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EW #2176 is a growing group of maritime and marine management consultants, analytical naval architects, marine engineers and marine technologists with vast jury experience.
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Since 1976, EW #2176 has been a growing group of maritime and marine management consultants, analytical naval architects, marine engineers and marine technologists. We focus solely on the maritime industry. All of our staff members are graduates of recognized maritime institutions. This staff also has graduate degrees, including M.B.A.'s, and/or senior vessel operating licenses.

Among our staff we have significant ship and boat design, construction, conversion, repair and operational experience which forms the basis for our expertise in the services and training programs described in this website.

Most of our work pertains to contract preparation and management for ship construction, conversion and repair. We perform project management services, contract development, technical analyses and provide expert consultation services in several areas of maritime matters. The services we provide fall into four areas: (1) Ship Construction, Conversion, Repair and Design; (2) Marine Planning, Operations and Environmental Control; (3) Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services; (4) Training Programs for the Maritime Industries. Click any box along the top bar to learn more about our firm. Don't forget to view our on-line publications and literature.

1976 to Present
Contract Management: Hehas acted as Contract Manager or Assistant Contract Manager on behalf of commercial clients for major contracts ($5-60 million) for the construction and conversion of major vessels. He has assumed those roles when contractual relationships began to, or already had, deteriorated to the extent that the project itself was in jeopardy. In those instances, his efforts were directed to achieving completion of the project at the earliest feasible time with a non-expanding budget, while protecting all rights of the firm's clients in view of the likelihood of post-delivery litigation.

Contract Development: Hehas been the primary drafter of a number of contracts for ship construction and conversion/modification. The drafting includes reviews and, if necessary, modifications to the specifications and drawings prepared by naval architects to ensure seamless compatibility between all elements of the contract. The vessels for which contracts have been drafted or reviewed include jumbo ferries, oceanographic research vessels, offshore service vessels, fish catcher/ processors, escort tugs and specialized barges. Several drafted contracts have been for optional multiple vessel construction.

Liability Assessment: Since 1976, under hisdirection, the firm has analyzed the factual bases of over 200 marine torts and claims, including numerous personal injury cases. Hehas been the primary analyst in about 120 of those cases. In addition to the preparation of his expert reports for nearly all of those cases, he has been deposed in about 75 of them, and he has testified extensively in federal and state courts in numerous jurisdictions in about 50 of those cases. He has been retained as expert witness for both defense and plaintiff in the fields of naval architecture, marine engineering, shipbuilding practices, ship maintenance practices and contract management. His analytical skills, coupled with his extensive knowledge of practices within the various segments of the marine industry, have made him an invaluable supplement to his clients legal counsel.

Professional Seminars: EW 2176has developed and presented over 40 seminars, Liability Avoidance in Marine Design and Construction. The general areas addressed include improved operational procedures, management procedures, design procedures and production quality controls. About twelve of the presentations have emphasized risk minimization for commercial ship operation and maintenance; fifteen have emphasized liability avoidance through risk-attentive design and repair management for commercial ships; and about fifteen of the presentations have focused on liability minimization in design, production and purchasing management for pleasure and small craft.

Training: Hehas developed and presented three fundamental, relevant training programs to the industry: (a) Fundamentals of Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair and Design; (b) Shipyard Management of the Customer and Contract, and (c) The Port Engineers Course. Those training programs have been presented in ten countries over 200 times to more than 2700 representatives of over 400 government agencies and commercial firms from 24 countries.

Planning: Since 1976, under hisdirection, the firm has assisted the international maritime industry in the planning, development, contracting, management and settlement of projects having individual values of hundreds of millions of dollars. The contracted work has included new construction, major modifications and emergency repairs. The types of clients have included commercial shipyards, commercial ship owners, major vendors/subcontractors and naval architects as well as federal agencies (U.S., Canada, Panama) and state agencies.

Litigation Support: In support of contract litigation, the firm has rebutted, or developed and asserted, contract claims relating to ship construction and repair valued collectively at over $840 million, and has analyzed the factual bases of numerous marine torts. As Project Director and Senior Consultant for Marine Construction, Repair and Design Practices, heactively participates in all major projects and is ultimately responsible for the efforts of the entire professional staff.

Arbitration: As an Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association and for private parties, hehas conducted over 160 days of arbitration hearings between ship owners, shipyards and subcontractors involving over 70 vessels in which claims exceeded $15 million. Usually he has been either sole arbitrator or chairman of arbitration panels, responsible for the determination of arbitration awards.

Environmental Issues: Ew #2176has directed studies and analyses, and testified as an expert witness, pertaining to shipyard site contamination, the use of asbestos in the maritime industry, and the sources of toxic and hazardous materials in ship construction, ship scrapping and ship repair processes. He is the editor of a data-base book on the use of asbestos in the marine industry, and is author of a paper on shipyard responsibilities relating to asbestos.

Expert Witness: Hehas testified in U.S. and Canadian courts in contract matters, as well as before the U.S.D.O.T. Board of Contract Appeals and the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and also in personal injury litigation on behalf of defendants and plaintiffs. He has been accepted as an expert in shipbuilding practices, shipbuilding contracts, naval architecture and related areas. The total value of claims being asserted or defended by EW #2176has been about $840 million, of which approximately $680 million has been achieved.

University Of Sydney, Sydney, Australia.
Ph.D. (Engineering Economics), 1973.

University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Master of Science in Eng'g (Eng'g Mechanics, Naval Arch. / Marine Eng'g), 1966.

Webb Institute Of Naval Architecture, Glen Cove, New York. Bachelor of Science (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering), 1964.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Institute of Maritime Studies, New York, N.Y. Certificate in Admiralty & Maritime Law, 1980.

American Arbitration Association, San Francisco, California. Certificate - Advanced Commercial Arbitration Advocacy Institute, 1986.

Other Positions and Prior Experience
1996 - 2000 Webb Institute Glen Cove, New York
Industry Professor for M.Sc. Program (Ocean Technology and Commerce)

1973 - 1976 John J. McMullen Associates, Inc. New York, New York
DIRECTOR, TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS (1975 -1976) Transportation Sciences Div.
SENIOR SYSTEMS ANALYST (1973-1975) Management Sciences Division.

1972 - 1973 Kenneth W. , Consultant Tokyo, Japan
INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT to tanker designing and constructing shipyards in Japan and Korea.

1969 - 1972 The University of Sydney Sydney, Australia
LECTURER (Associate Professor) Department of Mechanical Engineering

1969 - 1972 University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia
LECTURER, (Assoc. Professor) (Part-Time) School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

1970 - 1972 Kenneth W. , Consultant Sydney, Australia
INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT to marine and related transportation organizations in Australia.

1967 - 1969 State Univ. of N.Y. Maritime College Fort Schuyler, New York
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering

Royal Institution of Naval Architects (Fellow).
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (Life Member).
American Society of Naval Engineers (Member).
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