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An internationally recognized police trainer since 1990, Expert #2342 has served as a consultant in high-profile cases involving the police use of deadly force.
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EW #2342

Biographical Summary
Established as one of the nation’s most innovative and progressive police trainers within the realm of deadly force.
Has developed the first definitive thesis explaining so-called "questionable" police shootings.
As a consultant, in every case in which EW #2342  has served, all officers accused of manslaughter or negligent homicide have been exonerated.

Major Accomplishments
Achieved police certifications in three different states (NJ, UT, NH), having served on either the state or local levels in all three states.
Earned numerous duty commendations as a police officer for significant felony arrests, as well as several commendations for endeavors as a police trainer.
Trained over 12,000 police, security and military personnel, from over 23 different countries, while employed as a training coordinator with Smith & Wesson Academy.
Completed over 90 courses of training involving various aspects of weaponry and the police application of force.
Authored numerous articles published in law enforcement periodicals. Currently co-authoring a soon-to-be published text entitled, “Surviving the Nightshift®.”
Lead instructor of the nationally presented “Deadly Misconceptions” seminar

Occupational Experience
2001-Present: Founder & Staff Member, Police Policy
1978-1990/2000-Present: Police Officer/Trooper. Served full-time on state and local levels of law enforcement for a total of eleven years. EW #2342  has also served as a part-time officer for over three years, and continues to do so at this time. Duties have included patrol, accident investigation, initial criminal investigation, DUI enforcement and other common patrol functions.
1990-2001: Training Coordinator, Smith & Wesson Academy, MA. Working in this capacity EW #2342 has been involved in course research and development, as well as the instruction of most aspects of force application.

M.S. in Forensic Psychology, AIC, Springfield, MA
B.S. in Criminal Justice, Westfield State College, Westfield, MA.
A.A.S. in Police Science, Gloucester County College, Sewell, NJ


Police Instructor Certifications
Smith & Wesson Academy “Master Use of Force Instructor” Instructor
Smith & Wesson Academy “Use of Force Management” Instructor
Smith & Wesson Academy “Officer Survival 2000” seminar instructor
PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor
PPCT Pressure Point Control Instructor
Smith & Wesson Academy Firearms Instructor
NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
NRA Law Enforcement Rifle Instructor
NRA Submachine Gun Instructor
FBI Firearms Instructor
S&W Academy Submachine Gun Instructor
S&W Academy Law Enforcement Rifle Instructor
S&W Academy Scoped Rifle Instructor
S&W Academy Shotgun Instructor
S&W Academy Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor
S&W Academy Reduced Light Training Instructor
S&W Academy Chemical Munitions Instructor
Def-Tec Chemical Munitions Instructor
LECCO Chemical munitions Instructor
A.S.I. (Distraction Device) Instructor
Handgun Retention Instructor
Monadnock PR-24 Instructor

Armorer's Training
Armorer, S&W Pistol
Armorer, S&W Revolver
Armorer, Glock Pistol
Armorer, Sig-Saur Pistol
Armorer, Heckler & Koch Pistol/Shotgun/Submachine Gun
Armorer, Ruger Handgun/Rifle
Armorer, Remington Arms Rifle/Shotgun
Armorer, Charter Arms Revolvers
Armorer, Ithaca Shotguns
Armorer, U.S. Army trained (Aberdeen, MD)

Commendations & Awards
Awarded four (4) duty commendations for felony arrests while serving as a municipal officer in NJ.
Recipient of two “Special Recommendation” awards (12/92) from the Mexican Federal Judicial Police Institute of Training for training provided at their facility
Awarded “Firearms Instructor Examiner” certification by the Australian Federal Police (9/92) for training provided in Sydney, Australia.
Awarded “Inspector General’s Integrity Award” (6/94) for training provided to Special Agents with the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development .

Featured Lecturer:
2003 ASLET Annual Conference, Ontario, CA
2002 MALEFI Annual Conference, Coon Rapids, MN
2001 Southern Police Institute Annual Conference, W. Palm Beach, FL
1998 IALEFI Annual Conference, W. Palm Beach, FL
1994 IALEFI Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV
1990 IALEFI Annual Conference, Washington, DC

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