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IT Project implentation experts. 22 yrs IT experience & 18 ERP projects. Conduct complex investigations, full project forensics, contract analysis, vendor performance and expert reports & testimony.
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IT Project Implementation & Management
IT ERP Implementation
IT Contracts
IT Vendor Performance & Non-Performance
IT Management & Failed Projects
Technology Performance

Years: 22 Projects: 38 Industries: 15 Companies: 28

Project implementation expert of enterprise application software (ERP) such as Oracle, SAP, Siebel, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Microsoft, IBM and custom developed software. 22 years of IT experience and direct involvement in 18 ERP implementations.

EW #13635has been featured in Computerworld and Infoworld, a speaker at IT conferences and has published articles in the area of advanced technology practices. Healso holds a patent from the United States Patent Office and a BBA in Business Administration and Computer Science and a Masters degree in Business Administration focused in systemic approaches to management.

Conduct complex investigations, full project forensics, contract analysis, vendor performance and expert reports & testimony.

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EW #13635has been active and an influencing professional in the IT industry for over twenty-two (22) years.

EW #13635has innovated and impacted IT development, IT consulting and IT management with successful results. He has performed and has direct experience in over thirty-six (38) IT projects including twenty (21) ERP implementations. Hehas had direct management or advisory responsibility for over eighteen (18) IT projects across fifteen (15) industries including thirteen (13) ERP implementations.

EW #13635is also active in IT consulting and for the past fifteen (15) years he started and grew three (3) IT consulting business practices. Healso invented, developed and instituted three (3) innovative implementation methodologies for custom and ERP projects andhas experience reviewing, recommending and implementing all major Tier-1 applications including finance, manufacturing, sales and CRM, service, supply chain, distribution, business analysis, custom and software integration. He also has direct experience with major vendors such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP, JD Edwards, Siebel, Lawsons and Microsoft.

EW #13635 has been featured in InfoWorld and Computerworld magazines and provided expert advice for IT litigation. Hehas published articles in the area of advanced technology practices and holds a Patent from the United States Patent Office.

EW #13635also holds BBA in Business Administration and Computer Science from Kent State University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from Baldwin-Wallace College focused in Systemic approaches to management.

Heis active in church and community activities and also the Boy Scouts of America where he has earned the Eagle Scout Award.

Other Credentials:

Feature Speaker: ITEC Indianapolis June 2004
ITEC Detroit May 2004
ITEC Cincinnati October 2003
ITEC Columbus September 2003

Featured Report: Improving Business Using Technology
World Business Review - 2004

U. S. Patent D465,200: Programmable Power Strip
U. S. Patent November 2002 D465,200

Business Growth: Business Development new companies & start ups
Technology Strategy & Implementation, 2002 to present
Oracle Practice, 1998 to 2002
Advanced Technology Practice, 1996-1998

Featured Article: Bankrolling e-Commerce Projects

Featured Article: Hot Oracle Skills
INFOWORLD May 8, 2000

Developed Meth: FIRM Methodology
Iterative Project Approach for Effective Implementations
FIRM Methodology Handbook April, 1998

Published Article: The Goal of Information Technology
KnowledgeStorm, 2004
Endeavor3 Knowledgebase, 2004

Published Article: Advanced Technology Methodologies
CCAi Connection, April 1997

Published Article: Institutional Mergers & Parallel Processing: A DB2 3.0 &
Transaction Warehouse Solution
IDUG Solutions Journal, April 1995

Corporate Award: Employee of the Year 1995
Conley, Cantiano & Associates Inc. (CCAI) - 1995

Consulting Expert: Litigation for Contract Disputes & Failed Implementations
Expert Witness Implementation Consultant December 2003
Expert Witness Implementation Consultant July 2003
Expert Implementation Consultant October, 2002
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