Mr Roger Wade

540 Etruria Road
Newcastle Staffordshire, ST50SX

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I undertake all aspects of medicolegal work related to trauma and orthopaedic problems. Appointments are made within four weeks and reports are completed within 5 working days.
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Curriculum Vitae

GMC No : 3667062 MPS No:

Academic Qualifications

Qualification Institution Date of Passing

M.B.Ch.B University of Liverpool July 1992

F.R.C.S. (Ed.) Royal College of Surgeons June 1995

F.R.C.S. (Tr. & Orth) Intercollegiate Board February 2002

M.D. Keele University September 2002

Awards and Fellowships

Lloyd Griffiths medal for achievement, Oswestry 2001
Nominee for best poster ‘Three-dimensional fracture stiffness’ EFORT, Brussels 1999.
The 1st British Limb Reconstruction Society Travelling Fellowship. Italy, July 1998.

Past Clinical Experience

1. Basic Surgical Training
1/8/92 to 1/1/97 Liverpool Rotation

2. Research Fellow

1/1/97-1/1/98 Prof. J. B. Richardson Oswestry
M.D Thesis (Keele) "Defining fracture union"

3. Higher surgical training (Trauma and Orthopaedics)
1/1/98 to 1/8/98 Mr A. F. M. Brewood Bury General
1/8/98 to 1/8/99 Mr R. W. Paton Blackburn Royal
1/8/99 to 1/7/00 Mr P.B.M. Thomas North Staffs
1/7/00 to 1/1/01 Professor J. B. Richardson Oswestry
1/1/01 to 1/7/01 Mr D. Rees Oswestry
1/7/01 to 1/01/02 Mr G. A. Evans Oswestry
1/1/02 to 1/7/02 Mr D. Rees Oswestry
1/7/02 to 1/1/03 Mr D. Griffiths North Staffs

3. Consultant post
1/1/03 Onwards North Staffordshire NHS Teaching Hospital

I have a specialist interest in all aspects of trauma orthopaedics. My elective interests are arthroscopic surgery and sports injuries. I have ongoing research projects in trauma surgery and aspects of the prevention of osteoarthritis.

This is one of the busiest trauma units in the country taking victims of trauma from a wide area via the air ambulance. We treat all aspects of trauma running two operating lists everyday and fracture clinics everyday. The treatment of trauma victims within our trust is through a consultant led service. We take tertiary referrals from all the surrounding district general hospitals as we undertake the treatment of all complex trauma cases. The trust is now a teaching hospital and has an attached medical school. We have regular visiting surgeons from around the world.


1. Presentations (since 2000)
· Smoking delays fracture healing. ISFR, Toronto, 2002.
· Mechanical properties of fracture callus. ISFR, Toronto, 2002.
· Pin site infection in external fixation. ISFR, Toronto, 2002.
· Improved reduction of tibial fractures. ISFR, Toronto, 2002.
· Mulitplanar stiffness measurements. ISFR, Toronto, 2002.
· Suction-irrigation treatment of osteomyelitis. AAOS, Dallas, 2002
· Fracture healing: can science improve our clinical outcome? Orthofix course, 2001.
· Suction-irrigation treatment of chronic osteomyelitis. Bulgarian Orthopaedic Conference, 2001.
· STORM: a new technique for aiding in the reduction of tibial fractures.BORS, Southampton, 2001.
· Omniplanar fracture stiffness measurements. BORS, Southampton 2001.
· Smoking delays fracture healing. BOA, Birmingham, 2001.
· Radiographic definition of healing of forearm fractures treated by plating.BTS, Norwich, 2000.
· Fracture velocity defines fracture pattern. OrthoCelt, Cardiff, 2000.
· A novel use of a lead shield in theatre reduces radiation exposure. OrthoCelt, Cardiff, 2000.
· Fracture healing defined three-dimensionally. BORS, Leceister, 2000.
2. Publications in print
· The mechanics of fracture callus. Clinical Biomechanics. 2001; 16(9): 776-82
· That bloody knee: a new technique to remove a haemarthrosis. J. Arthroscopy. 2002; 18(5): E26
· Fracture stiffness as a guide to the management of tibial fractures.
J. Bone Joint Surg. [B] 2001; 83-B: 533-5.
· An interesting behavioural injury: Mecca foot. Foot & Ankle Surg. 2001; 7:49-50.
· Outcome in fracture healing: a review. Injury 2001; 32: 109-114.
· A novel use of a lead shield in theatre: the Hartshill window.
J. Hand Surg. [B] 2000; 25 (5): 465-66.
· Simple techniques for preventing equinus deformity with external fixators
Physiotherapy, May 1999; 85, 5, 248-259
· Malunion in the lower limb. J. Bone Joint Surg [Br] 1999;81-B: 312-6
· Pre-operative planning in Orthopaedics. Injury 1998; 10: 785-786.
· The motivation to learn: efficacy and relevance of the Oswestry postgraduate orthopaedic training programme. Ann. R. Coll. Surg. Eng. 1998; 80: 271-273
· Old enemies, new solutions- The management of chronic osteomyelitis
J. Ass. Orthop. Physio, 1997: 3, 2, 29-30.
3. Books or chapters published
· Clinical examination for the FRCS (Orth).
Oswestry Publishing Group. 1st Edition.
· Chemical Mediators in Fracture Healing.
‘The Scientific Basis for Trauma Care’; Ed: El Par & Gosling, Arnold.
· 101 Tips in Orthopaedic Surgery
Ossicle books, 1999.

Membership of Professional Organisations

· Society International Research Orthopaedic Traumatology.
· British Orthopaedic Research Society.
· British Limb Reconstruction Society.
· Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Accident Surgery, Birmingham.
· British Orthopaedic Association.
· British Trauma Society.

Medico-legal Practice

I am a NHS consultant with an active interest in the treatment of trauma. I have a doctorate degree based on trauma research. I am widely published in peer-reviewed journals on all aspects of orthopaedics and trauma.

I have undertaken the preparation of medical reports for the last 6 years initially as a specialist registrar and now as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. I now prepare over 200 reports a year for the defendant, claimant and as a joint instruction. I have attended a number of medico legal training courses. Photographic evidence is provided with reports if it is felt to be helpful.

I will see clients at the above address at the request of the instructing parties. Most appointments are arranged within four weeks, urgent appointments can be accommodated and appointments in the evenings or on a Saturday can be arranged. All reports are completed within 10 working days once all the records are available (often within five). A block appointment system is in place for instructing parties who require this. Urgent report requests can be sent via E-mail preceding the actual written report if requested.
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