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Qualified Specialist, Inc.

5915 Lookout Mt. Dr.
Houston TX, 77069

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QSI is an international quality and management firm specializing in CE Marking, ISO 9000 Systems, Business Plan Development, API Systems, Training Programs and Regulatory Compliance Issues Qualified Specialists, Inc. (QSI) is an international quality and management firm who specializes in consulting, training and regulatory compliance issues. QSI is dedicated to supporting our customers achieve their highest goals and position themselves to be more competitive on an international scale. To this end we remain diligent in encouraging and empowering our customers to manage their resources more effectively, reduce waste and promote continuous improvement and increase their competitiveness. We have consulted in countries throughout the world including: Europe, South America, North America and Asia. We have consulted in numerous industries including: Telecommunications, Petro-Chemical, Oil & Gas, Electronics, Software, Mining, Utility, Chemical, Transportation, Process, Aerospace, Utility, Distribution, Automotive and Shipping.
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