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EW #10994 has over 27 years of engineering and construction experience in environmental, geotechnical and civil engineering and constrction.
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Professional Overview Over a career spanning 27 years have developed expertise in managing staff and projects. Of the 27 years, over 21 years have involved heavy construction as either the contractor or the owners representative, while 6 years were devoted to construction consulting and design engineering. I have managed projects that ranged from $3000 to over $10 million and have consistently completed projects on time and on budget, often using design/build contracts. When necessary, have been able to develop successful change order and claim requests based on the ongoing project documentation. Have directly managed up to 30 people and have had complete P+L responsibility for $15 million per year construction operations. San Francisco, California- Functioned as the Contracting Officers Representative (COR) performing construction oversight and contract administration for the US Army Corps of Engineers for wastewater conveyance and treatment facilities under the San Francisco Clean Water Program. Inspected and oversaw inspectors for construction of N2 tunnel. Tunnel was constructed using Earth-pressure balance method and used gasketed steel liner plate that was extruded from TBM. Permanent concrete liner was then cast. San Francisco, California- Functioned as the Contracting Officers Representative (COR) performing construction oversight and contract administration for the US Army Corps of Engineers for wastewater conveyance and treatment facilities under the San Francisco Clean Water Program. Inspected and oversaw inspectors for civil, electrical, mechanical and control system components form large box sewers and an ocean outfall. Box sewer construction involved sheet pile installation, excavation, re-steel placement and concrete casting. Thousand Oaks, California-Project Manager for the emergency construction of a micropile slope stabilization and rock bolting of an unstable sewer line. Project required by-passing an existing 1000 gpm sewer line during performance of drilling, rock bolt installation, and new sewer construction. Exposed sewer line was wrapped in new sheath and later hidden with simulated rock face. Los Angeles, California Project Manager for all site activities for soil remediation project involving 2,500 cubic yards of 1.1.1-trichloromethane- (TCA) affected soils from inside a manufacturing facility. Soil excavation extended to 30 feet below grade requiring the in-house design and installation of a shoring system inside the building. Utilities were rerouted, several roof-supporting columns were removed and a temporary roof support system was designed and constructed to allow for excavation in these areas. Los Angeles, California Project Manager for the excavation and removal of over 70,000 cubic yards of soil impacted with petroleum hydrocarbons. Excavation using caisson auger technique to depths of over 120 feet below ground surface was required to remediate the site. Managed all site activities including work plan development, excavation, soil management, backfill and compaction, and closure. Unrestricted use closure was granted by the regulatory agencies. Norwalk, California Project Manager for the permitting, design and remediation of a site impacted with PCB and petroleum hydrocarbons that had contamination on Union Pacific Railroad property. Developed the excavation design and transportation plan for the Level C excavation and off-site disposal of 30,000 CY of material on a fast-track basis. Accelerated project to avoid disposal tax penalty. Richmond, California-Project Manager for the construction of soil-cement-bentonite and attapul- gite slurry cutoff walls around a large Class II and Class III landfill. Work included mix design, mobilization, construction and testing. Work consisted of several segment of wall up to 45 feet deep and totaled over 60,000 square feet and involved remote mixing and import soil fines. Carson, California Project Manager for a dynamic compaction project involving five rigs and nearly 500,000 drops. The site consists of a 13-acre landfill that was slated for a major shopping mall complex that has trash depths of up to 60 feet. The dynamic compaction project will reduce the height of the trash be five (5) feet and, thus, minimize long term settlement. Sacramento, California Project Manager for a 50,000 square foot mixed in place wall utilizing deep soil mix (DSM) system at the Southern Pacific Locomotive Works in Sacramento. The DSM wall was placed around a TCE/TCA plume to contain it and, thus, minimize migration. The wall was mixed with both bentonite and cement to give it strength and impermeability to a depth of 65 feet. Fort Bragg, California Project Director for a funnel-gate project around an operating log treating facility. Project consists of a soil-bentonite slurry wall with five (5) GAC filled gates that provided treatment for the water. The water was collected by gravel filled trenches and flowed by gravity throughout the gates then through the slurry wall and finally into a gravel lined infiltration trench. The system was about 1,000 feet long and 22 feet deep. McNeil Island, Washington Project Manager for 15,000 square foot soil-cement-bentonite slurry wall through the center of a dam to prevent infiltration and provide seismic to an earthen water supply dam. Project included extensive jet grouting of the intake structure to prevent seepage. Gridley, California Project Manager for the construction of a 42,000 square foot soil-bentonite cutoff wall for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The 60-foot deep trench was backfilled with both excavated and import fines and was completed prior to flood events on an accelerated basis. Ketchikan, Alaska Project Manager for the construction of two multi-layer caps on two landfills. The 14-acre cap at Ward Cove consisted of geotextile, geo-composite drainage net and LLDPE. The 5-acre CERCLA cap at Thorne Bay also required geogrid and claymax was used for the reconstructed wetlands. Both projects were completed during inclement weather. Rancho Cordova, California Project Manager for a fast-track compaction grouted foundation at a major chemical facility. Job was completed in less that 1 week and required over 60 columns and contaminated soils removal. Oxnard, California Project Manager for the design and construction of a brown field project on an abandoned 80-acre former petroleum waste disposal site. Developed grading plan and remediation design for submittal for agency review. Project is currently undergoing entitlements and EIR development. El Segundo, California Project Manager for the shallow mixing of sands with cement and bentonite to provide barrier against ground water flows into excavation at Hyperion Wastewater Treatment plant. Project consisted of mixing soils and then excavation to desired depth without supplemental shoring or dewatering. Soils remained standing and digester construction could begin. Fountain Valley, California Project Director for the repair of injection wells on the Talbert Injection Barrier owned by the Orange County Water District. The repair consisted of using jet grouting and contact grouting to fill voids around the gravel packs and well vaults. The repairs were performed at 13 locations along Ellis Avenue and the grouting occurred to depths of up to 70 feet below ground surface. Based on test results and observations, the grouting program was successful. El Paso, Texas Project Manager for a cement jet grouted cutoff wall and trench support system. Project Consisted of a jet grout cutoff wall 970 feet long by 30 feet deep and a trench support system 1200 feet long, 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep in silty sand. Yuba City, California- Project Manager for the construction of a 260,000 square foot soil-cement-bentonite slurry cut-off wall through an unsound levee. Project included 45,000 cubic yards of excavation and backfill for the levee reconstruction and numerous water, phone and gas pipeline crossings. Project completed on time for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District. Petaluma, California- Program Manager for an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract for the US Coast Guard at the Petaluma Training Center. Projects included fuel station reconstruction, fire hydrant replacement, water system replacement, paving, painting, roofing, and facility reconstruction. Alameda, California- Project Manager for the construction of 21 micropiles in the basement of an historic library for the City of Alameda with less than 8 feet of headroom. Micropiles were drilled 55 feet into the Merritt Formation and achieved uplift capacity of over 200 kips. Micropiles were tied into the foundation using new pile caps. Santa Cruz, California- Project Manager for a 40,000 square foot design/build soil nail temporary excavation support project for the Baskin Engineering Building annex at UC Santa Cruz. Installed soil nails into low blow count soil and applied shotcrete to prevent raveling. Critical tolerances were required and minimal deflections have occurred. Santa Cruz, California- Project Manager for the excavation and crushing of mudstone at the Santa Cruz City landfill to allow for expansion. Project required a surgical excavation of hazardous waste, reburial, excavation, processing and stockpiling of 100,000 cubic yards of soils on a fast-tracked project. Torrance, California-Project Manager for a design/build contract to stabilize a slope to prevent 7 houses from being destroyed. Project involved soils investigation, drilling 49ea.55-foot deep caissons, 49 ea. high capacity tieback anchors, construction of 5000 SF retaining wall, backyard reconstruction and hillside regrading.
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