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Walsh Consulting Services Company

11406 Lakeside Place Drive
Houston Texas, 77077

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24 years experience in consulting, marketing, business development, strategic planning, product development, application development, technical services, R&D, and management.
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1996 - Present

Providing consulting to the plastics industry for technical and business development projects including market research, market analysis, market penetration analysis, competitor analysis, business development, product introductions, strategic analysis, investment analysis, acquisition analysis, assistance to entrepreneurial start-ups as well as expert witness and technical consulting in plastic materials, including compounding, failure analysis and stabilization.
A partial listing of completed projects includes:
• Conducted an analysis of the North American high-density polyethylene resin industry
• Conducted an analysis of additive useage and demand in the North American polyolefin resin industry
• Performed an analysis of the North American compounding industry
• Conducted a market analysis of the polyolefin pipe industry.
• Conducted a review of the US engineering thermoplastics industry
• Prepared a penetration analysis for Metallocene polypropylenes.
• Analyzed the polyolefin film industry and developed market penetration strategies for a new polyolefin film material
• Analyzed the sanitary sewer pipe market and evaluated competitive threats
• Analyzed the plastic pipe industry and developed market penetration strategies for a new piping material
• Analyzed the telecommunications industry, identifying critical drivers and projected demand for conduit products
• Developed a long-term growth strategy for a thermoplastic pipe manufacturer
• Conducted a survey of PE gas piping materials and developed product recommendations for a major gas utility
• Conducted a market analysis for a new additive for modification of the surface properties of plastics
• Conducted a strategic analysis of business development options for an engineering plastics producer
• Consulted on the degradation and stabilization of plastic products.
• Reviewed stabilization formulations for hot water plastic piping and recommended improvements.
• Performed a technical assessment of new technologies for the trenchless pipe rehabilitation market.
• Prepared a design and plant layout for plastic pipe manufacturing operation.
• Developed and obtained approvals for ASTM product and installation standards for a rehabilitation product
• Consulted in the development of new ASTM standards for a sewer pipe rehabilitation product
• Provided expert opinions on polyethylene pipe for sewer relining applications
• Provided expert opinions on the degradation and stabilization of plastics.
• Provided expert opinions for several plastics failure cases and patent infringement lawsuits

PLASTICS PIPE INSTITUTE, Washington, DC 1993 – 1996
Executive Director (1993-1996)
Managed the operations of a trade association representing the plastic pipe industry. Acted as spokesperson for the industry and managed relations with federal and state regulatory agencies, national and international standards organizations, regional and national code bodies and independent certifying organizations.
• Developed new divisions for the Plastic Pipe Institute that have allowed it to expand membership from approximately 35 member companies in 1996 to over 120 in 2003.
• Revised the financial structure of the Hydrostatic Stress Board. Annual income has grown by >1000%.
• Chaired the US Technical Advisory Group for Plastic Piping Products to ISO (The International Organization for Standardization).
• Created and implemented market development programs for polyethylene piping products.
• Increased operational efficiencies such that financial reserves grew by >200% in three years.

SOLVAY POLYMERS INC. - Houston, Texas 1980 - 1993
Development Specialist (Small Business Unit Manager) - Engineered Compounds Group (1990-1993)
Responsible for profit and loss of a small business unit, including strategic planning, budgeting, pricing, inventory, sales and marketing for four engineering plastics product lines.
• Identified and developed new applications and grew potential sales from zero to over $12 MM in 18 months.
• Developed marketing programs including publicity, advertising, press releases and technical literature.
• Managed participation in industrial trade shows and direct mail-marketing programs.

Group Leader for Polypropylene Extrusion Applications – Product Development Dept. (1987-1990)
• Managed nine personnel (five professionals and four technicians) for product development and technical services for film, fiber, sheet extrusion, and thermoforming applications.
• Developed and commercialized over 15 new resins from 1987-1990. Sales of resins for film and extrusion applications grew by 1250% from 1987 to 1990 and exceeded 130 MM lb. ($50 MM) in 1992.

Group Leader for Polyethylene Extrusion and Injection Molding – Product Development Dept. (1985-1987)
Research Chemist - Polyethylene Pipe and Sheet Applications (1984-1985)
Research Chemist - Polypropylene R&D 1982-1983)
Chemist - Polypropylene R&D (1980-1982)
• Managed eight personnel (two professionals and six technicians) for product development and technical services activities for pipe, sheet, thermoforming, injection molding, rotomolding and geomembrane applications.
• Developed and commercialized over 20 new polyethylene resins from 1984-1987. Sales have grown by >500%. Sales of injection molding compounds grew by 175% .
• Developed and commercialized over 15 new resins from 1980-1984.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1980, PhD, Chemistry
Boston College, 1968, Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

Instructor for:
The Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline Safety, Transportation Safety Institute for:
· DOT-OPS-TSI General Introduction Course on Plastic Pipe and Fittings for the Transport of Natural Gas
· DOT-OPS-TSI Course on Failure Analysis and Fracture Mechanics for Plastic Gas Pipelines
The American Concrete Pipe Association
· General Course on Plastic Pipes and Fittings for Drainage Applications
The Pipeline Rehabilitation Council Seminar course on Trenchless Technology


2003-Honored Service Member Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)
2003-Special Service Award from Committee F-17 of ASTM


Member of the American Chemical Society (1971-present)
Member of the American Society of Testing and Materials (1984-present)
· Chairman of ASTM Subcommittee F-17.65 “Land Drainage” (1998-present)
· Chairman of ASTM Subcommittee F-17.38 “ISO” (1994-1996)
· Secretary of ASTM Subcommittee F17.67 “Trenchless Technology” (2003-present)
· Secretary of ASTM Subcommittee F17.26 “Olefins” (1988-1992)
· Member of ASTM Committee F 17 on Plastic Piping Systems (1984-present)
· Member of ASTM Committee D-20 on Plastic Materials (1994-present)
· Member of ASTM Committee F-36 on Technology and Underground Utilities (2004-present)
Member of the Pipeline Rehabilitation Council (1998-present)
· Member of the Technical Committee of the Pipeline Rehabilitation Council (1998-present)
· Chairman of the Committee for Research into the Long Term Properties of Pipe Liners (1999-present)
· Associate Staff U.S. DOT – Pipeline Safety Division - Transportation Safety Institute – (94-present)
· Chairman of the Hydrostatic Stress Board of the Plastics Pipe Institute (94-96); HSB Member (87-91)
· Chairman of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO for Technical Committee 138 "Plastic Pipe" (94-96)
· Member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO for Technical Committee 138 "Plastic Pipe" (94-present)
· Co-Chairman of the 14th International Plastic Fuel Gas Pipe Symposium (94-95)
· Member of the Planning Committee for the 14th International Plastic Fuel Gas Pipe Symposium (94-95)
· Member of the Subcommittee for Plastic Pipe to the N. American
· Trilateral Standardization Forum (94-96)
· Member of the Plastic Pipe Industry Forum of the National Sanitation Foundation (94-96)
· Member of Subcommittee 263, Polyolefin Pressure Pipe, of the American Water Works Association (94-96)
· Member of the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (94-96)
· Member of the North American Sanitary Sewer Contractors Association (94-96)
· Associate member of the Plastic Materials Committee of the American Gas Association (85-88, 94-96)
· Affiliate member of the American Public Gas Association (94-96)

· Honored Service Member of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) (2003-present)
· Senior Member of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) (1980-2003)
· Founding Member of the Plastics Piping Products Division of SPE (2003-present)
· Session Organizer for 2004 Annual Technical Conference (ANTEC) of SPE (2003-present)
· President of the South Texas Section of the SPE (2000-2001)
· Member of the Board of Directors of the South Texas Section of SPE (89-94, 98-03)
· Member of the Education Committee of the South Texas Section of SPE (96-present)
· Publicity Chairman, Session Chair and Moderator for the 2004 and 2005 International Conferences on Polyolefins (03-05)
· General Chairman for the International Conference on Polyolefins 2002 and 2003 (2001-2003).
· Exhibits Chairman for International Conferences on Polyolefins 1999 to 2002 (XI, XII, XIII, XIV)
· Exhibits Chairman for the Topical Conference on FOAMS 2002
· Exhibits Chairman for the Topical Conference on TPEs 2001
· Exhibits Chairman for the “International Conference on Additives for Polyolefins” (1998)
· Membership Chairman of the South Texas Section of the SPE (91-94)
Registration Committee Member for the 1997 International Conference Polyolefins X" (97)
· Publicity Chairman for the 1993 and 1995 "Polyolefins VIII and Polyolefins IX" (91-95)
· Chair for the Molding Session of 1991 "Polyolefins VII" (89-91)
· Chair and Moderator for the Recycling Session of 1989 "Polyolefins VI" (88-89)
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