible for the planning and safe execution of the loading of military cargoes aboard Military Sealift Command vessels. Prepares load plans with due regard to the stability of the vessel and the proper segregation of hazardous cargo including ammunition and explosives. (Secret Security Clearance) Maritime Consultant, Marine Surveyor, Master Maritime LLC Conducts damage surveys aboard private and merchant vessels in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Responsible for the completion of accurate and detailed damage reports associated with the transfer of breakbulk, RO/RO and intermodal cargoes between foreign flagged shipping companies and US terminals. Act on behalf of the owner, operator, charterer or underwriters to ensure proper documentation of cargo irregularities and damage to the ship or associated gear. Conduct general condition surveys on vessels coming on and off charter including the determination of regulatory compliance. Conduct customs import seal audits and monitor the maintenance of temperature records on US Department of Agriculture sensitive commodities. Federal Pilotage 1996 through 1998 Sailed on a wide variety of vessels from tug and barge combinations to ferries to 630 foot break bulk cargo carriers to 860 foot/77,000 gross ton cruise ships and supertankers (VLCC) of 1,100 feet/125,000 dead weight tons. Completed experience requirements, studied and sat for licensure as First Class Pilot on vessels of any gross tons upon the waters of Southeast Alaska, Dixon Entrance to Cape Spencer and Yakutat, including the waters of: Nichols Passage, Tongass Narrows, Sumner Strait, Stikine Strait, Snow Passage, Wrangell Narrows, Frederick Sound, Keku Strait, Stephens Passage, Gastineau Channel, Auke Bay, Lynn Canal, Icy Strait, Cross Sound, Lisianski Inlet, Glacier Bay, Peril Strait, Hoonah Sound, Sergius Narrows, Neva Strait, Olga Strait, Sitka Sound, Kassan Bay, Yakutat Bay, and the ports of Metlakatla, Ketchikan, Hollis, Wrangell, Petersburg, Kake, Juneau, Haines, Skagway, Pelican, Sitka, Klawock and Yakutat (including Monti Bay and Broken Oar Cove). Marine Pilot Coordinator for the State of Alaska 1993 to 1996 Executive Secretary to the Alaska Marine Pilot Board. Maritime accident investigator. Drafted marine pilotage statutes and regulations including pilot training, discipline, medical and fatigue standards. Prepared legal briefs, policy papers and marine commerce reports. Wrote marine pilot examinations, curriculum development papers and directives, negotiated contracts and conducted pilotage rate hearings. Assisted the Attorney Generals office in preparation and prosecution of marine pilot disciplinary actions. Spoke before the American Pilots Association on competitive pilotage issues in Alaska. Marine Towing and Salvage Company/Beaufort Oceanics 1985 to 1989, 2000 Operated tugs and spud barges conducting marine construction, dredging and salvage operations. United States Coast Guard 1981-1993 USGCG Woodrush, Navigator 1989 to 1993 Responsible for the safe and precise navigation of the ship and the positioning of Aids to Navigation to exact tolerances upon the waters of Southeast Alaska, Trained the Navigation division and Junior Officers in Ship Handling, Navigation, Watch Keeping, and Bridge Resource Management, led ships Damage Control Evaluation and Training Team. Authored three Waterway Analysis and Management Studies of the waters of Southeast Alaska. Conducted a successful Polynesian Navigation Experiment transiting safely from Hawaii to Alaska without a compass, sextant or any other means of modern navigation (published, Ocean Navigator, June 1992). USCG Group Fort Macon, North Carolina 1985 to 1989 Responsible for planning of Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement operations and marine oil spill response for the waters of Coastal North Carolina. Responsible for Inter-agency operational cooperation and logistics. Top Secret clearance. USCGC Woodrush 1982 to 1985 (Pacific Northwest and Alaska) USCGC Bittersweet 1991 to 1982 (Atlantic Coast, Maine to the Caribbean Sea) Maritime Education Ships Safety Officer (USCG) Emergency Ship Handling/Bridge Management for Pilots (STAR Center) BRM/ARPA/GMDSS (University of Alaska) Damage Control Stability/Maritime Investigative Officers School (USCG) Advanced Firefighting/Fire control planning (Hagevig Memorial Fire School) Marine Pollution Response and Containment (USCG) Celestial Navigation (US Navy) Ship Loading and Stowage (US TRANSCOM) Hazardous Materials Handling and Shipment Explosives Handling and Shipment Shipboard Explosives Safety
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