Valerie Van de Zilver

Zilver Realty Group

13951 Carroll Way #E
Tustin CA, 92780

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I am a certified credit expert and have been in the mortgage/real estate industry for over 30 years.
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Valerie Van de Zilver, President of Nationwide Credit Network, President of Zilver Realty Group, President of Home Source Mortgage, Inc. and Founder of is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of credit reporting, mortgage and real estate industries. An expert in mortgage lending, consumer credit and real estate law, Valerie serves as a consultant for those involved in credit disputes. Valerie has 25+ years of experience in the consumer credit and lending industries including positions with national mortgage, real estate and homebuilding firms where she was responsible for the closings of over 9,000 loans including JM Peters Co. and Shea Homes. Her experience expands beyond the real estate side of lending, as she has consulted with dozens of clients regarding the value and methodology of maintaining acceptable credit records. Relevant Experience - Valerie has held a California real estate license for over 33 years, currently the Broker of her own Real Estate and Mortgage companies. In addition to conventional lending, Home Source Mortgage is an approved FHA lender, maintaining strict guidelines required to be a HUD approved mortgagee. She has managed the credit and approval process including consumer interview, communicating with data furnisher to validate credit file accuracy, and communicate dispute resolution results to consumer. Her responsibilities included Branch Manager for national mortgage broker companies, designated lender for major national home builders, sales manager for California’s largest home builders, top producing loan originator, and as top real estate Broker. She informed thousands of home buyers of the lending process and guidelines and the importance of managing credit in being approved for their loans. Each role required that she originate, process, approve and close over 10,000 loans. In these capacities, she has reviewed over 12,000 credit reports. While in these capacities, her experience involved credit reporting procedures, how to read credit reports, credit scoring, credit report dispute process, and identity theft. She performed comparisons of credit reports from different bureaus and became familiar with factors determining score changes. Through these experiences, Valerie has developed a deep understanding of credit data and credit score factors which are used by lenders to make credit and lending decisions. Valerie was ranked one of the top 100 mortgage loan originators nationally by Mortgage Originator Magazine. She has given seminars throughout the country as a part of the Mortgage Originator speakers bureau. She worked for Residential Mortgage Insurance Company, a Private Mortgage Insurance Company, training mortgage originators and lending executives throughout the United States. As President of Nationwide Credit Network, Valerie consults with clients daily and speaks at community workshops, teaching people about credit scores, the different factors that influence their scores, how credit reports are structured and the process of disputes. Performed dozens of credit score trainings to audiences of all levels and sophistication including lenders, realtors, community leaders, consumer groups and consumers. A member of Credit CRM by industry expert, Edward Jamison, Valerie holds the “Certified in Credit Repair” designation, achieving a score of 100%. She is a student of John Ulzheimer, having attending several of his credit scoring seminars and recently completed his course for expert credit witnesses. In her community of Newport Beach, California, Valerie is a respected community leader. She is on the Board of Counselors of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, also servi
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